Who will die to activate Sarada's MS?

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Hopefully OP


Hopefully kishimoto

Would you do a Kurama

furries aren't welcome

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We only have two Uchihas alive, right?

Who is the most likely future hokage that would finally end the uchihas?

There are a clusterfuck of Uchihas courtesy of Shin Uchiha.

please do not hurt Kabuto's children

Please hurt kabutos children


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Nobody, Oro will give a Darkness pill that stimulates the darkness receptors in the Uchiha brain.

Team Sumire is the best team ever

They're not real Uchiha.

>only 72 IDs in the last thread
>probably at least 10 were just guys posting from different sources

Are the threads always like that then they just explode when the episode drops?


Literally all of them have three tomoe sharingan.

Don't take my word for it.

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Are any future plots possible in the modern world of Naruto's son?

Yeah. The plot of dealing with and being effected by, their ancestor’s crimes (like trying to defend and convince a host of justice/retribution-seeking gods from not punishing the entire Shinobi system for its decadence and corruption)

Only if you develop new elements instead of using old ones.

I'm fine with tecnology, even if some people didn't like it, but the manga is failing to really go all the way with it. This gives the opportunity to have a main villain who isn't a OP power-leveling eyehacks faggot; something like a Lex Luthor. I mean, if you can have a lex luthor in your setting, why the hell not? you already have Naruto who is some sort of Superman.


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Dojutsu I just made up.
Reisagan-See spirits and lifeforce located in Earth Country
Chronigan-See the future located in Water Country
Illugan-See the truth meaning genjutsu never works on you located in Lightning Country

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Kekkei tota


Orochimaru becoming a villain or getting comeupance.


Desccription: deactivates and silences all chakra-based powers from your foes in a 10km radius and instantly gives you the ability to copy the abilities of anyone inside that area, except for other bullshigan.

Appearance: Your eye starts cycling through different types of bullshit eye hacks while the Mario's music of when he gets a invincibility star starts playing.

Magenkyo bullshigan: it deactivates and copies everything, including bullshigans, in a 100km radius.

Appearance: The kanji for "you fucking lost" appears in the user's eyes. Smash mouth's All star starts playing.

no one. She'll activate it through happiness like she did he base sharigon. If not then it'll be when someone important to her like Boruto "dies", she breaks down, suddenly he moves, the joy of seeing her loved one alive awakens it.

none will

can Sarada take their eyes to get the EMS?

I honestly hope something like this happens. Oroch gives her a pill that'll unlock her MS so that no one has to die. Then he made clone sharigon eyes and can give them to Sarada to unlock her EMS so that she doesn't have to take anyones.

How would you rewrite Naruto?
More ninja villages
Hidden Swamp
Hidden Jungle
Hidden Snow
Hidden Volcano
Hidden Island
Hidden Forest
Hidden Steppe

But you just described the sharingan

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So we need Tobirama to come back.


no. Technology is ruining the ninja world. Remove it all.

at least she's more useful than denki

Make the forest surrounding Konoha really fucking tall to make the village truly hidden in the leaves.

I don't remember anyone using lightning wind to make radiation. Those others all existed.

he's planning something. I don't buy this little act of his. He's going to try and take Sarada's body like he did with Itachi and Sasuke. He wants that sharigon

Desu, I would not be surprised if that is how the Ootsusukis unlock their Sharingan, especially if there is a Sharingan-using faction

They don't get sharingans, they skip directly to rinnegans if they suck up enough chakra.

So they failed horribly by not playing all star in the anime when Magenkyo activates.

But Sharingan is degenerated Rinnegan. Any children of an Rinnegan-possessing Ootsusuki will have it, as seem with the Sage and Indra

how the fuck is a village hidden in a steppe? It'll be the only thing you see for miles.

what would each of those villages specialize in?

I find a mountainous steppe village to look interesting. Just imagine the horses.

no we don't

Are you saying yeah?

She'll unlock the ULTRA MS, where it actually requires one to devote themselves to save a significant others life during a time of crisis. She'll helplessly watch Boruto get almost killed, and just as he's about to be finished off, she goes through all that sentimental cliche bullshit of "I wont let him die", unlocks it and saves him

that would have been really cool. It sticks out of the trees too much. Or maybe the village is a system of tree houses. High up in the air so if you're n the ground you wouldn't see it. No that's dumb actually nevermind.

People watch Nardo for ninjas and the MC is destroying ninjas oh the irony.

Then hopefully gets a pill and uses it so no one has to die

I'm pretty sure it was playing in the background during the Madara vs ninja alliance fight.

I didn't know what a steppe is so I had to google it which is why I have no idea how it'll exist.

>a large area of flat unforested grassland in southeastern Europe or Siberia.

You couldn't hide a village anywhere in that. Where are you getting mountains from? That's not flat.

Why not then Hidden Mountains? Because Tsunade wouldn't live there?

There are mountains in steppe areas in central Asia though.

I would absolutely love this. No more loved ones dying to unlock the sharigon.

ninjas are still around

But there is the question of how is Sarada going to get an MS-unlocking pill. The only I can see her going that is either a benevolent Ootsusuki giving her one, or Sarada sneaking into the Ootsusuki base and stealing the supply of pills, or her fining one as wreckage from an Ootsuski fight

how is that a steppe then? That doesn't fit the definition.

Underground one could have a Village.

i'd be fine with any of those

Will we ever see an icy terrain in this series ever again?

If Bort can get a hax tattoo just by landing the finishing blow on some guy after Nardo and Sauce did 99% of the job then Salad can get an asspulled MS if they feel like making her strong.

Literally the best administration that Konoha ever had. We need to make Konoha great again.


How are Doton users not OP?

Depends on the user, Oonoki's seemed to be the strongest one of them all.

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Yeah. The second one would in fact be pretty cool, imo, particularly if she is some how able to extend her thievery to include a supermajority of Ootsusuki tech
Infiltrating and exiting a presumably heavily defended base of superior-in-ability aliens without being caught is pretty asspull-like

If you mean take his superior beastly knot, then yes.

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>weak against lighting and brute force

Sarada has multiple sclerosis?


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How a real ninja fight would go in a forest.

Ninja A vs Ninja B
Ninjas are hiding in the trees
Ninja A uses a jitsu to make B move from his position then throws shuriken
B gets slash on the arm the moves to another tree
A slowly moves around looking for B
B throws a kunai with an explosive note in a random direction
A takes the bait
B hears the running and throws a fuuma shuriken
It sticks into the back of A
A starts screaming
B throws kunai into him stabbing the front of his face his shoulder his left thigh his back
A struggles to get out the open but B finds him and stabs his heart with a sword
This exchange happens in only 15 seconds.

none of the elements are inherently OP. Each has their strengths and weaknesses. It's more about the users than the element.

She'll enter Orochimaru's hideout and find some weird shit (like a clone of her father or anything related to him), then she'll get angry as fuck, awaken the Mangekyou Sharingan and destroy the entire lab with brute force (not even using her Mangekyou). And then we'll have to wait 30-50 episodes to see her actually using the MS.
I don't think anyone's gonna die for that.

The original rules were that the "best friend" had to die.

So goodbye, Chouchou

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boring. I like super powers

that'll be acceptable

no one should die. She should unlock it through happiness like with her base sharigon


If those are the rules then I think she'll become friends with a random character and this character will be killed.
Boruto is just too "light" for anything like Chouchou dying to happen.

How about this?

Ninja A uses a raiton
Ninja B's insides cook and he drops dead
Exchange takes 0.03 seconds

What's the point of weapons if ninjutsu is superior?

Not acceptable. We'll just swallow it because we're either retarded or we've been following Nard for a long time and feel forced to watch Bort. Maybe both.

Conserve chakra, channel ninjutsu through them

Dude electricity is faster than bullets.

Fight in Forest

Ninja A throws a kunai at B
Its too fast for B to dodge so it stabs into his lungs causing B to drown in his own blood as A watchs.

Ninja A summons a shield to parry the kunai thrown then slices the arm off B when he turns around to flee.

please become friends with denki
please become friends with denki
please become friends with denki
please become friends with denki
please become friends with denki

>malasion airlines, the early booking

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not if he dodges it

Yeah but I don't have to drain my life force and memorize hand seals to use bullets. Or at least, not nearly as much.

i'd prefer that idea over someone I like dying so yes it's acceptable. I don't feel forced at all to watch boruto. I'm enjoying it.

so? Ninjas dodge electricity

Ninja A uses Fuuton
B gets his head sliced off

Naruto vs Mizuki
Naruto uses TKB
Mizuki throws high speed shuriken poofing almost all of them then pulls out a sword and slices Naruto's face splitting it then decapitates him. Iruka then gets his mouth stuffed with a fuuma shuriken and slowly and painfully dies.

Naruto vs Sasuke
Naruto uses KB
Sasuke pulls out a kunai and just spins proofing them
Sasuke closes the distance and stabs up Naruto until he can't stand then burns him alive with fireball jutsu.

what exactly are you doing? Are you just listing random fights and how you think they'd go? I don't understand what's going on.

Naruto and Sasuke vs Haku(with no ice mirrors)
Naruto uses KB
Haku slits his throat before he can dodge then senbon spams at Sasuke
Sasukw uses fireball but misses
Haku then TNOD the distracted Sasuke causing ice senbon to stab the shit out of him making him fall down
Haku then throws senbon to kill Sasuke.

Lee vs Sasuke
Sasuke tries to fight but Lee dodges
Lee then LW Sasuke knocking him out and breaking his ribcage as well

Lee vs Sound fodder
Lee kills Dosu with a high speed punch to the head then decapitates Zaku with a head kick and finally Punch's Kin so hard she pukes her guts out and it leaves a hole in her stomach a literal hole like outside

Sakura vs Kin
Sakura cuts her hair
Kin holds her down
Its a bunshin
Sakura appears above to take her down
Kin just stabs her in the face with a kunai then kills her