User, Violet wants to give you something

user, Violet wants to give you something.

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Into the thrash it goes.

What does she want to give?


Her eyes are the best

Inferior Seiba.

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what is it?

You shouldn't have

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reminder that violet wants to know what is love

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What's wrong with this woman's face?

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All that effort put into art and animation.. just to be wasted on the average story and boring characters

I wonder what a kiss from a violet would be like.

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>ywn squish violet's cheeks

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If it's not the new episode I don't want it.

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One more day. Keep your chin up.

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Post Shirou version

Is it autism?

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>I will never love and protect Violet

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W-why the heart seal Viretto??

>user, Violet wants to give you something.

So want I.

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Please hang in there, user! It's right around the corner.


she's telling you how much she loves Gilbert


Please be my wife Bioretto.

violet in KEY art style ?


taste like choccy milk

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>mods aren't doing anything about chocy-spammers

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>yfw the OVA episode has the dolls teaching bayonetta to swim

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I don't like cute bubbly Violet. She needs to be constantly sad and pensive.

developmental problems due to abuse

So we're not allowed to do choccy milk anymore? Quit whining.

It's shit. Fuck off.