New episode just reaffirms that the only way to be satisfied would be for the seiyuus to just read the damn novel

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Did she get raped again?

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I want to have babies with Lupus.

Too cute

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good ep, finally ainz does something

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her life succs

Wait, that's Ainz?

nah that's jaldabaoth

are you retarded? that is the great hero Momon, not that cunt Sorcerer King.

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>hey user, you look handsome, want to have some fun? and by fun I mean hard sex
What do?

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What are you going to do? She wants sex. You're not going to stop her.

>she snusnus you to death by perforating your anus with her oversized clitoris

I'd rather have sex of her than fug that disgusting bug. I kinda feel sorry for her. If I were an adventurer in NW I would throw her a bone.

nah it's pandora's actor



PA doesn't show up again until volume 9

Do not fist

I came when he finally appeared

CZ is not for fist, CZ is for hugs and kissu

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I want to fertilize her clutch

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Spoil me here, please tell me she's alright

lmao entoma haha

Bleh, kinda angry about Entoma's face, they didn't even really make it symmetrical. I was kinda looking forward to this. Guess I got slapped with the same disappointment Shalltearfags got.
She's entirely fine, but that's actually Succulent in the cell.

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It's like I was watching the episode in 2x speed except that I wasn't.
Atleast momon is here.

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Fuck Entoma is cute.

lmao entoma btfo haha

thank you!

shizu a best, entomafags fuck off

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How many days left until volume 13? How many hours?

sure why not what could go wrong

No problem!
Adorable. I still feel like they could've done a bit better with her face, it looks soft and disgusting instead of hard and chitinous.

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sasuga ainz-sama

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>e-e-entoma was laying in ambush at the end, she was ready to lunge and kill them like a true predator

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it's been almost half year for me, good to be back and find new overlord threads

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So why the fuck is Ainz cosplaying a white knight to protect some puny humans?
They were the first ones who attacked our dear Bug-chan


To the person who said I'd have bad comparability as a bugbear, I dont mind, dragons can shape change to what ever they want. Dryads, Nymphs are okay with me.

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Oh yeah, she got fucking demolished by Evileye. But I don’t like her because she’s the strongest, I like her because she’s the cutest.

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In ep9 they already spend effort introducing the 6 arms,so why would they introduce their name again in ep11 with Sebas? They could have use that to make Sebas fight last 20second instead of 10. It's funnier in the novel. Skip so much in that fight

needs that sweet fame of black knight and vampire loli pussy for later keikaku

I legit would have sex with her if she promised to put an effort into not crushing me under her.

That was a good episode.

Evileye being moe next episode? Finally. Hopefully it makes this trainwreck of a season worth it.
And how the fuck does MADHOUSE intend in ending this season?

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end the season on a cliffhanger

Where was the part where she pissed herself?

He doesn't know yet of it, in universe it happened under a minute.

I remember you user, rest easy.
She was, by Brain. Next one is Climb + Lockmeyer sandwich.

Completely saved episode. Sasuga Chair!

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kek that doesn't happen, she only wet herself because muh strong male.

Is this how women feel in backward societies and warzones?

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so after season ends, where should I pick op the light novels from?

Because he is a wagecuck irl

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You pick up a sword and level at least to 15 or your chances of survival would be slim. But reward would worth it: I bet she even uses MA in bed.

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Volume 1.

Is better explain in the book.
He wanted to hide Nazarick but at the same time try to gain the human trust by being a hero. Then he will reveal his identity to everyone when he become their savior(by replacing all the current heroes) and tell the world Nazarick is not a threat to anyone. Monster can be good too.
But that wish got destroyed after Nazarick decided to go on world conquest and he had to keep his hero identity a secret and use the it to control the public view on Nazarick rule. Ainz Oal Gown became a ruler while his Momon identity(replace by Pandora) is the ruler bodyguard.


every frame worth of saving

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>it looks soft and disgusting instead of hard and chitinous.
Why're you bitchin then? It's true to original.

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wow I WONDER who he is going to attack, what a CLIFFHANGER
good thing the OP doesn't TOTALLY spoil it or anything

In the massive clusterfuck that is Gehenna. It's a nice place to end, actually. I don't see a cliffhanger coming for you anime onlys.
Honestly same though. Girl's nice, pretty, strong af, and has a lowkey really really nice butt. I love girls that can throw me around.

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You are a man of integrity just like me, claimed.

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I wish she was the poster girl instead of Albedo.
Shalltear really grown on me with the second season of the anime.

Just gonna, slip in a claimed.

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About 40 days user. You can start re-reading mid-april.
>doesn't bode well
Welcome back, have a seat, take a look at local specialty: brand new old and stale autism.

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you mean the nation bodyguard against its ruler

He got hired by the noble to fight the 6 arms in case Blue Rose was not enough. And Ainz was pretty broke,so he accepted the job right away without knowing Demi plan at all. So he is just rolling with it and show off a little by saving Evileye and scared Demi away. But if Ainz knew they had almost killed Entoma,then he would have never saved her.

Anyone able to make a stitch of this?

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Dryads and Nymphs are rare af and are whores essentially compatible with everyone. You'd have terrible dry spells and bugbears don't live all that long either.

Nope. He submitted to Ainz and is his bodyguard in the people eyes

i don't mind either way

They were introducing themselves to the reader first time and to the Sebas the second time. And fight canonically lasted 10 seconds in LN. They even adapted desperate suicide rush of fullplate and toreador guy well: they understood that they're fucked at this point very clearly, but attacked in their earnest anyway.

Will we see more of her?

I love Shalltear.
I-I think I wouldn't mind being her plaything

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It's just the inside of her cloak user.

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Well user, it's time to prove that you're not a two-legged sheep.

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She doesn't do much for the next few volumes if I remember right. After Gehenna she just kinda, sits in floor 1&2

was this necessary?

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yes he submitted but only to stop new king if shit happend, all for keep human in ease
how is Ainz pure evil again if he care for everyone?

Gym uniforms!

>almost kill one of your friend's daughter
Will Ainz learn about that or are they going to hide it ? Will he take revenge on EE ?


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I don't blame him Satoru is cute.

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Absolutely. My man has had a nice ass. I'd grope the hell out of that.

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but first we need to talk about boys uniforms

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He will get REALLY angry.
And he hates Evil Eye but I hope that eventually they will sort things out

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nah it's never addressed in the LN

Crossbreed lizardmen artificial insemination with:
>Azerlizia White Dragons
>Mare's gacha 90lvl dragons
>PoP dragonoids

They would consider it an honor and Nazarick gets stronger minions while completing important eugenics experiment.

Attached: 1521134824747.jpg (1920x1080, 215K)

Speaking of toreador guy, why the fuck did they flash to his /fit/ ass, THEN to his armor and weapon?

I hoped that it was female version. I don't like the doubts your post induced.

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The fuck, why is Demiurge fighting Ainz? Mind controlled again? This is just shit writing honestly.

So, which of them is the older sister?

I'm getting mixed signals, anyway I hope EE get stoned to death for what she did

Who? Spanish guy with rapier?

My chair is very nice compared to an anons shitty red eye

Attached: Blood Chair.png (850x1200, 1.78M)

I think it is. Ainz promises to let Entoma kill her later after meeting about Gehenna's results.