Who in their right mind would choose worm girl or magical semen drinker over this beautiful female king?

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>Huge breasts

>Boyish personality
>What you see is what you get

Saber would make a nice friend and all, but as a woman, how could anyone find her sexier than Sakura?

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Any one of her several clones are better.

>magical semen drinker

Interesting, considering that Rin is the only one of the three to not drink semen in Fate/Stay Night. Saber and Sakura both sucked Shirou's cock, while Rin did not.

subhumans with weird fetishes maybe

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This is my favorite Sakura design.

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She only drinks imported old semen.

It's actually really hilarious that you guys have to resort to a doujin meme to talk shit about Rin. She must be pretty perfect.

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anyone who willingly enters a HGW is a bad person

Almost no one understood what they were getting into. Only Kirei and Zouken really understood, and yes, they are bad.

Rin knew enough to know she would need to kill people, and unlike sakura she didn't have a monster coercing her, nor was her life dependent on it like Shirou and she wasn't doing it for the sake of someone else as a form of altruism like Kuzuki

she just did it because to her human life< tohsaka pride

A Transexual
Worm fetish
A overused prostitute.

Are these my only options... can i have something better...?

All mages are bad people, but Rin is a rare good person who's also a mage.

>can i have something better...?
theres Caster if you have good taste

although taiga is also acceptable

>good person
shes less bad than the rest, but shes still an awful person (proven by her being in the war to begin with)

if anything her motivations are even weaker than fucking zouken, at least he had some grand ambition which he at some deluded level thought would make things better- all Rin wants is to be number one for the sake of her pride-boner

Rin isnt as cut-throat as the other magi, but thats in her dealings with her peers/people she likes, she shows far less consideration for those whom she has no such bond with- and often does view the immoral but effective path as the best

And yet she couldn't bring herself to kill anyone. In fact, she saves Shirou's life, as well as Shinji's in UBW. She obviously values human lives over her pride.

SeeShe saves Shinji, who she fucking hates. He almost raped her, and she still saved his life. Why don't you actually read the VN?

>she saves shirou
yes, she also wants to fuck him

who is once again someone she knows on a personal level

she also KNOWS shinji, she may well dislike him- but she still has some relationship to him, killing someone who you have no relation so is much easier than someone you do

she clearly is willing to kill people, or else she would not be in the HGW, not to mention her very much "shoot first" attitude

If you grew a futa penis, had sex and had children, then your futa penis reverted back to a virgin vagoo with hymen intact are you still considered a virgin maiden?

Asking for a friend

It's way easier to kill someone who almost raped you than a stranger. Get your head out of your ass.

>And yet she couldn't bring herself to kill anyone.
like that time she fired those non-lethal magical bullets at people

or when she ordered her servant to non-lethally defeat her opponents with his swords and arrows

Op the problem with this theory is that Seiba's already been taken by Rin.

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Only counts if something gets stuck in you post futa penis conversion.

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Hymen doesn't mean anything, so no you're not a virgin since you had sex.

Different strokes for different folks.

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No, she has about as many flaws as the other protagonists.

She tried to test Shiro with the Geas, and then took the choice away from him to protect Sakura. Not even putting him to sleep until the deed was done, she pretty much lorded over him that he was powerless and then likely killed Sakura with cold detachment while she was awake given the

And let's use Sakura as an example, she saved Shinji, despite him being perfectly and absolutely willing to kill his peers with none of the things that chain Sakura down. But yet she hardens down on Sakura despite multiple clues Kirei is hiding information. She basically caught Kirei in a lie about his crest and thought nothing of it.

So, let's strike out that she is a bad person, and replace it with the fact she is naive and easily tricked based on her attachment and rigid adherence to what she believes a magus should be from the scant time with her father. That much is proven in a lot of her interactions when magus protocol is called into question or she has to make a decision that puts that code under scrutiny.

Sakura actually hit the nail on the head in Sisters IV, where she said "I know that you, Tohsaka Rin, may care about Emiya Shirou, but I am talking about the head of the Tohsaka family, who would use him to further her gains." Sakura doesn't get enough credit for the times she is soberingly serious, and I find that she just understands from her experiences that magi are just full of BS.

Prisma Illya Sakura is the very definition of erokawaii. Beautiful, cute, and sexy.

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As a filthy secondary currently reading FSN, is Sakura heavily involved in the franchise? I don't recall her being of any importance in the anime (Zero and UBW)

She is one of the main routes in the novel, there is supposed to be some movies or something for the heavens feel route some point soon I think.

Sakura has no real role outside of Heaven's Feel.

Of the three routes, is there one that is "officially" canon? I don't think I would feel satisified if there are 3 different outcomes... I need closure

I would want to summon Merlin.
A caster with a powerful sword like Excalibur.

Each route thematically builds upon the others so there is a progression even if it's not chronological. Heaven's Feel is the conclusion of Fate/Stay Night and Shirou's character.

Fate or Last Episode are the closest you'll get.


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All three are canon, even the bad ends are - it's a multiverse.
However nowadays, it's the Saber Route that's getting the most push with extra material, like novels and serving as a branching point for the company's current flagship mobage product.
Tl;Dr; Whatever route you like the most is canon.

>like novels and serving as a branching point for the company's current flagship mobage product.

No it isn't. F/GO takes place in a universe where F/SN didn't happen.

That's her dead former girlfriend

Nigger, Seiba getting over her bullshit and ingesting Shirous cock is the reason why Merlin got off his ass, and put the whole thing into motion by releasing Primate Murder.

I didn't vote for you.

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Except that in the F/GO universe the Holy Grail War in Fiyuki in 2004 was the FIRST one, and won by Maris Billy Animusphere and Solomon.

The events of FGO and FSN are mutually exclusive.

It's more like they're all canon. Type-Moon rarely doubles down on a canon route in that sense. You won't find follow-ups to their VNs that directly tie into the end of a single, specific route or anything like that (like a UBW 2 or something along those lines), as they're much more comfortable playing with the established setting through the notion of endless possibilities and timelines.

>Retard, do you even Garden of Avalon?
Primate Murder is a like fucking kaleidoscope, he can go wherever, if he ends up on the Tsuki side, he ends up as a Beast of Gaia, if he decides to go over to the Fate side, there's a chance he'll bump into Mash and bond with her.

I thought the version of Saber that you can summon in F/GO was the one that went through the Fate route, though? Merlin still saw this across the multiverse and finally got off his ass, no?

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>Garden of Avalon;
>7.- In the flower garden

Merlin: Beautiful, what a miracle!!
With everything that happening in the world… To think that such ending existed!
I do not know what happened but the story has calmed down.
She at the end of her long search for the Holy Grail, has accepted her own destiny.
I was not the weariness of fights or a desisting.
She, without a doubt, managed to obtain the Holy Grail, and then,
She rejected it by her own will!
No matter what anyone says,
The king chose the best path.
Even if there is destruction, this end is not a mistake.
It was a life that she can be proud of.
That…So if in the end she accepted it, there is no more need for me to leave.
What you had as a goal.
What you wished.
What you gave me.
All of that was my reward.
However… To see that stubborn woman to accept defeat is astounding.
She must have had an incredible and mysterious encounter.
? Which it was, I do not know, all I can see now it’s the present.
If I could at least see the future, I could appreciate their fate.
Saber: [Thank you, Merlin. I am very grateful to you.
You have been a great mentor for me.]
That moment, it was truly problematic.
I did not think that time in which those insignificant words would hurt so much could arrive.
Although that is also a consequence of my own actions.
I’ve already saw what had to be seen.
No. I saw something much more beautiful.
Go Cath Palug,
I’m fine here.
With your freedom, you will play into something really beautiful.
The magician without any deep feeling,
He saw the departure of her last partner out the window.
In the far corner of the world, in a closed prison.
Like no place in the exterior world, the immutable existence where the flowers bloom, a
garden of memories.
The paradise garden, Garden of Avalon.
A man that has forgotten death waits, here, until the day the star fades off.


So do they just walk around all the time or what?
I hope they can phase some cooking equipment into being because she is probably hungry after sleeping for 200 years.

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But that's a good thing

Taiga is the only good option anyway

Nah, they're not alone in an endless field of grass if that's what you're implying.
Avalon is the realm of the Fae and they apparently have a civilization going on there, other servants deemed worthy are there too.
Arturia's sister, Morgan is there, and so is Francis Drake if remember correctly, and so is the dickwizard, although he is stuck in his tower, but then again he can astral project across the fucking multiverse so it's a non-issue, i guess.
The flower field was just used for thematic purposes due to the idyllic atmosphere of the reunion.

Drake's only THOUGHT to be there, but seeing as how she's a Heroic Spirit, that's clearly impossible. You're either a Heroic Spirit or you're in Avalon. You can't have it both ways.

How much do you all hate FGO?


Thank god UBW was so good that it wiped out that trash "good ending" where he has to spend eternity with a futa dyke who's also a shit king and deadbeat father and replaced it with the more thematically powerful shirou as an eternal guardian of humanity UBW ending.

Cute sisters in law!

Fuck off Mordred, we know its you. Go put on some real pants.

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Heaven's Feel is the true ending, though.

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Why choose any of those old and busted girls over this beautiful saint?

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You know what?
If they removed litteraly everything about Seibah and arturia and camelot from Fate and made the saber that Shirou Summoned into Joan of Arc?
It would instantly make Fate ten times better. Have you actually sat and thought about how fucking DUMB and creepy seibah's past is?
It's fucking stupid.

Remove all of the camelot bullshit and just have Joan of Arc show up.
Make it into the arc of the covenant.

Can even tie him more to the Holy Grail. There I just fixed Fate

where did Saber touch you, user?

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You'd have to rewrite all of the Fate route in order to make that work, and it would have consequences for the Unlimited Blade Works route as well. Everything about Shirou hinges on Saber being King Arthur.

Furthermore, Jeanne isn't really much of a fighter compared to most Servants. She has no offensive Noble Phantasms beyond the one where she dies as a consequence of its use. Jeanne was not a fighter, and she never fought or killed anyone.

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What do you mean by this, user

Kirei also know as the "Padre Malo".

that Sakura is trash

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shirou got rejected in the deen version if i remember correctly, and seiba choses to fuck off to avalon.
shinji kawai ost was glorious.

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>literally says she loves him
what did he mean by this?

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how much would a pregnant saber eat?

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Having the Throne of Heroes sitting outside of time allows for plenty of workarounds.

Fixed your Seiba.

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Just another facet to a wonderful girl.

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Shirou the lion tamer

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Not near enough "FUCK YOU DAD" for it to be Mordred.

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What is this from?

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>Boyish personality
>bad thing

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There aren't THAT many Japanese ginger sword autists to fuck, man.

Carnival Phantasm.

I'll take her son (female) instead

I mean that being a Heroic Spirit doesn't mean that she can't be there.

>Furthermore, Jeanne isn't really much of a fighter compared to most Servants. She has no offensive Noble Phantasms beyond the one where she dies as a consequence of its use. Jeanne was not a fighter, and she never fought or killed anyone.

Boy, good thing Shirou somehow ended up doing more fighting anyway.


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Only in certain scenarios, and there's normally timeline fuckery involved. Timeline don't work out that conveniently. Barring bizarre, theoretically impossible possibilities brought about by Goetia's timeline fuckery like Altria's Lancer version, Heroic Spirits of a particular world line don't tend to have very varied timelines. Heroic Spirits were all most or less "fated" to lead the lives they led and die the deaths they died. There's no timeline in Fate/stay night's world line in which Saber decided to not pull out Caliburn and become king. Heroic Spirits are basically "fixed" to their respective lives. Those like Altria (Lancer) aren't really normal, and often aren't supposed to exist at all in this world line. The unique circumstances of Fate/Grand Order allowed for a multitude of "what if" versions of Servants to gather.

The Drake that we're familiar with became a Heroic Spirit, so she wouldn't have gone to Avalon at her death. Furthermore, she's a legit Heroic Spirit, rather than a pseudo- one like Altria was, so she can't go to Avalon henceforth either. Maybe there's a Francis Drake who went to Avalon, but they'd be part of an entirely separate world line that has nothing to do with the Drake we know.

Because Sakura solely exists to garner sympathy and make people do the stupidest shit an otherwise rational person would not do.

She is such a waste of space on earth that the only way she could even be somewhat relevant is on the fucking moon in a fake world.

I'm also eagerly awaiting them to pull that on Mash on fgo.

It wouldn't work as well.

Sure, Jeanne could save Shirou's soul but hers will be fucked up.

On the other hand, Artoria and Shirou saved each other which is much better.

The things tertiaries say.

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Sorry can you speak up? I can't hear you over the sound of all those worms wriggling around disgustingly.

I don't see why Jeanne couldn't have gone through a similar arc that she went through with Sieg. Jeanne, Artoria, and Shirou aren't really that different from each other.