Goblin Slayer

>uses her newest Miracle (Purification) to turn the blood of a Goblin into water
>Earth Mother doesn't approve
She's getting there guys.

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While it's still in the goblin?


The last drama cds make me worried about her mental state: when GS made elf use a fire ring that basically produced a mini nuke she said it was okas long she could barrier them and in other she designed a GS like plan to kill a suoer.smile and her charisma made elf do all the work.

During this scene (pic related) she used her miracle Purification to turn the blood of a Goblin Shaman (who was commanding all the Goblins in the pic - and who may have been the one responsible for kidnapping SM years ago) into water.

Earth Mother requested her never to use that miracle that way again.

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Fuck you, earth mother, you would have prefer them to die?

Wait, that was her own idea?

Why is her outfit sexier....and if earth mother doesn't want purify to turn blood to water which makes no sense then she shouldn't have made the spell work that way.

Well, miracles are supposed t be used to protect, and she used it rather brutally.

From what I've read, yes.
Not surprising if you've listened to the Drama CDs, as pointed out.

Just read this entire manga in the past couple hours

Fucking dope concept and very funny at times

Do you know the context of her scared as fuck pic followed by tgat happy as fuck pic?

I may be completely off, but the image with her crying might be when Earth Mother admonished her for using Purification that way, and the picture with her being happy might be when she tried making a prayer for the couple (Elf's sister and her husband) and Mother Earth answered her prayer (Priestess thought Earth Mother was still angry at her).

Lame, i hate how she is still devoted to that bitch. I guess GS really needs to die for her to change...

>Lame, i hate how she is still devoted to that bitch.
To be fair, Earth Mother is a Goddess of Light. So, it's understandable she wouldn't want to see the miracles she bestows - which exist for the purpose of healing - used in such brutal ways.
Not to mention that, right after admonishing Priestess, she did answer her prayers when Priestess tried using the Tunnel miracle (to take everyone in their PT to safety).

Even characters from the Dark Side have standards. Think of the Dark Elf in volume 3 who found himself repulsed by GS tactics, thinking that that type of behaviour was unbecoming for an adventurer.

That is genius. Suck a dick earth mother.

Fuck morals and ethics, all what matters is that the enemy is DEAD.

She is growing.

Dark god ask her to join when?.

That's really smart, i usually use Purify Drink to turn contaminated water and urine into drinking water, never thought about using it to enemy before. I can see how it'll be banned in table immediately though, that's another game breaking spell and Cleric already riddled with it.
And if she learn Ceremony too, she can use the famous marriage abuse. Her Deity and DM will be very pissed.

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>she can use the famous marriage abuse
Is that like domestic violence or something?

Gobbo Genocider must be proud of her mental development.

>doesn't allow herself to be raped
Clearly, she's begging for disapproval.

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More like confused, priestess makes him feel stuff he doesn't understand (because his hatred and madness made his body skip mental puberty)

wait where are the rest of descriptions for the 7th volume, or of the Gaiden light novel that came?

>Charm Goblin.
>"Marry" Goblin, designate him as the husband, designate other (it can more than one and gender don't matter) as wife.
>Get free +2 AC.
>Kill Goblin, become widow, lug his corpse around.
And hilarious scene when GS say "I married to Goblins before, but i'm a widow now".

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they need to give a reason for why she can't just instantly kill every goblin boss they come across in the future

>Dark god
>God of the gobs
Yeah, joining him would be something she would do.

Oh yeah, it seems Goblin Slayer is now Gold Ranked.

What? But that would make him the bitch of the crown and he would have to take non gob quests.

My bad, I was confusing things with the Year One LN. GS still is Silver Ranked.

That being said, one nice piece of info is that Priestess first miracle was performed on GS.

GS's paternal instincts drive him to teach priestess the ways of goblin genocide. No lust is involved.

You mean the pic with loli Priestess in year one LN? THE WHY THE FUCK SHE DOESN'T RECOGNIZE HIM?! The helmet is the fucking same.

What he has is siscon urges.

Haruhi didn't seem to recognise him either, during the brief time they met in volume 3, and according to the Year One LN, it would seem GS is the one who inspired her to become an Adventurer.

>loli Priestess in year one LN
Pic pls

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>implying any ancestor won't say yes

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>implying stupid dead fuckers are allowed any say,

Is Yen Press going to translate the Year One LN?

Does the year one LN ends with an ending connecting to the main story start or it still continues for more vol?

>Dark elves

>The ninjas of medieval fantasy world

>Bastards who use magical stealth, subterfuge and assasination to carry out evil deeds.

>They consider someone who does the same kind of tactics (except for magical stealth) in order to survive/eliminate a target in the most direct and efficient way possible a 'dishonorable' man.

What? do they want him to give them the credit for his ideas?

>implying their ghosts can't say

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And that dark elf gave the rhea traitor the poison knifes, so he complaining about GS' tatics is hypocritical bullshit.

>Earth Mother requested her never to use that miracle that way again.

I really hope she doesn't listen to the goddess, what volume does this happen again?

Who knows? But they've translated everything else.

It seems it ends with as if it'll keep going, since it ends with people at the Adventurers Guild wondering who GS is.

The Dark Elf just thought GS methods were lowly - as in a especially kind of evil.
So, considering what Priestess did in that one Drama CD and in volume 7, it's no wonder Earth Mother stepped in.

And risk a chance of not having her prayers granted again? They depend a lot on her protection magic.
The scene happened in the latest volume - i.e. volume 7.

>And risk a chance of not having her prayers granted again?

Fair enough, I hope this doesn't stop her from using other tactics that doesn't involve miracles, like learning a spell that can replicate that effect.

They likely find them amateurish.

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Is there any rape yet? The realismfags complaining about logic rape isn't the same as real rape.

I just realize this creates a perfect scenario to make Priestness go Doomguy + Kratos
>GS dies, Priestness realizes she could have save him if she had used her miracles in an original manner, but earth goddness blocked her
>she goes fucking insane and mad enough to cast magic without the help of the gods
>genocide the gobs, then go for the earth goddness
>kills her and also discover about "the world is literally a D&D's game"
>goes even more mad and hunts down the other gods

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Speaking of Doomguy, just look a Haruhi in this pic.

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Game rule wise, Cleric can switch Deity just fine and still retain her power. Only her elemental damage, aura and alignment is changed. Honestly, she should switch to true neutral and start pray to Io, the "encompass all" part of her prayer is the basic of Io religion.
It's Paladins that lose some of their power when breaking their oath or switch to Oath Breaker.

I already know, i even made a comparation pic posted in a previous thread, but is on a different comp.

This one?

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yeah, thanks user.

If she gathered enough of that purified blood and got a gate scroll, she could kill goblins with the blood of other goblins.

We don't know if that would work in this world, though.

Now, you're going places, user.

Purify Drink wouldn't work that way anyways, and the GM could easily argue that it's not a drink, that it's already something pure, that you can't target it inside a living thing, that the Magic resistance required to negate the effect is negligible, etc...

These solo volumes are good and all but the end goal has to be established soon, e.g. gs finds a huge gob nest numbering in the tens of thousands and deducts that it's just a portion of an fuck huge one numbering millions.
It's literally dnd 5e so it should.

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>Priestess first miracle was performed on GS.
In heal slut term, that is equal to first sex.

now not way CG can win, fate, which not even the gods know, has connected them.

the hooded girl is fucking cute, holy shit! she looks like ran from touhou.

You are a creative PC user
Pic related.

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That's the problem, her spell is more powerful/customizable and she got no roll/DM interfere ability like GS. When Truth's dungeon is cleared before it finished, Illusion say it because "he and she is there" and i don't think that "she" refer to Elf.
Her Holy Light for example, it's non damaging Sun Burst+Light rolled into one and the opponents didn't even manage to roll saving throw, they fail automatically.
The only thing that hinder her is goblins give pathetic exp. so Haruhi that fight high level creature progress much faster than her.

her holy light is not damaging? didn't vaporize gobs?

I'm curious how downright bloodthirsty or mentally warped your character/DM has to be such that "Purify Food and Drink" becomes "Blood inside body becomes drinking water". I mean, do they really see blood as something to be purified & drunk? Goblin blood especially?

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are there any translations of the drama CDs?

Are they still fighting goblins?

yes, is the whole point of the manga.

Rape when?

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link to new volume?

why they shouldn't?

Did someone say, GOBLINS?!

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So she turn a goblin's blood into water.
Jesus, that's brutal. I agree with the Earth Mother

They could be raping them.

GS is still too insane to see the big picture.

Just had a dream about rape.
A girl name Amy, she was in some kind of law enforcement or I think she was but the uniform is greenish blue. She and her 2 friends was investigating an abandon house and group of hooligans attack her.
Maybe I should stop watching rape fantasy porn for a time.

Probably shouldn't be allowed. Magic is not necessarily the same as chemistry.

Chemically, blood is water+impurities, but blood and water could be said have entirely different magical properties. Easy-peasy,

>s finds a huge gob nest numbering in the tens of thousands and deducts that it's just a portion of an fuck huge one numbering millions.
wasn't the whole reason GS destroyed the mirror portal because it connects to place filled with armies of well-armed goblins?

If someone wanted to stretch hard enough, water is two hydrogens & an oxygen. Cast some "Purify air" spell on anything with water & they poof into air.

Man, the uncle was entirely right when he said "He's no longer sane". Goblin Slayer may be fun to watch but the dedication he has to genocide is somewhat offputting.

He doesn't know where it connects, he just wanted to block their entry and make their item useless.

it was used to surprise/blind gobs and to conceal a tripwire though.

>not abandoning your humanity to completely destroy an entire race of raping, murdering little green shits
>not getting sexual pleasure from seeing the normally giddy little rapists realize fucking doomguy has come to end their entire goddamn race
there is nothing offputting about being a hero of justice, user

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I imagine the conversation at table go like this
>You can't purify something inside the body.
>Point at the spell description that say it's 5 feet radius, not 5 feet radius that you can see.
>You can't purify blood because it's not a drink.
>Hand over some science paper that say blood is a suitable emergency drink substitute.
>If it's already drinkable, then it didn't get purif-
>Slam the table with 500 pages of reference that say drinking blood for a long time is hazardous.
>Y-your deity won't like it.
>I'll say sorry later.

He's still a child, eventually cow girl's hormones will break through and he will rape her.

>People think a large part of the storyline is going to be everyone rehabilitating goblin slayer
>It turns out that the story is Goblin Slayer dragging everyone into his living hell and turning them all into jaded sociopaths

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So I read the first couple of chapters. Does this shit keep start the "nobody is safe" thing with likeable characters meeting horrible deaths, or does it just keep tossing new side characters in the grinder before you get attached? It looks cool but I'm not fond of "everyone dies" because it just makes me apathetic and lose interest (or become massively disappointed).

That's exactly why it's so great.

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Goblin batman needs a butler

>that giant hand in the background

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I'm not that knowledgeable in medical field, but i think turning all blood into water is like pulling a plug, drop dead instantly. More merciful than being blinded then slowly flailed to death.

Blood carries oxygen and other shit around, so I think it would be more agonizing, then passing out over the course of a few seconds while your body lacks basically everything that makes it tick

Truly the best fantasy protagonist that we need.


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I'm more than okay with this

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The BEST possible outcome.

"Yes" what? Former, latter, both?

My mind keeps drifting away to triptank and Jesus turning an apostle body fluids into wine by mistake.

Wasn't there a touch spell in D&D that essentially summoned water to the lungs and was an instant kill or lost of massive loss of HP or was that just a NWN thing?

Do I fucking stutter?

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I think I'm gonna stick to Dungeon Meshi for my fantasy fix then, thanks.