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What do you think of Garou's VA, Hikaru Midorikawa?

I feel that he has the range to nail it, but I can't picture how he'll voice him. He mostly voices calm adult-like bishounen, but especially on his older roles he can be a chameleon (except for the moments when his nasal voice is too hard). I really hope that he doesn't end up doing his generic voice.

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for me, he needs to play off the more relaxed vibe. not too edgy nor saitama-tier bored.

Garou is a cocky brat type character, he doesn't have to sound relaxed except much later on when he's a Monster. Before that he's either full cocky mode or full Asura screaming mode.

yeah hes cocky and stuff and parts like the diner scene make me think hes more of a delinquent. His temperament seems to be more like early days saitama though.

>Garou spends loads of screentime analyzing his enemies in battle
>doesn't have to sound relaxed

Looks like you just have a weird interpretation of the character. The voice actor fits him to a T. Midorikawa's slightly nasal tone is also really unique and memorable, with a perfect hint of smugness to it. Just what you need for a character who is basically the protagonist for a while.

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I can literally hear Midorikawa saying the line in that panel.

I think that he'll do a great job with the smugness and general acting, he's one of my favorite VAs. My problem would be if he went really nasal with it (his usual voice, FZ Lancer, LB's Kyousuke, FE's Marth, P3's Akihiko, Sakamoto), because that's really a bishounen voice and Garou is anything but that.

Besides he has a lot of range, with characters like Rukawa, Pegasus Kouga and Yuy Heero. I don't think he's played a character similar to Garou, so I'm wondering what he'll do.

I woudn't say that his nasal voice is what makes his roles sound bishounenesque. Some of the villains he voiced have the same tone and it makes them sound smug, a bit creepy even.

In any case Garou IS supposed to be the mr fanservice and Midorikawa himself said he's going to make him more attractive.

Midorikawa going through Murata’s stash of Garou pinups must’ve been like:
>This is my character right here. Sign me up.

>In any case Garou IS supposed to be the mr fanservice and Midorikawa himself said he's going to make him more attractive.
You are kind of missing my point. Midorikawa almost does almost the same voice for the type of role I'm saying, he's always typecast in otomege and shoujo as the slit eyed calm personality always serious bishounen. Garou talks a lot, and he's childish, they are two completely different archetypes.

I think he can do better and find Garou's proper voice, and if he doesn't it's not like I'll hate it, I'll just be disappointed.

I feel like Midorikawa would've been perfect for Genos.

Listen to Midorikawa's Vidaldus.

His signature nasal tone is present, yet the voice is quite different from something like his regular one (Lancer, for example). It's intimidating and smug. I'm almost 100% sure they cast him exactly for his nasal voice because it's so recognizable and fits the character.

I really can't see him doing him justice at all, I'll just wait for the english or mexican dub.
Zero Lancer and Sakamoto don't fit Garou AT ALL, Garou is better suited with something like Josuke or Metal Bat's voice, a delinquent type guy or at least pretty fiery.

Yeah that nasal voice and his acting range make Midorikawa a great fit for Garou. He’s like a younger, more chill sounding Suwabe.

That's the closest I remembered hearing, but it's still not the same because that guy was pretty much a joke character with how over the top he was.
He's older than Suwabe. And they sound nothing alike, I don't know what you are talking about. In any case, I think Midorikawa fits far better than Suwabe.

Garou is a genius angsty martial artist with a genki facade, not a plain delinquent.

I meant that Suwabe's voice is too rough so he sounds older, especially these years. Midorikawa offers all the same perks as a voice actor but he's smoother, younger sounding.

I guess that's true and we haven't heard him yet. I just pictured him as a shonen protagonist in my mind though, with that kind of "WHOOOAAAAA" and "I FIGHT FOR MY FRIENDS" voice but on the evil side, so they going for a more cold approach breaks my imagination

It's an indication that his distinct nasal tone doesn't necessarily sound "too bishounen" however, which is what we were talking about. Garou will most likely have that tone.

Kinda looking forward to seeing Zenko in S2.

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>necessarily sound "too bishounen"
I agree, which is why I haven't been talking about his tone anymore. He has range, I don't want him to just do his normal voice and sound like the roles he's usually typecast as.

i need the "this is war" page

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>Midorikawa himself said he's going to make him more attractive

Get ready for eargasms.

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This is going to make the normies mad.

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I want normalfags to leave


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>makes panties drop just by wearing a black shirt and talking
Garou desu ga.

Garou will unironically only ever reach his full potential if hes voice acted by motherfucking


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>No blonde Garou
>No DIO voice
The dream is lost

Midorikawa did in fact voice Dio in some movie. Dude’s got a ton of roles.
Also white hair is the patrician tier, get the fuck out with your blond memes already.

I expect Kid Garou to have a different voice during the flashbacks.

Wow, you don’t say.

He's autistic user. don't be so hard on him

First time I've ever seen this not used to apply to fat elves.

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It's already making the resident Garouhaters mad, I can only imagine the normies.
Best scene, I love it.

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Garou a cute

Normalfags will move on in the very next episode. Most people are not autistic unlike the guy who brought up ‘normies’ yet again.

holy fucking shit, this would actually put OPM as best anime of the century

Imagine DIO giving out this fucking line

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This is an odd sensation, I'm angry but I feel like you're genuinely retarded and believe what you type and pity you as well.

He's 18, not 30. Koyasu could fit someone like Black Sperm or Homeless Emperor though.

Nah, I'm that one user who used to point out in 1 post how fucking retarded (you) faggots where after your literal 300+ shitposts of bickering about Garou.
I'm gonna guess you're one of those two retards?

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Black Sperm= Sugita

Hobo = Koyasu

>I'm that one user who used to point out in 1 post how fucking retarded (you) faggots where after your literal 300+ shitposts of bickering about Garou.
You're me?

>Black Sperm= Sugita
I'm a big Sugita fan, but I don't see it at all. The way I see it, BS should have a VA that's either goofy from the get go, but does good serious scenes making for a good contrast, or a serious VA that makes his whole concept goofy like they did with Ekubo in Mob. Sugita can do both, there wouldn't be any contrast.

>pic related voice acted by Midorikawa

Literally fucking perfect

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Koyasu literally voices 18 year old Dio

Garou's hairstyle is dumb

meant for this

And Dio looks and acts way older than his age. It fits him as a character, but not realistically. Garou doesn't have any qualities that should make him sound like he's older, he's a hot blooded teenager.

Your post is dumb

That’s wrong. No one would’ve ever guessed that Garou is 18 if ONE didn’t literally write that shit in brackets in the drawing for some popularity poll.

His character gives off an older image. And he doesn’t even have the temper of a choleric.

Take it back

You are literally retarded, he looks and acts his age. Read his introduction, the dude acts like a rebelious teenager living his child dream. He just left his master and hates/loves him, and is generally inexperienced. He's cocky and he underestimates his enemies.

Even without the confirmation he's clearly in the 16-24 range.

The real question is who is going to have the better animated fight?

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I doubt the Garou fight will have the same kind of animation as Boros. But we still have to see how Murata does it to see which fight is better.

Boros doesn't even need to take off his armor against Garou

You’re fucking retarded if you think a melancholic character with a bunch of shitty experiences, plus combat prowess and physique way beyond his age is supposed to sound like a generic hot-blooded teenager. Even his angrier moments are a mask, you dumb nigger. That’s the point.

If ONE hadn’t clarified his age, people would still think he’s like 25 at least.

Saitama vs Garou had like 100x more hype than vs Boros.

I'm interested in seeing Homeless Emperor too.

As sad as I am to see bad things happen to bikebro, Garou is still pretty cool

Garou will. Murata already said that it’s gonna be much more intense in the manga than the Boros fight.

They’ll blow all the freaking budget on that though, come season 3.

I was sure Garou was at least 21 until his flashbacks, those kinda help sell that he's 18. Someone older would be over it.

> a melancholic character with a bunch of shitty experiences
He hasn't had shitty experienced, he was bullied as a child so he became sympathetic of villains and monsters, and then he started hating his teacher because he didn't fit his views.
>plus combat prowess and physique way beyond his age
What the fuck are you even saying? Martial artists only get better with more training, but peak performance requires a young body to be practical. You don't see old men fighting at martial arts competition, because being young is a huge advantage. Of course, this is fiction so it doesn't matter that much, but we are shown how he has an inferior version of it, and he learns new stuff very quickly (a trait that young humans have).

Besides your whole argument is retarded. He IS 18, what does it matter how we learnt that? Everyone thinks Garou is childish, it's just part of his character. There's a reason a lot of people thought Okamoto was going to voice him.

>PowerPoint presentations in the middle of the raid
>all sakuga in the Garou vs Saitama finale


He fits more as Saitama

Are we even going to get monster association raid in S2?

I'm honest. I don't like it. Garou is a total asshole delinquent to me.
I'd rather have Kishō Taniyama

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Definitely not. Maybe S3 in like 4 or 5 years.

Garou is melancholic throughout his entire fucking arc as he powers through various obstacles and recalls his shitty past you retard. OPM also barely has any talented warriors among "teenagers". Even Metal Bat sounds like a seasoned old man even though he's an actual delinquent. Both him and Garou look much older than 17/18.

>There's a reason a lot of people thought Okamoto was going to voice him.
Only retards thought that. Everyone with actual brain cells thought he'd get a voice actor who sounds older and more mature than squeaky shit fucking Okamoto. And that's what happened.

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Will JC Staff deliver?

>I'd rather have Kishō Taniyama
I also picture Garou as voiced by Kittan.
It's soft and young-sounding enough without losing the rudeness.

That fucking nasally voice of his always make my head hurt with the exception of a couple roles.

This. People who unironically expected Okamoto to voice him are absolutely retarded. Must be bnhafags for the most part.

Fits the character.

Oh you bet it was those fags. They can’t fucking differentiate.

nozawa would fit better.

Pedro you need to go

I mean Genos is 19 years old and he's already a fairly powerful individual. Metal bat also looked like some kind of high school delinquent so not really getting your point here? At best Genos and Garou look like they occupy the same age range hence why it's perfectly believable that they are both pre-20yo men.

I’m talking about the correlation between how much the characters have had to fight in their lives / how old they look physically and how they sound. Both Metal Bat and Garou have mature voices, which fits. And Genos sounds stoic because he’s a cyborg.

If you're talking about just the comic, both Garou and Metal Bat sound like delinquents in my head which means both of them are younger people. Genos sounds like a try hard but still like someone out to prove something so still someone less than 25 at least.

Not seeing this whole "Garou sounds mature" line of thought because he specifically spergs out a lot and when he does try and talk seriously he sounds like a big brother type character and not an uncle-type.

The serious punch on Elder MUST be better than the one used on Boros, if JCStaff pulls it off then everyone will claim Madhouse was always overrated.

You're a fucking retard you know

In the webcomic MB is a really fucking angry man who fights big bad monsters for a living. Both ONE and Murata drew him older than 17. No shit he has a mature, low voice.

Garou’s giddy and “scary monstah” moments are a facade. He’s a melancholic character with a super muscular build who goes through gruesome shit just to train. Of course he has a mature, deep voice as well. And the kid literally refers to him as uncle.

no they don't