ITT: Villains you felt bad for, even if slightly

ITT: Villains you felt bad for, even if slightly

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>Chuukan Kanriroku Tonegawa this summer

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But shes the hero.

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diavolo is too hot to hate


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I feel way worse for Ichijou than Tonegawa. Even if Ichijou was literally kicking Kaiji while he was down

I cried with this and you are a liar if it didn't get to you watching the glorious hawk that led armies against impossible odds and Guts' best friend reduced to a shell of himself. And Miura further twisted the knife everytime by having Guts thinking Griffith would get better not knowing that not having muscles doesn't heal over time and then showing us Griffith's life decades into the future as a vegetable that everyone watches in contempt.

He became the biggest asshole sure, but he's top 5 characters whose suffering felt believable to me and hurt me too. Shit like Touma dying 99991395993592 times and going through exaggerated trials doesn't do it for me, but this was too real.

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I like to think that Giorno at some point decided that Diavolo suffered enough and let him go, but I know that it would never happen.

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I found his betrayal unforgivable so I don't feel an ounce of sympathy for him

Spoken like a true Struggler

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That's true. The last thing he could have done is taking responsibility of his blunder and give up on his dream.

Don't they cum in his food in the manga?

Also, the blond vampire in S2 with his "dog"

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I only saw the original but I definitely felt bad for every Gamilus sent to die vs. the Yamato, except Dessler.

Why is Tonegawa so handsome?

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It was all Guts' fault, that egotistical piece of shit.

>Griffags think their evil little manchild wouldn't have done it either way

She just wanted her greatness to be appreciated.

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