Komi-san wa komyushou desu

Ch. 132 is out and manbagi a cute

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I'm already in love with Gonzales.

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I liked this chapter, very relatable anxieties. I wonder if Manba is going to become a regular or just show up during chapters where the whole cast gets together.

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I sure hope she'll be a regular

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>This fucking chapter
I can't stop saying 'daawww'

New contender for prettiest girl.

I want to protect her smile

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And last page. Now waiting for Ch. 133

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she's fuggin cute

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Let's hope this will be her permanent look from now on.

I hope not.

What's Tadano's face trying to convey here?

Tadano: Finally, I can fucking see the blackboard now.

I'm conflicted. On one hand: we have Komi growing, opening herself to a new person, becoming more and more the kind of person she wants to be. It has been lots of little steps, but asking, with her own voice, if someone wants to be her friend, and being willing to try and be for that person what Tadano was for her is a long way from the Komi we saw during the first few chapters. It has been a big year-and-a-bit for Komi and this payoff is something I like to see.

On the other hand: BITCH YOU GOT FUCKING CANDY ON WHITE DAY AND NOT A GODDAMN THING HAS HAPPENED! What the fuck? You can't just drop these bombs on your readers and leave your audience like that. I'm dyin' over here.

She, Komi, and Tadano all sit next to each other now, so I'd be surprised if she just disappears like some of the other side characters

Oh shit she's top 3 easily

Makes sense.

She's going to be a regular character since she sits next to Komi and in front of Tadano, both MCs

where's tadano's face


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She's friggin' cute
>Having the cutest girls of the school to sit in front of you and one of them is madly in love with you
Tadano is based

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Yamai, you bitch

Unless google translate is failing me, next chapter is gonna be one that people asked for a long time
Komi's brother and Tadano's sister.

Please stay this way

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I'm in love, I'm in complete love

Tell me more about Gonzales why does she wear the bow?

>Chapter before
>Man stop pushing that ugly bitch, no one likes her
>Is actually the cutest girl in the manga
Sorry I've ever doubted you

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I ever*, fuck mobileposting



didnt expect a name in my native language


fucking damn it girl, you still ruining everything.

I know the manga is about Komi, but her flashback made me realize that Tadano could have a more active role on the friend thing, I mean, he could make friends on his own and then introduce them to Komi, with how popular Komi is, and how many of the imperial guard knows he has "special" access and relationship with her, I am amazed there isnt a character that isnt close to Tadano, trying to learn from him into getting close to Komi, but failing and constantly going to him for more advice.

did she just, speak, what she writed? and to a person that isnt Tadano. Wow Komi, WOW, you are making progress my girl

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yeah, I saw that on a tweet
maybe it's what it says on the last page at the bottom of it

Yeah, that's what I checked. The only words I managed to get were Shousuke and Hitomi.

wow, just wow, she is actually nice to the eyes, I hope her tan is natural instead of those artificial orange looking shit.

Was there any doubt? The name was a huge giveaway

>introduces ugly ass character
>transform it into one of the most cute and beautiful of the whole manga

how the fuck does the author do this? the madman.

10/10 would protect
Komi already has Tadano tho

>It has been lots of little steps

I love this, because we can pint point each little step, and they are constant, the manga actually has some continuity with the characters, instead of being a one chapter thing and forgetting it after.

I actually think the author put Katai near them for the same reasons, he probably noticed how popular he is.

She could go full gyaru next chapter, and only getting her make up down on "important" occasions

I knew she'd be cute without the make up but damn

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Or maybe the other way arround similar to Cakey from Grand Blue. When she's nervous she wears her makeup and maybe when the situation is worse, her the makeup becomes more extravagant

I still think she looks prettier as a ganguro

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bitch stole my move

>I was actually sleepy most of the time
>probably most of my classmates though I was a antisocial freek


I have seen a lot of "nerdy/unkempt/ugly girl having a image change and being all beautiful and characters reacting the same, but this is the first time I have seen such reactions on the public.

Manba are always secretly top tier

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She is definitely a pet character, they could have use any other character, for this, but it has to be her, she will keep appearing no matter what.

I sure hope so shes a best.

She's a tan gal who's so sad and worried about being alone she completely breaks down. She's adorable, and would be even if she kept the makeup. She's meant to be loved.

Katai looks so happy

Is there anything about her name other than manba?

I just hope she isnt another stuck up bitch obsessed with Komi, see this page want her to join that group, Tadano, Katai, Najimi, no only kissing the ground that Komi walks on it.

>tan gal who's so sad and worried about being alone she completely breaks down

a really interesting spin to such archetype, after all, ganguros and gyarus tend to be the type of character that always have friends and spend most of their time with said friends, or bigger group of people.

Gotta commit to it bruh.
My grade 12 physic class knew I wasn't clowning around when the teacher had to wake me up after the bell rang, I had fallen asleep on one arm while the other was resting on top of propped open textbook in front of me.

God damn I love this series

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well, I was famous in the class for always being sleepy, I usually manage take naps withing classes, and I usually was in somekind of resting position, even when talking with others and during breaks, so maybe I didnt have it that bad, but who knows, I cant read minds.

I refuse to believe someone actually think this, so I will assume you are trolling.

>yfw manbagi comes back the next day with old hair and makeup again

Come on aside from the kidnapping shes adorable.

new best girl. (komi doesn't count since she's a rapist)
but were you ever told to stand in the back of the classroom due to sleeping but still ended up falling asleep while standing?

The next chapter in which she'll have a prominent role she will have ganguro makeup.
Mark my words

>yfw the artist is too lazy to draw all of those details all the time so he made her simple.

well i guess im swapping waifus

Manbagi is reading what's on the page

Yeah, but where's Knight-chan?

See what happens when you stop wearing gaudy make-up? Now to fix how much of her face is composed of eyes.

this isn't just healing
this is overhealing
what the FUCK

Nigga, that's Komi speaking

NEVER, shes too good for us.

no it isnt

nah, I manage to get away with some of my sleep antics because I got good grades and didnt cause much trouble because, well I was trying to sleep and relax most of the time

>interesting design and quirk
>Can put Yamai on her place
>will never be relevant aside from her introductory chapter, if ever comes


Will she do something like this soon?

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>Negativity is limitless
This hits home.

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oh i just realized she was wearing contacts.

Actually, Yamai is having lunch with new friends this chapter. You think her old ones are in Komi's class?

Fucking hell, Cleyton when?

Since the care that this shit has with background characters, and so far the only returning ones are Katai, Najimi, narcissist and narrator-kun, I dont think there is anyone more on the class, probably on other classes.

Using an existing character contrasts a bunch of faceless girls. They made a point with Yamai being in another class and we know that she's a popular stereotypical JK in the first place outside of Komi, so picking her just made sense.

but there is Onemine, Najimi because Najimi, the country girl trying to get into the city vibes by befriend some gals, but nope, it has to be Yamai.

Those gentle, S-shaped eyelids. Where have I seen them before?

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Fuck off Yamai

this chapter is too real
except in the end of this chapter someone helps her out and it's cool, when I was in that position and I asked for help I got shitted on and I think it's probably why I have trust issues