ITT: Overrated shit

ITT: Overrated shit

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Tell me more, user.

Hellsing, Twilight except shit.
Darker than Black? More like Browner than SHIT
Neon Genesis Evangelion, makes about as much sense as a pedophile in a retirement home.
Beck, if I wanted to watch shitty bands, I would go see Tool live.
One Piece, if I wanted to watch a good shounen I would watch Naruto.
Eureka 7, more like Gurren Lagann 2.
Serial Experiments Lain? More like Serial Experiments LAME shitsux
Vinland Saga, shitty manga and even worse anime. 2 episodes in and I fell asleep.
Koi Kaze, if I thought incest was wrong I would stop having sex with my little sister.
Grave of the Fireflies? If I wanted to watch a whiny cunt and his little sister fuck around I'd go to Chuck E. Cheese.
Golden Boy? If I wanted to see a genius get horny, I'd videotape myself masturbating.
Mononoke, if I wanted to see a crossdressing, homosexual pothead wearing make-up, I'd move to Brazil.
Claymore, looks like a dick, strong beginning and middle but a cheesy ending.
Mushishi? More like MushiSHIT
Vagabond, one episode in and I fell asleep
Ghost in the Shell, pretentious shit with walls of text. I'd rather watch Code Geass than this piece of shit.
Cowboy Bebop, Shitty ripoff of Trigun
The Girl who Leapt through time? I wish she leapt through a meat grinder.
Baccano? More like BAKA NO!
Natsume? Like MushiSHIT wasn't gay enough already
Interstella 5555? If I wanted to watch cheesy music videos, I'd turn on MTV.
Yotsuba. Stupid little bitch runs around and acts "lol so kawaii". NOTHING HAPPENS
Hajime no Ippo? If I wanted to see fags jerk eachother off in a steamy shower room, I'd go to a bathhouse.
Gabriel dropout? More like Gabriel DROPPED!

no u aracnoid-quads

What do we have here? Additions? ADDITIONS, EVERYONE!

Your favorite anime.

Agreed, fucking annoying that Japan denies their militaristic past yet blames Germany for everything. Monster is a fucking garbage SJW anime and I dropped it as soon as I got to episode 14 or so.
This is actually a good post. Unironically. Darker than black was so fucking boring and it was obvious that it was trying to be more than it was, if I wanted a drama, I'd watch the Sopranos.
Cowboy bebop went to shit as soon as they introduced the gayboy.
Mushishi is also garbage, I dont watch anime for shitty gnosticism.
Ghost in the Shell - yep, pretentious and annoying. Are you telling me that a girl would actually take down this futuristic hellscape? Nope, women would be too busy streaming on chaturbate in the future. Fucking roasties.

>makes about as much sense as a pedophile in a retirement home.
>Serial Experiments LAME
>Shitty ripoff of Trigun
>Gabriel DROPPED

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boku no hero academy

Thats alot to hate on but

>Beck, if I wanted to watch shitty bands, I would go see Tool live.

I'd never thought I'd see such a perfect opinion on Sup Forums

Gurren Lagann, not so good.

>there are people that don't recognize this

Aria, a show about nothing

Monster was okay, but I regret spending 70 odd episodes watching it when I could have been watching something else. The worst thing was that that I really disliked the ending, so it made the overall 'journey' less fulfilling.


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FLCL, boring, unfunny, LOL SO RANDUM XD shit.

Tatami Galaxy

100% of jojo is overrated

I swear you post this thread every once in awhile. The same picture with the same comment for the thread. We get it, you think Monster is overrated.

GTO? More like GTFO.

ITT: Pleb Filters

Sora Yori? if I wanted to see autistic girls in Antartica I would go to the special needs school on winter
Darling in the Franxx? more like Draling in the Failure
Mitsuboshi Colors? the only color I see is shit
Koi wa Ameagari no You ni? if I wanted to see a 40 years old man gropping a 17 years old girl I would go to my local church
I know, I'm terrible at this, but this ancient pasta needs new additions

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>Darker than Black? More like Browner than SHIT

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what the fuck

This. The only reason why everyone liked it is because it's so different from what we're so used to seeing in animes. The lack of cliche and the mature nature threw off autists into thinking this edgy shit is actually good.

Master Keaton certainly didnt have the edge.

this is all true except for Hellsing, Interstella and GiTS


kill yourselves out of Sup Forums

What do any of these have to do with each other.

Hes just autistic


Legend of the Gay Lactating Homosexuals

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This guy has the right idea.

With scenes like this, how can it be overrated?

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This but unironically

Tatami Galaxy and that other movie
Koe no Katachi

How the fuck did he get away with escaping from police custody with a firearm? Sure he wasn't guilty for the murders, but that doesn't mean he should have gotten out of that.