Who is the thirstiest girl in anime?

Who is the thirstiest girl in anime?

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>when you're the only good character in your show
>when your crush is an absolute piece of shit

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I want to pump Usami full of semen.

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Is it true what they say about girls who wear bunny hairpins?


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>only good character in your show

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I hate westerners in anime.


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>westerner is a midget
What did they mean by this?

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No contest.

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Did they fuck yet?

I dunno, her mother was even thirstier on her behalf.

She wants those grandkids

Smol is cute

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Anyone else feel bad for this poor kid? He doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell.

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Survival of the fitness.

TFW she will never root for you

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Why does she try so hard to be cute? Everyone knows a short haired girl can't be beautiful.

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I want to sate Usami's thirst.

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maybe if she quit leaking juice she wouldn't be so thirsty

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She's a slut

That whore from Slow Start.

Club Pres is the best character, actually.

She's Irish so she's shorter than Japs
t. Irish genetics

Usami is just a poor man's Chiyo

Yeah, this probably the most thirstiest anime girl outside of a doujinishi.

And then she died

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>ohohoho, don't mind me, just pretend I'm not here, listening to you two flirting


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>literal who 3dpd

Who's that cute lesbian?

go back to r/anime

Stop trying so hard to fit in.

what does that mean?


Officially, I have to say it is Anna. She's by far the most horny, in heat character I've ever seen in anime OR hentai. The fact that she never gets it makes her super duper horny.

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It's a slang term for girls who want to imbibe semen, basically.

Chiyo a cute


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Is it still thirst if you only want a single flavor of juice box?

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God Tier waifu!

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Thats a big bush

parallel paradise, if we include borderline h manga then these chicks give anna a run for her money

I miss him

Kyoani please come back and make S2

The ladys in this anime are the embodiment of THIRST.

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He's a big guy


Explain further

Don't talk shit about my boy

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Are you Uchimaki?

Agree. Too bad her character got wasted in one of the worst animes / VNs story i ever seen


You mean light novel.

Esdeath or Inaba Ui (killing bites bunny)

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10/10 character despite the shitty harstyle.

Atra Mixta of course

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Came here to post this

Four ewe

How does it feel when the girls aren't even the cutest characters in the show

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raildex kuroko

>The fact that she never gets it makes her super duper horny
What does that make us then?

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Yeah, im dumb. It was a LN

Damn I want to fuck this boy

still best girl though

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>$18 Million Fine
Was it worth it?

Anons posting in a Cambodian fishbcooking newsletter


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But she actually got the d though.
These other ones never got anything.

She's too sexual.

I want a Anna gf.

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Parallel paradise no contest.

Get in line.

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I love pantyhose

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They didn't get past passionate making out, however they will definitely fuck soon

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that pillow probably smells like week old unwashed panties

who is this faggot?

>that blatant boob proppage

Is that supposed to be an actual problem?

Only scholars would notice it.

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this show was too fucking good. fanservice aside 9/10 easily

Being a virgin anime faggot has turned me into the biggest horndog. I masturbate every day but my sex drive is still through the roof. It's a curse, to constantly crave something I probably will never get.

i can only get so erect

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>you will never have a cute loli use you as a body pillow
why live

cant blame him

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