One Piece

No break for after 899 and We will get a colorspread on 900.

Pudding will shoot Sanji down this week

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I want to get drunk with Jinbe

I want to murder jinbe

How many different outfits has Nami had over the course of WCI? What's the best one?

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Monet will be revealed before chapter 1000. I can't wait for all the back pedaling that will be done.

Reminder that Jinbei was the best Strawhat this arc.

Wedding > Woods > Current

>sanafag thread

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How did Oda manage to create the cutest character in all of fiction?

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How are they getting out?

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literally transgender sanji

by taking the most effeminate, faggy character and giving him tits

armor > woods > current > wedding > mirro world

That's not true. I fucking despise Sanji, I wouldn't be attracted to Reiju is she was just a transgender Sanji. Thank god she's not.

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Who will rescue Sanji and Luffy after being shot down by the traitorous Pudding?

Are you two homosexuals or just retarded? Sanji doesn't look anything like Reiju except of the eyebrows and one eye being hidden.

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Fuck off already first wave puddingfag. You guys are pathetic.

it seems like important characters get a costume change at least once per volume

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>Pudding will shoot Sanji down this week
Hopefully. I want to see the return of Evil Pudding

>Hates Sanji
>Likes a character who's personality is 90% "I love my brother Sanji"

I don't understand

THE best!

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>sanji doesn't look anything like reiju
>except that he does
good job

I don't get it either.

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I hope you are shitposting. Last (you) for you.

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reiju is so incredibly dull, i genuinely prefer her asshole brothers than her. at least, they can be fun dicks from time to time

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One piece is a gateway anime of the worst kind.
It's a bad series, a clusterfuck of story and characterization that isn't very well done by any aspect, but which attempts to compensate for its weaknesses by adding in excessive comedy and ADVENTURE. The normal weeb can see this as the shit it is, and may enjoy it, hate it or be indifferent to it, but all the while recognizing that the series itself, regardless of their opinion, is plain bad. However, these very aspects that try to smear over the shit of its core make it a breeding ground for unsociable, delusional manchildren who engage in every kind of faggotry both online and in the real world. The superpowered characters all trying their hardest to look cool, the devil fruit powers, peculiar, colorful clothes, the whole pirate faggotry and everything about the one piece world fuels their escapist fantasies, while the pity-party character backgrounds, emphasis on ADVENTURE and overall preachiness of the series make it fit just right with the mary-sueish drives of your average neckbeard and his sense of unwarranted self-importance towards the world. Exactly the kind of shit that made dbz popular and has "otaku" eating this shit right the fuck up. one piece is basically THE series to attract the most hated anime fanbase known to Sup Forums, which is why, regardless of individual opinions, it is the responsibility of every sensible person to troll the fuck out of this show and everyone who likes it, and ensure that no one piece threads ever encourage the fanbase to show their faces here. That being said, AB is really great, but and BakaBT are easier to get into.

Carrot is underestimating the new world too much, she needs to be taught a lesson.

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Then why did you say you liked her?

I would imagine that one of her mentors being blown to pieces in front of her eyes was a pretty solid lesson to that effect.

I hate all of the vinsmokes desu, this arc even made me kinda hate sanji but maybe he'll be better once they leave

my brother, evil pudding is ten times more entertaining and hotter than her good persona

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I just want to kidnap her and help her run away from the Germa so she can be free.

you got the wrong user

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But she ain't evil. She just tsun.

She needs to be redeemed. She is so shit right now. Hope she was still acting

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The cool thing about One Piece characters being largely static is that if they suck in one arc, that doesn't mean they can't be good in another arc.

I get people being disappointed with Sanji this time (I am too), but it's not like he'll never do anything for the rest of the series.

I think he means back when she was evil. Not her in the pic.

Same. Fuck that pink-haired bitch. She’s genetically engineered to be a spineless thot. Great character.

Oh in that case... I don't agree. Her evil persona while being a lil' more interesting than good Pudding was just the "mwahaha" kind of villain. She become more interesting when she came out as tsun.

She needs to be taught a harsher, more sexual lesson.

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>she’s genetically engineered to be a spineless thot
That bothers me so much. It doesn't look like Oda is gonna set her free either.

I think watching how hard is to get away from an Emperor fleet and the Emperor herself, count as a harder lesson too.

The Germa will most likely become kinder. You'll see once Judge shows up again.

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Post best boy.
Hard mode: no Katakuri.

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What if Judge fucking dies and Reiju has to end up in charge of Germa?

well, even if she has been a tsun in disguise the entire time i just preferred when her evil persona came out
this is coming from who went "meh" when her good side was revealed but her double personalities shtick grew on me, most probably because evil pudding isn't entirely lost on her character

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Then she will be the leader responsible for their change. Its even better imo.

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Okay fine, Carrot does not need to be taught any more lessons, but I'm going to teach her a lesson anyway.

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Who /oven/ here?

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Who /Ichiji/ here?

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This is the realistically bounty increase, I see Luffy is getting after this arc.

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No one likes you

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why would it be any less than one billion?

Keep track of Luffy's previous bounty jumps isn't that big when he defeated Doffy it only went to to 400,000, 000 to only to 500,000, 000.

Sure but with Jack the bounties went from 550m to 1B.

>Luffy defeats Arlong, former 20 million
>Gets a 30 million bounty
>Luffy defeats Crocodile, former 81 million
>Gets 100 million bounty
>Luffy defeats Doflamingo, former 340 million
>Gets 100 million increase from 400 to 500 million
>Luffy defeats Katakuri, with a bounty of 1,057 billion
>Realistically only increase to 750

Chapter 900: The Ninth

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I don't see Luffy getting an increase at all.

>The Straw Hats invaded WCI, caused no lasting damage nor disruption to Big Mom's operations, caused no damage to Big Mom herself, and then ran away

Yeah nah. The impact to the Big Mom pirates is non existent. I don't see bounty increases coming from this unless Capone really does fuck up Big Mom once the cake knocks her out.

750 mil is definitely far more reasonable than 1 bil if there is an increase anyway.

you think nakao is having fun in vocing gastino this arc?

Beating a 1 billion bounty dude doesn't mean you deserve to jump straight to 1 billion. Luffy has like 30 fewer years of pirating under his belt, while Katakuri has probably hurt plenty of innocents in his time as well as killed high ranking marines. Plus the Capone teamup limits the value of Luffy's achievements in the eyes of the world.

yeah the pattern is luffy's bounty rocketing up because the WG realizes "oh shit, this kid is as strong as X"

if his bounty DIDN'T raise to 1 billion after beating katakuri, then how the fuck does one get a 1 billion bounty in the first place? we shouldn't forget that luffy's dad is "the most wanted man in the world" meaning his bounty should be well above 1 billion.

I'm still believing Linlin will die eating the cake and Bege will get all the credit.

Doffy is important but taking out the right man of a yonko is a much greater achievement. And if they stay to fight the BMP with germa than that makes them as much of a treat as pre ts blackbears

>No lasting damage
>Responsable for the destruction of Whole Cake Chateau
>Responsable for Big Mom's scream during the wedding
>Big Mom destroyed Peanuts Island in her rampage wich the Strawhats are responsable
>Defeated Cracker, Katakuri and several other Charlottes
>Tamago has been saying that even letting them go will tarnish the Big Mom Pirates reputation like nothing else
>But that's no big deal
Okay user. If you say so.

Probably, but not as much fun as he did with Freeza.

Why would it be 1 billion to begin with? That's a fucking lot of money and by all means, this was just sheer luck of Luffy to get out of this situation alive.

Luffy is strong and has his merits, sure, but I doubt that the world government would simply double his bounty for wrecking havoc in Mama's territories, rather than killing her on a mano a mano.

People make a big deal about Brook nabbing the Poneglyph among other shit but if it wasn't for Jinbe the Straw Hats would be fucking dead at multiple points in this arc, so I definitely agree.

you don't see how a single pirate ship invading the heart of a yonkou's territory, crashing their wedding, beating up all of her strongest commanders, and sailing aaway relatively unscathed puts the Strawhats on the level of a yonkou?

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>doesn't know how bounties work

You think he would get only 1B for killing Linlin in 1v1? Are you retarded? They would be shitting themselves.

So. Defeating a 1 billion man dosen't mean you deserve the 1 billion bounty?
I agree that Katakuri has been doing damage to the marines for more time, but that's why he earned his 1 billion, because he was the undefeated man.
Suddently comes a kid that defeats him and is like, nah, he did what nobody has done before, but 1 billion is too much for an inexperienced kid. Even if the threat that he is able to defeat billion bounties is there.
That dosen't sound like a realistic scenario my dude.

who /zoro/ here?

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He just explained to you how it works. Luffy got each time a bounty slighty higher than the one of his last opponent. It will be 1B if Morgans know for Katakuri's defeat. If not 800m.

Y'all excited for my boy to show up at the Reverie and snuff a Tenryuubito or three?

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>bounties are a sign of how much of a threat you are to the goverment
>defeating a person with a higher bounty than you means you are as much or bigger threat than them
>But that's not how it works because I say so
Cool bait friend.

He still cleaning himself from the blackbeard gang bang

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It's a threat level. Worst Generation (troublemakers) AND as strong as Katakuri? Instantly more than 1B. That's why I believe Luffy having defeated Katakuri will not be known. He will only get a 800M bounty.

He din't steal his fruit. You can forget that right now. You have to kill to steal a fruit.

Dragon would have bodied Blackbeard if they actually met.

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I was just thinking, what if someone who is bullshit powerful comes in and starts wiping out billion dollar and multiple hundred million dollar pirates left and right.
What happens when the WG can't or simply refuses to pay?

What happens when this person makes it known that the bounties are worthless and goes to war against them directly.

Attention retards:
Bounties do not increase by large amounts past 300million. It doesn't matter what you do. Luffy will not get a 1 billion bounty just for defeating Katakuri, even if he killed a Yonkou 1v1 his bounty would not shoot up to 1 bil. Bounties don't work like that. Reread the series.

>Reread the series
Nice joke, user.

>opponents entire fighting style relies on not getting hit
>and I mean seriously like not even once
>get hit a bunch of times by one of the strongest single moves in universe
>this is somehow an asspull when he goes down.

Why are antiluffyfags so desperate to bring down /ourguy/?

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His power was already shown to be able to absorve dfs by touching, its not unreasonable that, by covering him and the person with that black blanket , he cant take all of the power
>Overhyped D. Dragon
>Defeating a Yonko without evem having all of the leaders of the revolutionary and all of his army
Jesus fucking christ dragon fags are the worst

That's you assuming they can't pay. I'm sure they can.


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Being powerful doesn't mean you're a threat if you aren't actively antagonising the world government. Big Mom has a criminal empire and Katakuri is likely her chief enforcer. He has probably clashed with the WG and marines a great deal. For example Mihawk could beat Katakuri but that doesn't mean, were his bounty active, that he'd suddenly jump to 1 billion when all he seems to do is hunt pirates for fun and fuck baboons. Being powerful doesn't mean you're a threat. Luffy doesn't actively seek to disrupt WG activities unless they get in his way first and he has only done it a few times.

Yes I fucking am. I just fear that that ridiculous soyboy Sabo will kill his moment to shine, fuck...

Just fags who watch too many youtube niggers. I wouldn't even bother conversing with them yo. Mocking is fine.

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What the fuck was she thinking?
Why would you fucking spit in the face of literally the strongest member of the Big Mom Pirates. And your older brother?

Believe me on this; Flambe made Katakuri lose.

the point of bounties are to make pirates social pariahs, and to force kingdoms to expel them. someone trying to "claim" all the bounties wouldn't show how worthless they are, it would just be doing the WG a huge favor and if they were so inclined would just say that the bounty hunter is himself a pirate to get out of paying impossible amounts of money

another part of me thinks the bounties are the WG showing it's power, like saying "we can easily pay someone this much to get rid of you"

you already got btfo with logic, calling people retards won't save you now. just because something is a precedant does not mean it's a requirement

What else would you expect of a fucking teenager brat? She has yet to learn to respect her elders.

This level of head canon.
>Luffy dosen't seek to disrupt WG activities
He is at war with the WG friend.

You are right it's not unreasonable. But he din't steal Marco's fruit and it probably doesn't work like that. It doesn't make much sense for him to have Marco's fruit. Who would have eaten the fruit? Him? No way it doesn't fit him and he planned everything from the start. He would have tried to steal Marco's fruit or at least make it known he wanted it earlier in the series. So who else? It doesn't fit anyone. And what's the point of bringing back Marco if he's not even a phoenix anymore? Shiryu having the diamond fruit is a good theory. That... Not so much.

Flambe is a superficial bitch. Let's hope Katakuri's other siblings aren't the same way. He's suffered enough

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No. Not as strong. Able to defeat a 1B man, wich puts him in the realm of a threat equal or greater than a 1B. Giving him the billion ain't unrealistic.