What are animes/manga that depict how Asian people look realistically?

What are animes/manga that depict how Asian people look realistically?

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>asking for recommendations

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all of them

None of them. Cartoons don't look realistic.
Now fuck off.

Why did this happen again?

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Ping Pong

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They are gross.


Nakamura a cute though.

If you want shows that have nips that look like nips, tokusatsu and live drama aren't actually fucking terrible all of the time.


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Aku no Hana is one of my favourite anime, and it depresses me that it's impossible to discuss it here without anons being autistic about the art style when that's only one component of the show, regardless of whether you like it or not.

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The animation is poorly done.
They should have stick to traditional animation.

Is the hate stemming from the fact that it doesn't look like their run of the mill waifu shit? Like in

I thought Sup Forums was more open minded when it came to styles.

fair enough. I like the show for its atmosphere and soundtrack, and I don't mind the animation.

ping pong club


Theres realistic and then theres trying to be an ugly as fuck 2d drawn live action.

While this is a semi-Aku no Hana thread did anyone get the recent omnibuses? I've just ordered both that are out.

Not my proudest fap

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good shit

what was your proudest fap?

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apparently not


first one to reply gets guaranteed dubs

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I like the concept, especially how the plot unveils without trying to hard be 2edgy4u or deep, not to mention is based in one of favorite books.
However, the animation seems very cheap and is what kills it for me. The manga is top notch too. Declines a bit in part 2, but still worth reading

No it just looks entirely different to the manga which is the art style the creator envisioned.

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I'd say this. They're 20-somethings that aren't 80-foot tall bishounen for once, and have cute little uncut dicks.

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Boku Tachi ga yarimashita. Also white people look realistic there, so they have not huge eyes like you could think just because they are white, but realistic eyes.
If in a manga the character design is realistic, it's realistic both for Japanese and white people.

I've always loved how the character designs in Satoshi Kon's works struck a balance between cartoony exaggeration and realism.

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the real question is... why did they turn her into arthur's kid sister

...oh nevermind that's literally what you meant

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I meant that as the pronunciation, mods don't gas me please

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It's the most important component of a show. Why watch it if literally everything is better in the manga version, there's a reason it didn't get a season 2 despite being finished.

>when Japanese artists draw stereotypical Japanese caricatures
Always funny to see

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Jin roh