See your parents killed by evil doer

>See your parents killed by evil doer

>See your mentor and friends killed by evil doer

>Remaining friends abandon you

>No dragonballs to fix everything

I actually feel bad for him. Having to deal with consequences can fuck a guy up, something Goku wouldn't know anything about cause Shenron fixes everything for him

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He deserved better.

Didn't people rip on the back story before, why did this recent episode make people start respecting it more?

Cause he was losing against Goku Blanco super hard and was getting pretty desperate
Still a shit character tho

>this will never be expanded upon because toriyama is a hack

Probably should have knocked him out during their first confrontation no? Nope, instead he goes back to meditate.

Because he's suffered a lot and has a fucked up world view because of it while goku has pretty much everything fixed for him so he can be all waku waku 24/7

DBS is shit and you're all crossboarders. Feel free to fuck off already.

Do you not understand how plot works?

Freeza, Cell, Buu, Black, etc all antagonists in DB dick around cause if they didn't the story couldn't continue

What's the problem? Can't talk about your shitty flavor of the month fan service animes?

Stay mad.

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Jiren and Goku basically became Frank Grimes and Homer Simpson

>"It's either shounenshit or moeshit hurr durr!"
Case in point, crossboarder faggot. Though I don't expect you to understand.

Please, redirect me to the threads you squat in. Or just post the high brow "anime" you indulge in.

I want to see this.

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Everytime I see someone make this stupid argument and pretend they don't watch moeshit, they fail to actually state what the fuck they watch, maybe because they do watch moeshit.

because they stuck with it. Jiren seemed hurt. Kinda like Pain from Naruto

>"Tell me what you watch so I can actively make fun of you and whatever you watch"
>"It's moeshit, right? I knew it! XD"
Jesus Christ, just how pathetic can you be? If I actually point you what you normalfags call "moeshit" thread, chances is you'll don't read anything OR you WILL read it and realize how much you "discussion" of DBS relates to the "discussion" of "moeshit" whatever. The actual difference between the two is that those faggots only exist in Sup Forums at much, YOU on the other hand are clearly outsiders, hence why you're not welcome here. This is an inherent feature of all shounenshit and shounenfags. Do you even understand what I'm saying? Can you even fathom the toxicity of your existence?

he was just a poorly written character, then he sperged out and tried to kill the bystanders in a fit of babyrage. Now he is a poorly written asshole

So it is moeshit. Thanks for your response.

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I enjoy Sup Forums's pretentious sounding copy pastas

why is anime in quotes?
are you trying to imply that whatever he watches is actually produced by westerners?

the "then post what you watch" comeback is always kind of a loaded question too.
The last threads I clicked on were Kurosawa, Colors, and buyfag thread in that order. I don't squat on threads like some kind of filthy general poster.

Nice try at an ad hominem, but you'll only walk in circles if you use that on me. Here:
Have fun with it. I'm sure it'll be just as stimulating as your shit anime, since the requisites to keep you entertained aren't that high anyway.

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Nice try at an ad hominem, but you'll only walk in circles if you use that on me.

>Trunks had it worse
>doesn't become an edgelord

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Was getting naked part of his plan?

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His "lash out" against u7 in the recent ep was honestly less "villainous" than the constant "trust, friends, and sacrifice mean nothing" statements he'd kept repeating. He was just making a point, not actually trying to hurt anyone, though, the anime really made the situation seem worse as it was happening, not afterwards if you take a close look.

I have absolutely no idea what the hell Toei is doing with Ji Ren. First he's about fighting for what is right, even shitting on Vegeta for fighting with such arrogance and self-righteousness, and next he's acting JUST like Vegeta- pure contradictory from the exact same source (the anime)

Manga Jiren is completely different and they made this crystal clear from the beginning. I don't see him acting anything like he did after episode 127 and I have a feeling things will be played out much more differently for the grey enlightened alien.

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Let us be honest here, the problem isn't the concept of the back story itself but rather the lack of detail and buildup. If Super somehow had the time to actually do some sidetracking and dedicate a few episodes to the backstory, it could've been really good.

But that's assuming there's good writers on the team to begin with.

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>Trunks had it worse
But he had a time machine and a gf

regular dragon balls could revive his parents and friends, wow that was so hard

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So when will someone drop off a namekian at U11?

Why the fuck would you need parents and friends when you are stronger than god ki saiyans at 20x strength? I'd imagine he should have gotten over something so trivial in at most his teens. He can literally rule over universes easily.

muh justice


I feel sorry for the punished ayylmao sasuke.

>trunks had it worse

Trunks didn't have his allies abandon him. Up until the end everyone was fighting with all their heart. Jiren's allies abandoned him and his crusade because they lost once. That does things to a grey.

Would Goku be a better character if every character that died had stayed dead instead of treating afterlife as a joke?

If i was in charge of ToP rewrite i would focus more on the parallels of jiren and goku
and how jiren is goku if he had to face consequences and not be able to fix everything with a wish

>poorly written character
He did nothing wrong.

>moeshitter SEETHING
Come back when your threads can reach 2000 posts, outsider.

Don't argue with Sup Forums. They have no intelligence

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>jiren is goku if he had to face consequences and not be able to fix everything with a wish

That doesn't even make any fucking sense.
Jiren is Gohan if he had to take up the mantle as the universes protector and piccolo was strong enough to kill Nappa but died to Vegeta.

i just meant he was a hero that gets super strong and has people die
not that he followed his life events exactly

>be Goku
>give retarded idea for another fighting tournament to autistic King of All
>forced a bunch of people to fight for their very existence
>somehow still the protagonist

Imagine being so jaded that you can't just relax and watch a comfy and cute show. You can't argue with these fucks cause they'll always try to place themselves in a higher position even if they watch shit like Dragonball Super. When they say Dragonball is the best anime, and then when someone says they haven't watched enough anime they can't help but say "B-BUT WEEBSHIT" as if its supposed to be some sort of insult here. Very least you can do is relish in the fact that they are using the word "weeb" incorrectly, despite the original video by filthy frank having the very definition in his video. In fact most dbspics can't help but throw buzzwords around incorrectly.
Sup Forumsedditors can't help but place anime on 2 extreme scales, it's either moeshit or edgyshit (despite this scale being extremely flawed, but hey, it's a Sup Forumsirgin). Do you know why dragonball is excluded from this category? It's because they watched it in a time where they didn't have such a shitty scale in their heads, and nostalgia keeps them from seeing the fact that Dragonball Super is a truly terrible show. I could list examples right now of better shows (like Gurren lagann, Made In Abyss, Trigun) and they'll write me off with one word, and the most basic Sup Forumseddit ball fucker will just scream weeb. This is an anime board, so if you hate anime why the fuck do they you come here? This isn't Sup Forums where it's denizens hate the thing board is focused on, if you hate anime but love dragonball you should fuck right off.
Re:Zero flooded the board multiple times. It's far beyond what that 2k thread shit was


The recent episode used the Power of Friendship as an excuse for the source of Goku's strength. That alone combined with 17 surviving the blast ruined U7 for a lot of people and made them root for Jiren. He had to rely purely on his strength to survive against a Masterd Ultra Instinct Goku, and fought like a berserker. It helps that he's more Space Toguro, or Space Roah than Superman

It's even sadder that they're using Jiren as reaction images.

But seriously, are people serious when they say dragon ball is the "best anime?"
It's nothing but punching and explosions when z was pooped out. The designs are all god awful and lazy. It's not just "sameface" but literal clones of each other with piss poor reasoning. And who thought it was cool to have the characters move so fast they're nothing but a literal blur of lines on screen? That's the dumbest and laziest bullshit I've ever seen, right next to still faces with moving mouths. Back on the designs, the transformations are even lazier.
super saiyen one and two for goku are exactly the same and ssj 3 is just goku with longer hair. What did dbs and BoG do? More recolors. Ssg is just base form goku with red hair, ssb is just blue ssj and UI is just goku with sparkles, looks girly as hell-not that there's a anything wrong with that but coming from a basically sexist anime that juices up men but makes women look like lolis, you wouldn't expect this.
The only reason why I can see anyone legitimately liking this garbage is because "muh nastalgia" and that's it. Dbs is the literal cherry on top the shit sundae that is dragon ball.

>If Super somehow had the time
They had time to piss away on the U6 saiyajins and the useless bullshit with kirllian and that horrifyingly bad shit with fuckign tien and master roshi.
They couldn't spend at least a few eps buildign up the other universes properly?

Fuck that.
They pissed dozens of hours DAYS on those U6 saiyajins but couldn't spend a movies worth of time building up Jiren?

Nigga. What the fuck

Even worse? Jiren is in all ways a better Hero then Goku.
Muh nakama speech from him?
Him fucktarding on about his strength being his friends when Vegeta has just as many friends and is demonstrably weaker then Goku?
Goku who has gone decades without contacting his friends or family but has always come back stronger?
This bullshit is stupid and spits in the face of anyone who's seen even a single saga of DB or DBZ.
Jiren is just a jerk, but Goku is out and out EVIL at this point.
If this wasn't DBS and we were seeing this from Jirens PoV then goddamn...this would be the scarriest fucking "Oh god the good guys are going to lose" eps of a shounen series ever.

>Goes into a thread looking to make fun on Dragon Ball
>Can't handle it when people mock him
How fucking sad is your life?

Yeah, no. Anime Jiren is nothing more than another arrogant jerk who shit talked his team mate at the first opportunity and did absolutely nothing justice-like over the course of 30 episodes. This includes the fact that he never showed any remorse over the possible erasure of his universe, and more importantly burned huge amounts of time by sitting around and letting Goku come back again and again.
He's by far the shittiest character in the entire franchise when to be given the amount of screentime he had which includes the last 10 episodes in which he never went full power and kept playing around with Goku and Veget just to show off.


Jiren is fucking awesome I hope he ends up winning

Jiren shit talked a guy who threw away his own true justice and became as evil as the people they spent their lives fighting, the monster that Jiren lost his family and life too, and the monster who started this tournament and personally wiped out multiple universes all while smiling happily.
He was RIGHT to shit talk fucking Toppo.

And you want to know the best part?
Goku never once fought those people(except for the dykes)seriously.
He just fucked around and happily threw them off of the stage ending their existence.
He didn't even do them the fucking honor of fighting them with everything he fucking had.

This MUH NAKAMA bullshit is fucking stupid and I'm am fucking embarassed for them.

You need to win first to fix everything.
Apparently jiren never had the opportunity

Toriyama didn’t want Jiren to be full Justice

Also, remember that Goku blanco’s speech triggered Jiren’s trauma


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Dbs is the most popular anime worldwide right now so stay mad

Jiren is the coolest guy.

t. Sup Forums