Post 11/10 fights

Post 11/10 fights.

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>That forced, rubbery animation
Every single time.


Shida is god

>rubbery animation
What the fuck is that even supposed to mean

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They took a bite of gum gum

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his work in the latest DBS episode is better than the OP


Irrelevant fight number 30 of what was one of the shittiest arcs of the series. Yeah, no.

Looks like he'd jiggle like jelly if you smacked him


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think he meant wiggly. most recent toei works have sakuga that keeps on having rubber fruit bodies/attacks

Does not compute. Kill yourself.

I know but I don't think the OP is even that bad

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Are you seriously implying this is good? Look at their mouths, look at how jerky their movements are

This is almost "my pain is greater than yours" bad

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Wonderful. Great memories.

>implying shoujo doesn't have the best fights

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Frieza looks like butthead

>another Shida forced meme animation scene

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I don't know if it is simply nostalgia, but I feel this is one of the few fights that did Flashback sequences correctly.

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This is literally the thing that got me into anime

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what do you mean?

KEK. This shit is hilarious. Why do japs enjoy this garbage so much again?

This thread is pretty shit.

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Well, he IS a comic relief character.

This one was great but Gon vs Pitou was probably better

Sorry its not a webm, but this is my nomination

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Don't toy with me, user. My heart can't take it.

>I-i'ts intended to be shit!!

The absolute state of OPtards.

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Found the webm

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Agreed, but I don't have a webm for that one.

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I was really happy with the way ufotable did it.

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>all that unnecessary movement

Is this the one where fucking Naruto over there gets carved up like a fuckin christmas turkey, then just gets back up and wrecks him? On more than one occasion did this little shit's complete disregard for seemingly serious injuries absolutely lower the stakes of battles in Soul Eater to Saturday cartoon level

God Sabo is such a shitty Gary Stu.

>The absolute state
back to Sup Forums or wherever

>when the music kicks in

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This is supposed to be a SFW board user, I wasnt ready for this...

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Dude, that was considered silly nonsense back when it was first shown.
Grow up.

the artists gotta make money somehow

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>in a thread full of shounen shit
This is an 18+ website.

>it's a "Sup Forums thinks they know about animation" episode
Tired of these desu

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Did they interpolate this or something? Why is it in wigglevision?

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That's why it's good you faggot.
80s action cheese is GOAT.

disgustingly underrated

How far is Murata's OPM from that fight?

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It's mostly a result of wanting to fill in time. One Piece hasn't gotten much action ever since the Time Skip, if you actually count the panels for every fight and check the different motions only the real big fights that usually feature the arc boss tend to get a good amount of choreograph.

This leads to the studio either doing their own thing or panning out the existing material. A good example of the former was the Davy Back Fight arc. There were only like 1-2 panels of Sanji and Zoro fighting, but the studio themselves created their own choreography for that.

At the rate he's going, well off.


around December we'll get it

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dude... those lungs


do monster fights really count? I feel like they should be deducted a couple of points to start with

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does shit like this mean that spics are good at animation, or that db is so shit even 3rd world pedestrians can imitate toei animation?

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Am I missing something or is that just a straight-up Nausicaa God Warrior? What the hell?

That's a really brutal fight you posted there.

What show?

This is better than super

Those CG sheep are super shit. This is the anime Sup Forums was hyping up so much?

We knew it was shit from the first PV, when they showed CG Hermes.

Just posting best fight of the season.

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That fight with the blind dude in Ninja Scroll is my jam.

I need to sit down and watch this show already

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Only decent moment on the drawn out arc

How can tanks even compete?

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I don't remember this part of Kiki's Delivery Service.

Considering all of it is edited/traced for the sake of parodY, I wouldn't say spics are necessarily better at animation. It is literally the same animation from the episodes. So, to answer your questions: no.


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Birdy the Mighty.

tetsuwan birdy

YO! ya-yo, ya-yo!

Is this series good? It has pretty meh ratings on MAL but that doesn't mean much.

I don't know if this is extremely cool or extremely retarded

What a colossal waste of money. They're not even doing anything aside from flexing for the better part of the fight

>there are people who watch this shit weekly instead of just reading the manga