First time I've been excited for an ecchi anime, but my god that Rias, that setting, the lore, the music, fucking great fluid animation, everything I can ask for.

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The most surprisingly actually good anime around

Same friend. Do we know exactly what day in April it will premiere?

I want to suddenly wake up in the DxD universe and cuck Ise

I want to suddenly wake up in the DxD universe and be Ise.

That would mean you're obligated to tolerate Asia, and she doesn't deserve a spot in the harem of a true King.

Re-watching before the new season is always a good idea.

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Not if he smites you first. He's the king of cucking.

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Ishibumi is a shitty writer

You don't know the level of Keikaku this man is on

Fuck I just remember how much I hate Asia

Downs Rias is worst Rias

>fucking great fluid animation

What about it? Any webms?

>big tits
>big eyes
>big ass
Hell yeah boi

Why is she so fat now? Fucking dropped

Somehow she became cuter than usual, I like it.

I want to suddenly wake up in the DxD universe and be friends with Ise and land one of the underappreciated side girls.

When does it come out again?

Not really

20d 12h from now

Which volumes is it adapting?

>her design
I WANT THE OLD ONE BACK!!!! ( • )( • )

>Why is she so fat now

The new character designer they hired for the new season is best known for drawing plump/fat futa doujins.

The cast is thick, but the 2nd replier is right.

rail whores is the best yardstick we have for what to expect

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I just finished this show, didn't know there was going to be more until I stumbled across this thread. Asia a shit

Muh dick

I've only read the LNs, is the anime actually good or is that a meme.

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The anime is good. I've been told that BORN is not canon in the LN. Haven't read all the LNs yet. I'm working on it.

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It has no right being good, but it is.

So what you're saying is that every time Rias's ass is on screen everything else around it is going to have a massive spike in QUALITY?