Oh great doing bakemonogatari manga

>oh great doing bakemonogatari manga
>he's doing shit that wasn't in the original LN

makes you think

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Should have gotten the Medaka Box artist for it.

Would you prefer experiencing the same story a third time?

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The anime wasn't even a good adaptation of the LN to begin with to be fair.

yes, because this faggot can't write for shit

I don't mind his changes in details, it is still the same story beats, characters, writing and setting.

Is he writing it? I thought he was only drawing it.

nah it was pretty good. specially bake

It looks great. Just enjoy the ride.

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>he's doing shit that wasn't in the original LN

I don't know user is he?

Isn't Nisio supervising? He's probably okay with the original stuff

No, he's not.

Bake was alright, but the later adaptations were phoned in garbage.

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What is wrong with Cat's right leg?

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There's a rip of the whole chapter in the scanlation thread thanks to a kind user.


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This blush ruins her character what the fuck Oh!Great.

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nice wedgie

Jesus her hand is gigantic

Do manga usually phonetically spell out the kanji like that? I kinda like it but it also makes me feel like a brainlet for needing it.

Perspective, user.

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Furigana? It's very usual in shounen magazines and volumes. Children and teenagers aren't expected to know every Kanji, so they are all spelled phonetically on the side.

Oh Great's Arararararagi looks awfully manly.

Air Gear 2 when? I need more Simca in my life.

Im not the only one who really hates Arararararagis and Kanbarus faces right?

looks fucking amazing, i'll give you that

Am I supposed to be upset?

I think he's sexy as fuck

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>hes showing her DA WAE
oh shit

I already experienced the anime, and the LN, why the fuck would i read the manga NOW? Especially when it's not even finished and some serialised bullshit? The mangaka isn't even top 5 artists so not worth caring for.

he's cuter than the girls tho

>The mangaka isn't even top 5 artists

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>im-fucking-plying Oh Great! isn't one of the greatest artists in the industry

Is anyone translating this?


Thanks, user

Monogatari is fucking garbage. Literally the only reason people watch it is for fanservice and the girls, it's your standard harem show but with slightly better production values. There is literally no reason why the characters couldn't all be men, but of course the otaku wouldn't like that. This series is shit

Why would you want the exact same story recycled again?

it's a shonen magazine faggot

The one thing I dislike about the Bake adaptation is how bright and colorful everything looks:
>Park scene with Snail's intro
>Normal, comfortable park in LN
>Neon fucking invasion of senses in anime
That, and some scenes just flow better when reading it.

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when one piece ends

>, why the fuck would i read the manga NOW?
it's not for you retard, it's for japan.
manga are generally more profitable than anime in japan because anime are incredibly niche in comparison.
This helps expose the monogatari series to casuals who wouldn't bother with anime.
>The mangaka isn't even top 5 artists so not worth caring for.
I bet you like Murata don't you faggot

He should have stuck to porn desu.

the fuck do you think monogatari is?