I'm still waiting

I'm still waiting...

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He will return one day

Endless w8.

We can wait just a little longer.

Stop it, OP

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You will carry that weight Sup Forums

What went so right?

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Even if I gotta wait forever I'll always believe it'll happen some day.

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Never ever.

>draw moeblob
>change the hair and eye colour
>call her something different
>throw dart at the board of anime stereotypes for personality
>otaku choke it down like pigs in shit
works 100% of the time


I have never in my life hated a main character as much as I hated Haruhi at the end of film arc. How she punishes Bimbo McTitface, or whatever her name is, for being sexy after putting Bimbo in sexy clothes herself. I wanted Kyon to punch her in her stupid fucking face

Its all part of the plan

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It would've worked fine if the arc was after melancholy, but since it was the second book author didn't think much about the chronology at that time.

she was the main??
I was thinking all the time that the main character was Kyon...

Yes mc is Kyon, Haruhi is deuteragonist

At last someone who know about who is who in this series!!!

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posting best girl

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Still worst girl, no, worst person

I mean, how about Kirino

fuck, can't remember that char in this series...
or is pic related??

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This movie is great, but I still don't get the retards that think the show is crap and the movie is a masterpiece, only thing that comes to mind is that they dislike Haruhi.

remember the 8??
sure she remember more than 8!!

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Never forget.

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