WTF did I just watch?

WTF did I just watch?

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A fun show.





>tfw Shouma never got to fuck a burning Ringo

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Anno's BFF taking you on a ruse cruise.

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overrated. reminds me of kaiba and mononoke.
>lel it's differnt
lel it's shit. utena was awesome though.

Himari should've won the Shoumabowl.


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I never "got" this show, which is fine. Really, 3deep5me is fine. What bugs me is I never got whether I was SUPPOSED to get something, or if there was really nothing to be gotten and a child broiler was really a child broiler.

Take this chart, for example. I'm still not sure whether it's supposed to explain something, or whether it's just an elaborate troll.

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Child broiler is adults shaping kids to be what they want like that sculpture guy did

What about the Momoka and Sanetoshi and the terrorist, who are they? Why they do what they do?

Does the show really teaches about karma?

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I have no idea what Sanetoshi is besides the sarin attack thing

Watch Night on the Galactic Railroad

You wish anno, you wish

thanks for the rec.

I'm not gonna watch Utena, it's too gay for me.

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Imagine having this much shit taste


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Its probably something cultural like being a reflection of how children view the future and how the current social system in Japan offers barely any hope for the future or something.
At least that's what I took away from it.

Flip Flappers prequel.

I thought the child broiler was just kids falling through the cracks of society, like they'll never amount to anything and stuff like that. Basiclly kids without a future, due to whatever their circumstances may be. Or rather maybe more simply, it's children that weren't loved by anyone.

Sanetoshi wanted to bring attention to the child broiler, chose a rather shitty way of doing it though. I dont know what Momoka is honestly.

So, what does being chosen meant then?

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I haven't seen it in like 4 years so I forget the main details, but I'd guess being "chosen" was the metaphor for people who were blessed with opportunity for success and happiness by terms of fate despite the current lack of decent outcomes for the main populace

You have parents or maybe just anyone that loves you.
Kanba was chosen by his parents. It's been a while but if I remember correctly, his parents had previously abandoned him because of their grandfather, but then they came back, chose Kanba, Kanba shared his life with Shouma, who was adopted by Kanba's parents, and Shouma shared it with Himari.

Himari then becomes terminally ill so there isn't really much they could do to save her, anything they do was only temporary which is why the apple keeps getting poisoned in the image.


>it's too gay for me.
It's funny because Utena literally isn't even gay in the TV show.

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>Night on the Galactic Railroad
This better be good user.

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>WTF did I just watch?
This is called Anime

Yeah, child broiler/shredder is, I think, people who fall between the cracks of society and end up unloved and crushed by despair. I think of the underlings in the criminal underworld, drunks and drug addicts, the prostitutes trafficked by the Yakuza, homeless people who get the shit kicked out of them by young punks, folks who grow old without a family and are pushed aside as society deems them obsolete, and all the others who choose suicide.


Still, this show made me aware of the Tokyo sarin gas attacks, a really interesting incident of domestic Japanese terrorism. Totally fucked up cultists, really.

>terminally ill because of karma from the terrorism of 1995
This chart is making sense now.
But where does Sanetoshi gets his fate medicine, and why is it not as potent as the apple?

Shouma and Kanba gives the whole apple to Himari, but the punishment will only poison the apple. Also Kanba and Shouma is now unchosen.

Ringo can change fate, so she tries to take Himari's punishment, but Shouma takes the punishment instead, which makes Shouma Unchosen and punished.

Himari returns the Apple to Shouma and Kanba, so Himari is now unchosen.

Shouma and Kanba split the punishment in half, so they are seen half their original age in the end of the series.

But how did Himari have good fate in the end if she's unchosen?

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>WTF did I just watch?

>Not gay

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gosh I hope I crush them soon



Pretentious shit: the anime

The story made this show pretty solid, but the OST made it absolutely memorable.

>t. pleb

Go watch your moeshit, you cunt.


the bad karma of the takakura parents was still tied to Shouma, and Kanba takes the scorpion's fire instead of Himari.

Himari, at the end of everything, doesn't need the apple. she's cleared by fate, with no child broiler to crush her down. but shouma and kanba can't escape, so they each get half the apple so they only take half the 'correction' meant for himari.

its a really brutal story. Utena is harsh, but ultimately uplifting; penguindrum is about inescapable karma/consensus punishment of children for their parents sins.

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One of the best anime of 2011.

>7 years ago

I can only see the Linux edit video in my mind when I try to remember this show.

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Much like Utena you have to remember that just because it's a metaphor for something doesn't mean that it's not literally actually happening.

I heard it all on my head. Amazing OST.
10/10 anime, too bad yuri bears wasn't as good (still fun).

Shouma >>>> Kanba

Welcome to rock 'n roll night

Goes without saying.

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Your pic is over explaining mechanics of a metaphorical process. You don't need to understand how the apple works in a literal way, only understanding the idea behind fate, sins, punishment, and whatever else was in the show.

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The first decent anime ever made by Ikuhara.

its about the class struggle

Fuck off


Iya da wa
Hayaku suritsubusanaito

A brother who tries to protect his family.

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> every time an avatarfaggot posts, it shows his absolute lack of taste

A 100% heterosexual friend/bride providing a lap pillow for her equally 100% heterosexual tomboyish friend/groom, there is literally nothing gay about their relationship and only a madman in the throes of the wildest imagining of a feverish fantasy could believe otherwise.

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In actuality Kanba is the one prolonging the grief and not allowing his family to mourn.
In turn he gets other people involved in his self-destructive urges. The subsequent story is a linear view into the past of him trying to rectify his mistakes because he didn't value his time with Himari.

I want to cum to Himari's forehead.

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That's bullshit. No tragedy but complete bullshit. At least Kanba was terrorist scum motivated by his creepy fixation for Himari, see but Shouma literally did nothing wrong. He was a good person that got fucked because his parents were assholes, as Japan expect it

What was the purpose of this sequence?

To make you laugh thereby increasing your attachment to the show through entertaining you and thus allowing the more subtle aspects to better penetrate your consciousness.

It was funny.

Actually his fixation isn't even with Himari, but his image of Himari or the convenience/habit of having Himari in his life.
This is best symoblized in Kanba interacting with the "hat", while Shouma gets ousted by it and chooses to spend his time with Himari. Even their respective intimate moments were with either representation.

>trying to understand Penguindrum

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>it's too gay for me
Penguindrum is much gayer.