Kotonoba Drive thread

Kotonoba Drive thread.
It's completely scanlated now, let's talk about Suu-chan's trips.

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I probably made this thread too soon.

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I'll read anything by the YKK mangaka, thanks for the heads-up

Don't worry, user. I'm reading your thread.

Is the mangaka doing any new series at the moment?
Also, thanks for the thread, didn't even know this existed.

Where will I get my YKK vibes from now?

At the moment he hasn't any work being serialized but I suppose he will get a spot in Afternoon sooner or later, when he's ready for a new series.

I'm still mad about KNI's ending. Is this less bitter/pointless?

You wanted clear answers from Kabu no Isaki?
After Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou you should've known better, especially because those mysteries are a central point of this comics.
And to answer your question: no, it's an easygoing ending, just like everything about this series.

Clear answers? No, I just didn't expect to have the vast majority of the entire story and all the experiences within it rendered pointless/meaningless by that bullshit of an "lol, it was just a dream" end.

I don't mind ambiguity. I do mind pointlessness.

Wait right there.
I don't it was what you said it was in your spoiler (I think it was something way more complex with all those hints here and there, although when I think about it we can't really have a discuss about that ending because it really is an extremely ambiguous ending so any discussion about it is kinda pointless.

What I got from it was that he never actually flew the airplane anywhere, and that everything we watched him experience was either trips on his scooter or dreams/imagination "what if I flew the plane".

But in fairness it's been a while, and I was so incensed that I've actively tried to forget it.

Oh shit WHAT

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Thanks for posting OP, I didn't know this existed

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what kind of dystopian post-war future is she living in
this feels much spookier than YKK

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I'm still a little disappointed Kotonoba Drive ended so quickly, Ashinano's older now, and we'll probably won't get another long running manga from him ever again, which is a shame, he's amazing at building worlds, KnI, YKK and KD all felt so vast and interesting, every chapter is really well thought out and even as an individual piece it serves to the larger setting in a graceful way.

His characters are also so good, something about his simple expressions convey so much emotion...

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