ITT: studios past their prime/on borrowed time

ITT: studios past their prime/on borrowed time

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user. Are you forgetting something? Trigger will be fine.

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>literally living off the legacy of Evangelion

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Only after the last Eva film comes out will this be true.

Rebuild literally prints movie though and khara assists with a lot of outside anime. They're fine.

When was the last time they made something themselves?


>SHAFT (sucks because I still like them for their old work)

Also, ones I feel may have room to ascend rank
>Silver Link
>PA Works

Studios that probably will just go sideways aka not be much better or worse than current
>JC Staff
>Production IG

Samefagging to correct Madhouse to possibly ascending now, because Sora Yori.

The Dragon Dentist and Evangelion 3.0

3gatsu is one of the best shaft works they still have a spark in them.

God it better not be a fucking disappointment.

>Siver Link
Get the fuck outta here you contrarian piece of shit.

you're acting like Sup Forums actually knows this and isn't full of mouthbreathers mad that Madoka never got a S2.

Will TNK be okay without High School DxD?


They were great and all but I still think they peaked rather early on with Wings of Honneamise

Studio DEEN

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>Anime based on toku
Rather just watch a real ultraman show instead of Tsuburaya's evolutionary dead end.


>Anime based on toku
works fine for garo, most of the time