Koi wa Ameagari no You ni

Manga final chapter

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>giraffe neck
I'll stick with the anime.

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>Manga final chapter
Did she get her old-man dick?

"She was in love. With the blue sky after the rain."
Both of them got their happy ending, with their true "koi": running for Akira, and writing for Kondo.

No, because she never cared about it. All she wanted was to run again.

What was stopping her from running in the first place? Fear?

That smile is precious.

That's kind of anticlimactic. But I guess it's okay.

Fat old man is a hentai meme
No woman would go for an old man unless they were loaded

Did Kondo become a writer?

rain = Akira before going back to track
umbrella = Kondou
this is Akira's way of showing that she still needs her umbrella even after it stopped raining

Also the author in her blog said this is a happy ending, because the "love" in the title was respectively running for Akira, and writing for Kondo, and both of them satisfied this love. Akira won her competition against Mizuki. Kondo, realistically, works still at the Garden as a manager. Chihiro won the Akutagawa prize. I felt sad for Kondo, honestly, because I believe it would have been cute if he had published something...but no. He is writing, at least. As I suspected, he never read Akira letter for him, and he wonders if she hates him, but he is okay with it. This shows she doesn't hate him, of course, but he isn't the love of her life. She moved on, and it's implied she will forget about him. The swallow let the nest. Yui Mayuzuki wanted call this manga "August's swallow", but then they decided for Koi was ameagari no You ni. But you are supposed to understand that "koi", isn't romantic love.

Nah nigga, the sun is just too hot so she needs some instant shade

Yeah. Fear that she couldn't be the number one anymore.

author can say whatever the fuck they want and it doesn't matter, just write ntr and make her dick crazed, there you go happy ending

Jun Mayuzuki*

So the moral of the story is that fear can make you do dumb stuff and it's for fags
That's a nice message

She said this isn't a love comic.
Akira wasn't heartbroken for the fact to let the Garden, this shows her love was really only escapism. Completely different from Yui's love for Yoshizawa, that after his rejection, is really heartbroken, to the extent she cut her hair. The sharp contrast between the two reactions show how Yui love was real romantic love, Akira was only taking a shelter from rain (escapism) like she said in chapter 81.

I meant, after Yoshizawa's rejection, Yui is really heartbroken, she cries as a crazy, also her sister must comfort her. She cut her hair, and also at the end, even tho she is moving on, Kase joking about how she couldn't get a boyfriend seriously hurt her. Akira's reaction to separation from Kondo is really completely different. You could say she gives a fuck, because she only wanted to come back to run, but she was so stubborn because of her fear, that she preferred this fake "love". Until Kondo gave her the final push to go away, for not dragging this shit further. Honestly, I think his feelings for her were more genuine, so he got hurt a bit more, even if his main love remains literature. But it's obvious he cared about her more than viceversa, because how he said, he will never forget about her, while she will forget about him.

"Falling in love with your work/hobby is more important than falling in love with a significant other" is the thinking that is literally killing First World Society.

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its shit
you are saying something like: hey I split a glass of water, let me return the water and keep drinking like if nothing happened

no the errors in life makes you change too, akira just return to keep running like if nothing happened

What the hell are you saying? Akira spent the whole manga struggling with her wish to come back to run.

I see nothing wrong with it. Sounds good to me if people find meaning in themselves than through others.

>She moved on, and it's implied she will forget about him.

That's honestly pretty cruel.

so this manga was bait and switch afterall?

Akira never loved the Manager and was only using him to hide her feelings of dismay of not being able to run?

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that is a mental illness

people are not islands. neither are they special.

Yeah, but it's exactly what Kondo said, and in her blog the author apparently shares the words of his character. She has been pretty cruel with Kondo in many ways, in my opinion. Sure, he started to write again, and this is his main love. But I felt sorry for him in these last chapters. Everything was really realistic, but poor man...He is someway a "tragic character". I think it would have been unrealistic to see him becoming a popular novelist, but he is still there, working at the Garden, with Kubo despising him, and now he must find new part-timers, because everyone left (Akira, Yui, and also Yoshizawa). The realism of his situation is poignant.

But Hugh grant teold me all people are islands

What a very Japanese end

What you wrote in the second part is correct, but you shouldn't call it "bait". You are supposed to understand that already since the first volume, imho. A "love" born as replacement of another passion isn't real love. Kase was right.

what a shitty ending,
I feel like I wasted my time with this series.

That was honestly a bit of an anti climatic ending but i guess it's alright as long as it was a mutual understanding between them. I would be lying if i said it wasn't disappointing for me, but i suppose it was the most realistic ending to go for.

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no, no, you cant live all the time thinking in a wish,
you cant forget in an instant all the people around you with which you spend most of your daily life its like nothing, with people that makes you feel a bit of love even if its something to forget that wish

You are aware that finding meaning through yourself doesn't mean literally involving only yourself? And who is talking about being special? I think you have some issues to work out.

Mutual understanding? Not sure about that, since Kondo thinks Akira could hate him, even tho we see she clearly understood his gesture.

I'm glad I dropped it.

social atomisation is causing people to kill themselves

YOU have no meaning. only your relations to others provide meaning. hobbies do not do that

I don't like it. Not that it's a bad ending, but it's a boring, safe resolution that doesn't bode well for Kondo.

> tfw will Usagi Drop ending NEVER EVER

I don't know if I can finish the anime after knowing how it ends.

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Not that user, but I am single because I want it, and my passions are more important to me than romance.

Why is there a stray Sup Forums faggot itt?

Again, finding meaning through yourself doesn't mean literally involving only yourself. A person can find meaning in their work and that gives them purpose. A person can find meaning in their relationships with people and again, that gives them purpose. The point is that the meaning originates from the self and is not imposed by an external force.

Japanese reaction to the ending is extremely negative, yikes. This author certainly torpedoed their career after this messy rushed ending.

you're a fucking idiot

have fun dying alone because you'd rather play playstation

Akira didn't get with Kondou
Kase didn't bang her half sister
Haruka didn't get with the Soccer Bro
Yui didn't get with Yoshizawa

is this the most cucked manga ending ever?

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Having an ending like this after the cute romance leaves a bad taste in the mouth

How is anything that user saying Sup Forums at all?

Honestly not too surprised at the response. I think the ending is pretty good in showing that they both are going to grow from this. What actually sucks is that he never truly mattered to her (). That's what stings the most is that he really was a coping mechanism for her, but he genuinely loved her.

* his

It wasn't messy, and it wasn't rushed. I didn't see so many negative comments about the ending by the Japanese, they are unhappy mainly because it's over. But I saw many rage from Western fans, especially Spanish fans, who are writing very bad things to the author because they wanted the romance.

thats not true though. people find meaning in their job because of the relationship it provides them to the outside, including but not limited to, respect, friends, challenge (that, if you succeed against, makes you confident because others cannot do it), a place in the community, and so on.

NONE of that is internal unless you are literally a tortured genius like feynmann. BUT EVEN THEN he derived pleasure from his job ONLY because everyone else normal felt like an idiot to him, and he only had peers among the university

Have fun with your shallow sense of self worth because you can't separate yourself from other people

Based spics

It's kind of a Sup Forums's shtick to go around boards dedicated to hobbies on Sup Forums and tell people how they're supposed to live their lives. Bonus points if it has anything to do with end of the society and other shit like that.

I wouldn't expect anything else, honestly. If you come up with a premise like that, at least be ballsy enough to follow through with it.

Romance ending would've been the worst option. I'm not surprised those idiots are unhappy with what happened.

I really wish you'd stop making multiple posts in a row, it's always obvious who you are cause you repeat yourself like a broken record.

People read romance manga for the romance
Not for life lessons

The concept that somehow other people have some indiscernible property that lets them able to determine your worth but you yourself cannot is an absurd one. You sound very troubled. I'd lay off the Nietzsche for a while for even he fought vehemently against nihilist thought.

The author's comments make me feel like this ending is a lot more bittersweet than it lets on. Kinda hurts.

based Spaniard fans,
the Italians aren't going to be happy either, they have a big following there and really wanted the romantic ending.

user, see Western fans are the most disappointed ones, especially the female fanbase.

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Have everyone already read it?
I know my female friend will be extremely disappointed. I can't wait to spoil her the ending.

I read this manga for the romance, not for some shitty life lesson. I should've known it would end like this when Akira's & Kondou's relationship wasn't going anywhere.

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Please just go away.

you can't even learn to value yourself, by yuorself, unless you are taught that BY a COMMUNITY, and then you take everything the COMMUNITY tells you blindly

that makes you more conformist but you can't even see it

Spanish fans are mad as hell. About Italian fans, I believe most of them would like the romance I am Italian too but they are also ready for the bittersweet ending, I doubt they would write such mean comments in the Twitter account of the mangaka like many Spanish people are doing, especially women.

>wasn't going anywhere
In your defense, that's like 90% of genuine romance manga.

it worked with Usagi Drop.

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Is this only manga with a controversial pairing that actually delivers? Most mangaka pussy out at the last second,or where just baiting all along.

UchiMusume is doing pretty much the same.

(although the guy still looks young as fuck)

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Normalfags won again, another interesting premise down the toilet.

>you can't even learn to value yourself, by yuorself, unless you are taught that BY a COMMUNITY
I mean, biological imperatives already disprove this notion since it very actively fights to prevent our own deaths. Everything can't originate from outside ones self otherwise things like instinct wouldn't exist. Just because you can't find meaning originating from the self doesn't mean other people can't. Really, dude. Just lay off the edge. This philosophy of "the self doesn't exist without others" is a decades old thought. At least try to look at how some people have tried to reconcile this thought sometime within the past 100 years.

they look exactly the same age so I don't really see that as controversial.

the guy raised her since she was a child.

although this a fantasy setting so it's slighlty less controversial.

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No user, you are completely missing the point. The reason why the romance didn't work, isn't the age gap, and how big it was. Probably it's not so common, but couples where someone is 20 y/o and the partner is around 50 y/o exist in real life, you know it. If Akira was really in love with Kondo, after graduation she could have tried to have a serious relationship with him. BUT. It didn't work because Kondo is smart and mature, he had understood how Akira was using him as escapism, and he had only to find the courage to be resolute, and reject her, as he did at the end, for letting her true feelings being finally showed. She admitted to her mother "she was only taking shelter from rain, now it's okay" immediately after their separation, and the ending words of the manga are "She was in love. With the blue sky after the rain". All this shows clearly she only used Kondo as escapism. Sure, she developed some kind of affection for him, but it wasn't love. Plus, while Kondo actually fell in love with her, he never thought to be the right person for her, not only for the age gap, but because he fears he could repeat the same mistake he did with Midori, also with other women, since he ends up with being completely absorbed by literature also when he loves someone. Probably Akira will fall for real with someone, in future, while Kondo already understood he isn't able to have a proper romance.

I mean it was still an overall good manga, it just had a really lackluster ending. I was one of the readers who had already settled that that wouldn't get together, but even with that knowledge the ending was still a wet noodle.

Her career won't be torpedo'd though. That's just funny talk. Literally 99.99% of mangaka end their material with shitty unfulfilled endings and are still working. It'll just leave a sour taste in her fanbase's mouth.

Oh so now we can focus on the one true queen.

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new Jingrock doujinshi when?

Don't trust that comment. He/she is only mad at the mangaka. Japanese reactions aren't so negative. I would have liked to see a warming hug between them, and Akira being more emotionally involved with him, because I honestly and genuinely love their sweet relationship, but I appreciated how harsh and cold the author has been. The volume 10, overall, is really poignant, especially from Kondo's point of view. Sure, the Managua has been a bit too much cruel with the fans, because most of them would have wanted at least know the content of the letter (even if it's pretty obvious it was a love letter, and Kondo doesn't want to read it for not being more hurt than he is, and regretting his choices), but we don't get even this satisfaction.

The second pic art style is shit.



Oh no I'm sorry I'll let everyone know.

Is this still the undisputed champion of romance anime?

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that's not age gap romance.

Whelp, that was a disappointment, though I saw it coming. Time to go back to Yakumo San for my age gap fix.

Why do you even compare a kid show, with a manga like Koi Ame, written for a target of adult males and females? This wasn't even a "romance manga", and the kind of execution tries to be the most realistic possible, without pandering to the younger fanbase, that isn't satisfied if the characters don't end up together.

Predictable ending and all. Not necessarily bad, but kinda like eating a bland sandwich. eh.

> Manga with a young guy and a cake.

all of my yes.

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There's Neko no Otera no Chion-san too, a bit of a slow build with the romance, by the author of Fuji-san. Wish translations were a bit further for Neko.

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meh. anime only fag here and this ending kinda pisses me off because he's so vehemently against giving her a chance because he just thinks its a phase and she can;t possibly really love him and in the end he was right? makes everything seem like a dumb waste of time and her seem like a cruel bitch.

>bringing 3dpd realism shit into 2d manga

this was the first mistake

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>men are just disposable tools to be used as coping mechanisms and then promptly forgotten

good to know

Nice, now my fucking escapism make me depressed. Good to know nowhere is safe from the pain that is living.