Just finished watching Serial Experiments Lain

Just finished watching Serial Experiments Lain.


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Don't worry OP. I felt the same. It's normal.

don't seem to understand.

Let's all love Lain

Yeah. I watched it many years ago after hearing it was the best thing ever. I didn't like it. The aesthetic was cool, but that's about it. I honestly consider it a waste of time and after watching it I just moved on to something else. It tries so hard to be deep, but in actuality the show is incoherent, forgettable and ultimately not entertaining for most of its run time. There's not much there to even generate fun and enjoyable discourse.

Nice OP though.

"Hurr Durr What did I just watched? XDDD"
Unironically kill yourselves. This is why people make fun of Lain.

Fuck you. Seriously, FUCK YOU. You fucking brain-dead retards, if you can't be bothered to pay attention to something you are watching right in front of your stupid ass money face then you are truly the definition of absolute disgusting retards.
When I say "kill yourself" I don't mean it in the jokingly Sup Forums way, I say it as a human being to other [reportedly] human beings, kill yourself you fucking waste of space. I can't even tell you how much I'm done with these fucking threads, "I just watched Monster/Lain/EoE/other-anime-that's-not-even-hard-to-understand-nor-it-challenges-you-to-think-for-yourself what did I just watched haha!?". From the bottom of my heart, I hope your soul sticks to your body after you die like the imbecile you are just so that you can experience the torture of rotting in the soil of your own stupidity.

Fuck you.

>inb4 "he claims Lain is profound"
No I didn't. YOU did it by acting like a fucking retard and saying "lol what is this? XD". Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you. And also fuck your father and your mother for keeping such a unsightly waste of matter alive for this long. I hate you faggots gloating in your ignorance, it makes me sick to my stomach.

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kill self, newshit

You ok? You sound like you just had a stroke.

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I 100% agree with him.

The only reason I browse these threads is so I can read posts like this. Someone who understands the mythological underpinnings of Lain and symbolism used.

On Reddit you can't even talk about existential philosophy without being banned or silenced. So Sup Forums is one of the only safe haven. Too bad I have to chug through dozens of retards saying the same thing about the art they don't understand in order to find a nugget like this.

Most people need to struggle like Lain in their mind and be more careful with words. It's so easy to bandwagon on a post complaing about the art. They never ask the bigger questions tho. That's the path that while difficult makes you stronger.

The weak simply seek shallow comforts, that sadly leaves them nihilistic and without hope. It's why they can be so easily manipulated by a psychopathic individual like Lain. Someone who has a cult of personality and seems capable of bearing the burden of life they are too scared to take responsibility for themselves.

There's no argument there. There's a bunch of cursing and personal insults.

exactly OP exactly.

You just don't understand this high iq post and it's deep message.

Only brainlets don't get SEL

I've said nothing for years up until now. We have the common EoE thread every now and then, but I don't care for Evangelion. On the other hand, I love Lain (no pun intended) and I don't want these retards plaguing Lain threads, which have mostly been retard free when they happen to appear in the catalog, which doesn't happen often.

This applies to everything though. Wanting other people to tell you what to think is a practice that I cannot bear.

Most people don't care about these kinds of things though. Or they aren't aware of them, but I don't attack them for that. Your post kind of sound like bait, but you're ultimately right.

Because that's exactly what I'm doing, genius. I'm hating on OP because it makes me upset to start discussion with such a note. I'm not trying to argue with you, I'm telling you you're a fucking retard faggot for wanting other people to give you an answer that, like all other forms of art, should spawn from within you to make sense only to you.

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Thanks me later


Sorry for misunderstanding your post I guess.

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Still don't undestand episode 5

>he thinks anyone is going to save this half-assed attempt at copypasta

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It's fine. You'll understand when the remake from Netlflix comes out in 2019.

>It's fine. You'll understand when the remake from Netlflix comes out in 2019.
nice leak

Don't be mean.

kyon-kun denwa

It wasn't that hard to follow. Evangelion is the one anime I've watched all the way through and had no clue what actually happened.

Is this bait?

yeah, ignore him,please

What are you waiting for?

Not everyone understand completely what Lain is about in their first watch and I bet neither did you.

>the meaning of all forms of art should spawn from within you to make sense only to you.
you don't know what art is, and your point is very moot because you sound like you don't want others to agree on what SEL means, else it'll be less meaningful to you
if course works of art and also works that aren't art, like all anime I can think of, may elicit some feeling in you and that's something you yourself own in a sense, but it's absolutely false that the meaning of a work of art is the same - quite the opposite, you can explain what a work of art means, how it makes sense, and you can be wrong
go read a book or you'll keep being a pretentious asshole instead of an asshole who knows what he's talking about

Crawlingg in my lain these lain they will not LAAIIIN,
Fear is how I LAIN confusing LAIN LAIN LAIN...

eat shit

I didn't go around asking people to think for me.

I'm not saying there isn't an intent to it, I'm making a distinction between what you understand and the intent. Serial Experiments Lain has an intent, but it's intent is mostly to invite viewers to think about stuff. Such is the nature of many shows that spawn threads like these, like Evangelion, Monster, Angel's Egg, Texhnolyze or FLCL, to mention a few. Imagine my surprise when people outright negate themselves the joy of thinking and instead decide to search for a consensus to stick to. It would be one thing to start a thread with a statement of whatever you think about the show, but these people are so afraid of having the "wrong" opinion, as you mention, that they instead devolve into questioning the entire thing with no regard to making arguments about the things they saw or even the fact that they saw them at all. If it wasn't for the fact that OP mention he just finished watching it, I would have guessed he's just asking for a recommendation.

Let me spell it out for you: Interpretations of art is what spawns the best discussion. THEN we can get a consensus of it or agree to disagree.

>"Go read a book" ad hominem.
This alone takes most of the merit your comment had.

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You know the plot, so let's talk about Eiri's plan and the metaphysics of Lain's world. There are three parts to his equation.

1. The Schumann resonance of Earth - with which he can have access to the Earth, which tethers humans to something and is connected to human evolution and history
2. The Wired - man made, the container that will hold every human's consciousnesses under Eiri's godhood
3. The Collective Unconscious - humanity - through this, every human is connected to each other through common impulses and the free flowing memories of every being that ever lived

Connection between these three must be finalized for everybody to be able to be uploaded to the wired like Eiri wants. The wired is the only thing in this equation that can be directly modified by the hands of a man because it is man made and understood on a technical level, so it needs to be connected to the natural things that keep people grounded in physical reality and that define their individual and collective consciousnesses. This is done through Protocol 7.

The collective unconscious crossed with the wired when it was created because both of them were intangible networks connecting people together. This then forms a connection between the C.U. and the wired. Eiri made Lain by taking the non sentient C.U. that was already in the wired and giving it sentience and the body of a 14 year old girl. Lain, as the C.U. crossed with the wired, is inherently connected to every individual's consciousness AND the wired. If she is present in physical reality with all human bodies, Eiri can make her act as the angel that will lead all human consciousnesses, which she is connected to, up into the wired.


Eiri utilized the Schumann resonance of the planet in the wired's Protocol 7. This forms a connection between the wired and the Earth. Final adjustments of the wired through this Protocol using the results of Eiri's research and the stolen KIDS research also contribute to the wired's connection with and suitability for both of these things.

All connections between the planet, the wired shell where everyone will reside, and every human's consiousness must be finalized for everybody to be uploaded to the wired, and Lain, the C.U., must be present in physical reality to be the "mediator" to will everybody into the wired.

In order to make her do this, Eiri needs to do one or more of several things. He can indoctrinate her to his beliefs and get her to willingly go along with it. He can make her miserable and lonely, which will make her want to connect with everybody. He can convince her that she is a program that is built to do his bidding.

When you see hallucinations or odd things happening, they are either:

1. Lain detecting human information traveling through either the wired or the collective unconscious

2. The Knights and Eiri trying to either indoctrinate Lain, convince her that she can be a god in the wired too, convince her that she and other people don't need a human body, or make her miserable and lonely. The latter can also be done through impersonating Lain or other people.

3. Lain having introspective conversations with herself

4. The wired and reality blurring together. This can contribute to the first tier of hallucinations as well because of the things Lain is sensitive to as an aspect of the C.U.


OP is basically saying "Here is Lain, discuss!" without actually adding anything of value to the discussion. He could at least have wrote "Lain is my favorite character!" or something like that which, if you hadn't notice, is how many of the discussions start here on Sup Forums (see: "My Waifu" or "I want to fuck X").

What's that characters name in the pic? She looks awfully familiar

>Template threads
Oh you mean the cancer killing Sup Forums

She's one of the main characters of Patlabor.

Not OP, but thank you for explaining. I also don't understand the alien that appears in the final episodes. Is it one of the hallucinations?

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Sup Forums was never good

Basically, you're a pretentious faggot that misunderstood my point, when I'm actually bitching about OP. And you made a point to agree with me, while adding to my already correct observation. And I answered telling you you're right, but I was actually talking about OP so I address it because you didn't.

Noa Izumi. I'm not sure.


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The Alien was a living meme caused by internet rumors. What Lain believes becomes reality.

It's a red herring appropriate for the infodump, which talked about Majestic 12 and immediately jossed it as a forgery before getting into Vannevar Bush, who was named in the forged document. In both Layer 3 and Layer 8, people spread a rumor about a little man in a green and red striped sweater peeking into their rooms. The alien is a representation of those rumors that Lain heard in the wired, manifesting in real life because it is mixing with the wired. The reason it’s an alien is as a red herring and to be symbolic of Lain herself. As per Eiri’s plan to depersonalize her, she is becoming isolated, an alien, separate from normal humans. Alice later sees her on the body of this same alien.

What would Lynch think about Lain?

Well he'd notice the uncomfortable shots of the phone cabels being similiar and likely inspired by similiar shots from Fire Walk with Me. I'd think he'd enjoy it.

Let me lay it out plainly: ayy lmao.

Don't worry OP it's just pretentious shit

Ah, the meme term. It used to mean "something that the author or fans hold as meaning more than it actually does" that has become a catch all word for shitting on anything that tries to be experimental or hold some sort of deeper meaning.

>ayy lmao.
Everytime I see this I lose it. I don't know why

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When it was big it used to get me a lot whenever someone did it at the right time for the right thing. But it got old and now it rarely does it.

has it pretty right, although I enjoyed the show more than he did. The overall aesthetic is definitely the best part of it. The first few episodes are the best, when it's just weird nonsense and you can let the feel of the world wash over you, but the show falters hard when it tries to introduce more concrete plot elements.

Writing in english is a very time consuming for me because it's not my first language and I suck at it. I don't want to leave my unfiltered shit here so I have to work over everything I post twice or more to make it acceptable.

I really wish I could philosophize about this show but once I'm done with one post the thread is already dead. I tried it before, it doesn't work. It's hardly possible for me to contribute in a meaningful way. RIP

All I can say is "Lain is a cute" and "Keep your filthy hands of my daughter"

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>"Lain is a cute"

For Lain’s body in this scene to have been replaced by an alien, that is, replaced by something completely inhuman, it symbolises that what she is about to do by manipulating memories and erasing past events is something that goes against the human heart that she had tried so hard to hold onto.

Lain is the best faggot pleb filter on Sup Forums. I love it.

is this correct?

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Anti-lain might also be Lain's disassociation towards actions that happen within the collective consciousness that the Lain Iwakura identity disagrees with.
For example, the leaking of Arisu's diary and masturbation session on the wired. People on the wired would all hear about it and share and discuss it, causing it to spread like wild fire. Human Lain wouldn't even think about doing such a horrible thing to a friend yet it was happening through because of her being. So it simply manifested as an evil "other lain" in order for human lain to retain her ego.

Who's the Lain in light blue dress in the last episode?

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If Protocol 7 manifests digital Phenomena, then how can Eiri(episode 12) and Lain bodies be real?

The one that Lain talks to when she's in limbo? It's another manifestion. Lain is omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient but only within the realm of human perception. The human identity of Lain clashes with these concepts, especially omniscience, a sense of self would refuse to take in the knowledge of all other selves and lose itself.

Blue Gown Lain is just her omniscient self talking with herself so the primary ego can comprehend what has happened to it. Lain's father manifesting to comfort her at the end was likely an extension of this.

Lain is ok.

Lain is shit. It's good to know that there's a faggot who gets so mad about it. I'll be sure to post more threads like OP

>Taking time out of your day to post about something you don't like