Why the Eva's fanbase on Japan has a 50/50 ratio of male and female fans while it's overwhelming male on the west?

Why the Eva's fanbase on Japan has a 50/50 ratio of male and female fans while it's overwhelming male on the west?

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Because a. majority of girls in the west are retarded and don't watch anime because they think it's a genre and it's for kids.

Shinji is a huge homo and Kaworu is perfect, so the female fanbase grew.

I think girls in the east have to be pretty retarded if they think NGE is worth watching

>girls don't watch anime
Yeah, because girls certainly weren't into nurutu, code gayass, TRC, Nana and many more. Sasusaku is so popular because guys

Broadly speaking, they weren't. Liking anime is the kind of thing you keep to yourself in American schools if you don't want to be labeled "that kid".

>he doesn't know

That's the same for girls and guys. Still don't get your point because liking anime after childhood is stigmatized on Japan

Japan stigmatizes you if your physical appearance DOESN'T look like you came off an assembly line

Nip women liked Eva before Kaworu was introduced. He was the icing of the cake but at some point became the cake

But that is because Shinji is cute.

I guess that's a cultural difference because western women find Shinji repulsive

and 50% of that (male) west fanbase are traps.

That's only because they themself are repulsive. Shinji is a reflection of all of us.

>Sasusaku is so popular because guys

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Nah, it's because they expect their husbandos to protect them but Shinji looks too weak. They prefer real men like Sasuke

>nips get stigmatized for watching anime
>Is still a massive source of revenue
It's sad that nips reproduce a caste system that not even they like but are so hard on tradition they go on with it nontheless.

To be fair, the massive source of revenue is sustain by children and manchildren.

It's designed to be whaled on, it's the reason any anime that broke out immediately makes a trash mobage if they aren't content to gundam it and sell toys.

Because Eva captured the zeitgeist of the Japanese lost decade so everyone could relate to its characters while in the west it became popular because it was "satanic" and it was the 90s so edgy teenagers wanted to stick it to the man

any source to back that up user

It's common knowledge

It'a a little frustrating to not know Japanese

habla por tu país de mierda, gringo

Los latinos odian Eva. Les gusta incluso menos que a los gringos. Es por su machismo.

Burgers a shit. A SHIT.

Japan's animation and comics industry does a much better job of pandering to women than at least the US does. You have whole lines of anime and comics made by and for women and it's been like that for a while while comics were pretty much always a male thing in the US and despite constant attempts to force them to appeal to women rather than actually doing anything helpful in that regard it still hasn't really happened. So women are more ingrained in the industry in Japan than in the US so that helps in their animation and comics demographics.

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No it isn't


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I bet you unironically liked super

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that's the gayass piano faggot, eh? WAS THAT REALLY FUCKING NECESSARY?!

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blasphemous? Yes, most definitely.
Satanic? No, not even in quotes.

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B-but they kill angels, man. It's the Japanese anime your parents don't want you to watch

lmao Sasuke doesn't give a fuck about anyone. Plus he was super privileged compared someone like Rock Lee, and Imo Rock Lee is way cooler.

You know when someone doesn't actually know what he is talking about when he pulls random ratios and percentages out of his ass.

you know, that kind of shit is the type of thing that gives you a really bad mood in the morning.

blogposting. happens to me almost in a weekly basis, though sometimes I can push through to the end.

Shinji a cute

There's girl fans in the west. They may even be among us.

But Evangelion is old here, I doubt new kids are watching it.

Protip: Women loves privileged abusive men

Fuck off faggot, I hated evashit before rebuild even came out (Anno throw the towel).

Common knowledge is often common but rarely knowledge.