Dragon Ball Super

Where were you when Shintani saved Super?

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>based Toyo getting rid of jobber shitters instantly

Truly /ourguy/.

In the hospital.

Reminder that Gohanfags were utterly butt-devastated by

So he's basically fucked this weekend right?

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He's getting triple penetrated so yeah.

Pretty much. He's going to be the new piccolo when DBS comes back. Screencap this.

Good riddance then.

Yamamuro ruined dragon ball for 5 years


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I really hope not.

A cute.

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will db return as a series after the movie? Please
(you) me

The Cutest

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They fucked DB up huge with Super and any new series will have those shitter saiyajins from universe 6.


wow that sure sounds like concrete reasoning why there wouldn't be a tv series. thank you based retard

Here is your waifu, bro

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You know what to do

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#CuteGang is go!

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Keru is cute.CUTE!

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Truly a Brazilian queen


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how the FUCK is the series going to lead into goku fighting yamoshi

That's not yamoshi that's a new saiyan

Look at this thread you faggot.
Look at the constant SAIYAJINS AM GREET bullshit posted everywhere but the top saiyajins in the U7 (Gohan, Vegetta, the kids, even Tarble) are no where to be found.
Remember that motherfucking downright EMBARASSING fucking ego stroke fucktardation speech vegeta arrrogantly shat out a few eps ago? Where he fagged on about DA SAIYAJINS AM GREET while showing those wastes of ink beside goku vegetta etc etc?

You goddamned well know what those stupid fucking idiots are fucking planning.
And if you don't see it you're fucking dumber then they are.

I'd rather DB die and a handful of decent DB artists get together to create a semi legal continuation of DB then watch them rape DBs corpse.

Something to do with these monkeys

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giv snu snu saiyan gf

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U6 is cute.

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So what happened to the statement of Goku getting a rematch with an old rival? was that fake or what


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Cute AND Stronk, user!

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gf found

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This, I want to tickle ss kale.

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OK lets get this started
>less than a minute left in the ToP
>jiren lunges at freeza and 17 seperating them
>something something, he must be worn down from goku's attack
>jiren gets pissed, then calm after a quick analysis of the situation
>his most minimum amount of power is still too much to beat
>17 and freeza get knocked far back from his energy wall, 17 goes down
>freeza rebounds and goes for a desperation attack, instantly btfo
>jiren being a cocky fagget starts giving freeza a speech while freeza is on hands and knees panting
>....ohohoho, jiren-san, youre quite easy to fool arent you
>goku comes flying in for a "sneak attack"
>somebody from uni11 comments on jirem never having his guard down that wont work
>jiren instantly goes for a counter and connects
>goku grabs hold and IT straight out of bounds eliminating them both
>headcannon inserted here
>grande padre thinks the wish is stupid, zeno is bored again now that the ToP is over

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Giv smol lime monkey

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Yes stupid.
It's to hype up the movie.

They stopped it from being about an ancient saiyajin kicking ass or whatever and made into another goku centric and now SAIYAJIN centric disaster.
And with the way they've been handling not just goku but the writing and animation, I am not fucking enthused about it.

I'm really not.
I'm just waiting for this to be a fucking disaster.

swol lime monkey > smol lime monkey imo
but both are welcome in the #cutegang!

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Is jp worth getting?

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>all these fugly trannies
Just dropping by for the eternal reminder that GODhan was completely vindicated on calling Buu a retard way back then.
>champa arc happens
>buu falls asleep during test and gets cucked out of the tournament
GOAThan ALWAYS wins out in the end.

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If you don't mind about language and you don't have an account yet, sure.
I'm sticking to global since I don't speak sushi.

If Goku beats Yamoshi in the movie, I'm done

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Not now unless you really like the U6 saiyans
Reroll for jiren and make decent team with f2p cutegang


I might get it then.

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Goku will win, he deserves it.

That's Broly

Although with Global you have the advantage of knowing what will be coming up, and you can choose what to save for.


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>playing gacha games

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So both?

Broly doesn't have a dark skin unless he's retconned

I have Keru rainbowed on Global, so I'm staying there.
The Dokkan awakenings will come soon, right now is when the hype is.

>jobber who only has 2 solo wins; a fat teddy bear and an old man
not even worth a (you), chodeforce user

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I have yet to pay a single cent and I have a pretty good team.

It's up to you.
Japan gets stuff earlier, but you won't know what to save for.

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DBS Goku is practically a criminal now. The divine justice system is just trash because it's run by a literal child who can't see what's wrong with Goku.

After putting EVERY universe in danger, Goku is now going to break the laws regarding time. The present already gave Goku all the challenges it had to offer the loon. So now Goku will get inspired by Future Trunks and either go back in time to find Yamoshi or bring Yamoshi to the present.

Or make some bullshit wish to revive Yamoshi.

>long anticipated enemy
>green aura
Seems Broly enough to me.

>tfw only pulled kefla and caulifla dupes along with broly but no kale
It's not fair.

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>Vegeta has better stats than UI Goku
The state of Gocuck

Everyone's crying over the humans and I'm just missing this

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At least you can have the f2p one. She's really good support

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>tranny poster
Yeah, guess what: Godhan not only eliminated the most u6 fighters in three while taking part of the finishing blow, he also eliminated more fighters than than kekle and keklifla put together. He also outdid them both in the solo ring outs department too, by the way.

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She'll be featured on the MUI Goku/Jiren banner, there'll be another chance.
She's phenomenal, though. Crits for a million on just double Caulifla, so she should be able to crit for over 4 million on double Jiren with her dokkan

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The stats are not tied to canon power level, their skills matter too.
Vegeta for example, hits hard, but if you upgrade Goku, he automatically gets a 100% attack boost.
And if you lose half your health, he'll go completed Ultra Instinct, which makes him hit 70% harder on top of the 100% boost, and will also dodge pretty much any attack, plus enemies won't be able to block his attacks.

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Just read the latest chapter and damn I love Frieza now. This is why furries are a mistake.

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What anime?

> he also eliminated more fighters than than kekle and keklifla put together.
reminder 9 is not greater than 5+4

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When's that banner coming out?

Stats don't mean shit.
The latest Super Saiyan Vegito card is the hardest hitting unit right now.

Gohanfags are spics and manchildren and should all be killed

Hit and Piccolo teaming up in order to come up with ways to stop Gotenks and Kefla from being annoying brats when?

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Really? I thought it was ssb?

I think this might be a guy who can surpass Broly in terms of coolness for brolyfags. From what we've seen of his design he looks like he has the whole berserker savage thing going on. We'll see how it plays out.
I'm assuming that this was just some sort of placeholder.

I wonder who's behind this post.

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What about pan and cabba?

>two solo wins
>one a teddy bear, that he punches instead of throwing
>other an old man, who only loses due to his age catching up to him
>rest of jobhans "victories" come from teammates doing vast majority of work, both against Aniraza and Dyspo, which was a tie more than anything

Compared to:

Kale 2 solo, Caulifla 1, teaming up for another 3
Jobhan loses this one, no matter how you cut it

Cabba can do his "special training" with vegeta.

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Spics like Gohan
Blacks like Vegeta
Japs like Goku
Whites like Broly
All races like Trunks

Is this accurate?

>44 results

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Pan solos

Just came out on jp, don't know for global.
Though, if Bandai's track record says anything, probably within the next couple of weeks, to ride the hype

Cabba and Pan can just be sidelined for the rest of eternity like they are used to.

White boi here, can confirm we like broly.

Dear diary,
It's 2018,
Dragon Ball super got a movie.
It's yet another broly.
Still no Hermano.
Will keep you updated.

>Blacks like Vegeta

I like Vegeta and I'm white. I also hate Trunks
I do like Broly


>Cucked out of Blanco
>Baited by Toei
>Thoroughly BTFO by far better protagonists
>Too scared to talk shit about anyone but U6fags
>Tried to latch on to fucking CABBA only to back up when called out on being ship-jumping bitches

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Yamoshi will be brought back by the Super Dragonball wish and lead straight into the movie.

I want Vados-kun to look at me the way Gohan looks at Trunks

Talking about global. Also assume he's not including LRs.

Whatever happened to Goten and Trunks by the way?

>movie trailer
Looks like it's attempting to be something closer to Miyazaki than Dragon Ball, and coming up short.
Throw in the weird art style/direction and this is something you'd see in the early 90s.

>Jobgetafags, Baldhanfags, and u6 shitters all BTFO

The 17/Freezer alliance did it bros.

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