Berserk 355 raw:

Berserk 355 raw:

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>No.1 Fantasy Comic

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>that elvish babydoll plus leggings

Honestly I'm a little glad it isn't so easy.

Finally the promised mom-
For fucks sake

Did you honestly expect anything else?


Fuck of you retarded piece of shit bitch. That's gook scans, not raws.

It says Continued Next Issue you fucking EOP.

Well, time for Casca to be retarded again

>no date for next


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Miura's been on a few months on/few months off schedule for years now to take periodic hiatuses to account for his health and probably his fucking wrists. He's been consistent user, so don't despair

I'm beyond despair at this point.

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Should Miura hire assistants to ensure a more consistent release schedule?

>no date
I'm honestly not sure what I expected.

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I think there's an interview somewhere that popped up within the past few years where his assistants are interviewed, and they talk about how other than getting coffee, they basically just hang out while Miura chugs along. Lemme see if I can't find it.


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at what point did he gain your trust?

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Jesus Christ that outfit.



is someone hiding under her cloak?

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Who /struglife/ here?

Bring on the Hiatus, I can take it.

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I'm still waiting for translations since I don't wanna just look at the raw. But the struggle is eternal, until the series ends.

so what happened

I really cant tell from the gags

has she remembered everything except the eclipse shit?

I've finally caught up to the manga so if it's true then this will be my first official hiatus experience as a fan. It can't be that bad, right?

She couldn't recall until she saw guts

Do it. The images convey pretty well with what's going on so you can thank Miura's skill for that.

Color fades from the eyes
The tongue loses taste
Shivering plagues the fingertips
Light, voice, warmth. You come to lose many things

I just did and.
I knew it was too good to be true.

Any hiatus can be bearable if you let the series fade in the background of your mind, not forgetting them, but not anxious to know what happens next, sorta like a limbo, so when the news of the next chapter comes, you'll be glady surprised.
In the case you're super anxious and involved in the series, well... You'll learn the hard way why berserk hiatus are so infamous.
In any case, sit down, because by my calculations, we at least need
15-20 more chapters to reach a rushed ending at best.

Honestly I hope it takes some time to let the ending feel itself out. I don't need it rushed, I need it to end satisfyingly.

there is no way it could end in 20 chapters even with a rushed ending

4 god hands+Griffith+Zodd+new Band of the Hawk+Skull Knight+Rickert+powerup to fight them+some way to summon them

I would say 100 chapters at least

Who ready for a 9 months hiatus and then a Rickert chapter?

Oh shit...
Ok, who speaks Korean here? Was the very last page her screaming?

He's going to meet her under a hill and hse has a cute new dress please calm down nothing will be wong

user there is no way I can live that long, what the duck should we do?

Work out and eat healthy every day to maximize your chances of living to see its end. There will only be a handful of us left when that time comes.

steal the organs of 20 year olds to live longer

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But 100 chapters, those are like 40 more years. Do japs live that long?

>Casca finally fixed
>Gets cute fairy dress
>Will probably receive fairy abilities as well for a much needed boost

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I don't speak Korean, but am slowly google translating it and will post later if someone else doesn't beat me to it. I can't promise this is accurate, but here's what I have so far:
That went very well.
>Elf King:
Welcome, all of you, your have returned from your long, hard journey. It was only a day here, but in your dreams it would have been longer, too long to count.
Miss Casca...
...I remember. About you... The child... Elaine
Everything I see and feel... it's returning to me now. It's good to meet you, Farnese, Schierke, and Ivalera. For a long time, I (Elaine) was a lot of work.
Miss Casca...
Woah... she spoke!
Please, just call me Casca, and let me call you Farnese, Schierke, and Ivarella.
Ah... Of course, I don't mind.
Please, Casca! ...(Miss)...
Sure, don't worry about it!
(Schierke thinks to herself)......... This is what Miss Casca was originally like. It's like looking at a different person. There's the Casca who traveled with us and the one from before then when she traveled with Guts, who was a warrior. They're two different people. (Schierke begins speaking again) I... Miss... Casca. What is your memory like?
It's a strange feeling... It feels like waking up after sleeping for a long time. While I was sleeping, I dreamed of a woman named Elaine and the journey she and her companions traveled. It was impossible to move or feel, I was just watching from the dark.

ok here's some summary I found on reddit for anyone interested

Quick summary: Casca explains that she feels like she woke up from a long sleep, and the people she had dreamed of are standing right in front of her. While she was insane, she saw Elaine's life from far away, like a dream, but she could not feel nor think anything. The girls ask her if she remembers everything, and she says some things from before she became ill are vague. She remembers going to rescue Griffith, but nothing after that... (this prompts them to think back to the heart with thorns).

Farnese asks her if she remembers Guts, and that's when we get the beautiful full page of her smiling with tears in her eyes. The girls blush at this, and Ivalera tells Schierke it seems they've woken the "final boss", which prompts Schierke to stuff her in her hat. Danan asks if they're done getting acquainted, and says she'll give Casca a gift after such a long journey, one fitting for meeting the one she's been missing. Casca protests at the dress, saying she's a warrior, but Danan shuts her down, says it's perfect and that she looks like an elfin princess. She tells her she's called Guts telepathically too, and to go meet him.

As she goes to meet him, Casca feels that she remembers more and more with each step. The memories that make her who she is. And she remembers Elaine's life, too. Throughout that time when she couldn't feel nor think, there was one voice... The one she wanted to meet...

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Maybe 10 years ago you could claim Sup Forums is better than reddit

Still can and will.

silly user.
remember, how are gut's and friends supposed to go back to land?
a fucking boat
at this rate I'll be dust

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That's what times skips are fore

Nah, they'll teleport.

remember our motto homies,enjoyment and excitement

Dumpfag here

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Is that why she'll try to kill herself in the next chapter?

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How can anyone think Sup Forums is better than reddit? There's no bigger conglomerate of pathetic losers than this dump.

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Miura have a stroke? Why is this art so bad?

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Man I'm gonna laugh so hard at you once it's revealed Casca still has feelings for Griffith. It's gonna be the best.

Are you fucking retarded?

Thinking a site based on pandering to the popular train of thought to get upvotes and brag about it is high level faggotry

Casca loved Guts romantically, but she loved Griffith in some level beyond that, so much she would have been willing to leave everything and become his caretaker. I don't buy Griffith's cuck fantasy of being reduced to a kind of pet taken care of by a happily married Guts and Caska.

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God her face just looks so off

...almost like a different character

I'll be here mr Miura, no matter how many eons it takes... here on my secret base
my fucking ghost will

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>some people have been waiting 20 years for this panel
Huh, how about that.

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hahaha. get fucked for still reading berserk, you stupid faggot!

Her head could be skinnier

But I think its mostly the hair. Once cut short again, she'll look back to normal.

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Casca's love for Griffith is a mixture of everything. Yes, it's far greater than what she felt for Gatsu.

She still looks like a potato in that cover :(

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What a happy ending, Miura sure knows how to make a final page.

I think you need to go back and read some Golden Age. That looks just like her, but with long hair.

She's always had a fat head with slanted eyes.

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Guts looks like a friendly chap

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Guts was supposed to get with Schierke. Dropped.

Ok it's exactly this page that made me think that Miura really is dead and some shitters are continuing this in his name... but then I remembered idolmaster and gigantobullshit.

U h O h

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Ah yes this bodes well

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Final panel
No mention of a next chapter

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retarded pepe casca

Is this the translation of the last page?

>b-but Miura's lost his t-touch!

Guts was probably nervous as fuck here.

From this chapter:
>Farnese, after Schierke tells Casca not to try to hard to remember everything all at once:
You just woke up. Hey... Guts is outside. You do remember Guts...
>Casca smiles, tears welling in her eyes
Meanwhile, up until this point Casca has full memories of everything up until the Tower of Conviction, and then forward from an undetermined, post-Eclipse point in time and has only mentioned Griffith in regards to the gap in her memory.


who's that?