It's Nonohara Yuzuko's birthday this Saturday

It's Nonohara Yuzuko's birthday this Saturday.

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Happy Birthday Yuzu!

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Yuzu is weird.

That's what makes her special.

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o-otanjobi omedetou Yuzu

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I can't believe Yuyushiki is fucking DEAD
genki nai na

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The manga is ongoing.
It's something that certainly requires more translation attention, unless you read moon.

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It's so dead that there's two threads. Incredible.

I want Yuzu to sit on my face!

A-user no baka!

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But being Yuzu's seat is Yui's job.

Fine then I'll be Yui's seat!

I was planning to translate some of it a few years back, but then I realized fan-translating is a lot of work for no pay. It's much easier just reading the raws and not translating them.

y-yamete kudasai

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I want Yui to abuse me!

Don't we all.

I think it'd be neat to have Yukari step on me and tell me I'm trash
kono kuzu

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I want to masturbate with Yui!

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Why didn't you wait until Saturday to post this then?

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Thanks for the heads up. I'll probably draw something for her.

>he doesn't have a super rare aho

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What present are you getting her for her birthday?

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But I do

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She may not look it, but Yuzu is actually like, really smart and stuff.
Just wait until she puts on her glasses!


I don't have Yui but you can have this Yuzuko

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no, i want Yui only

I can't really draw very well, but I'll try the same.

Yuzu is the sexiest!

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Happy birthday Yuzu.

>no yuyuesdays anymore

here ya go

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i can watch this and fap to this and cum to this

But it's Yuyusday right now!

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I raped Yui and broke her life forever

Is this why Yui turned to vampirism?

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Bad Yuzu.

It couldn't be helped.

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That situation is all I would like in life

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Yuyushiki Forever!

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>Latest Release(s)
>c.33 by JSB HonYaku 9 months ago

Why can't someone translate the manga

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Why aren't you translating?

Not that user, but I've been considering having a whack at it.

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I don't know how ;_;

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If it was simply a case of reading the characters straight, cleaning the pages and making the typesetting look clean and fun then that wouldn't be too much of an issue.
I think the real problem would be about having the correct knowledge to get the puns etc to make some sense and be amusing in English.

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