Tfw somehow Konosuba is one of the best written romances I've read in a while

>tfw somehow Konosuba is one of the best written romances I've read in a while

How does he do it? Why is it so rare that best girl wins?

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>"let's become more than friends, but less than lovers"
>nothing happens
>Megushit teases the poor guy
>Kazuma eventualy doesn't give a fuck
>Megushit gets angry
No, it's garbage, the series literally became what it was parodying

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It keeps happening.

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In the spinoff novels she tells the others that she's crazy about him though, it's obvious she wants to take the next step with him but stop before sex, ergo 'less than lovers'.

I think it's pretty good still

Flat as an anvil

And half as smart
Fucking elves baka

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Maid is best girl beacause the others are literal scum
I haven't read Classroom of the Elite xd
I dropped the last girl anime after the 1st episode, it's trash


read more

I.. I'm sorry, but I don't give a shit about the romance in KonoSuba. At all. I watch it for a little laugh here and there.

I've read all of it and it's been pretty gosh darn good user

I'm sure he meant "read more books that have nothing to do with your shitty excuse of a romance".


What? Classroom of the elite animeonlyfag here. Explain how that thot in the middle is winning anything user

>it's obvious she wants to take the next step with him but stop before sex
Only a women could come up with retarded shit like this.

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>more than friends, but less than lovers

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Rape when?


She became the main love interest in the latest volume.

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Just because it’s a parody doesn’t mean it can’t have wholesome romance

Especially when it does it better than the shit its parodying

Ignore the autistic inbreds. Welcome to the best romance in history, brother.

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kys goblin

Notice how Kazuma was stunned when she said 'adult activities are no go for now?" - That's because the 'More then friends, less then lovers" doesn't mean what you think it means in Japanese. Furthermore Megumin was willing make babies then and there, straight up offers it again in v13 as well. That thing had everything to do with protecting Darkness's feelings, not a gauge of her affection for Kazuma.

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Because it's written by a woman.

this. Botan single handedly rescued that manga, and I was stunned when she won.