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>Joshi Lac thread

/h/ is that wa...

>it's about best girl


Best chapter


I miss her long hair

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Best girl, easy.

Also, does anyone know why the first series was deleted from Sad Panda? Fakku doesn't have it so I assume the author/publisher filed a DMCA complaint or something. I don't think the entire tank with bonus chapters was translated

Second best

I prefer lactating inverted nipple pregnancy fetish old lady

which group translated that chapter?

>Wait, that's everyone except Shiori.

I like how in the first series implies if not outright shows the girls making regular use of the coach but in the second one he's way more paranoid about keeping his job and only seems to do it in special circumstances

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>its taken this long to translate that chapter
Another one has come out already too

Time to get a seizure again.

I guess this is some hentai stuff I should know?


Yeah, we've still got another Joshi Lac with a gyaru threesome and the sequel to the father-daughter manga.

DISTANCE is so based. God tier H-artist, up there with Okina

>akagi chapter

ask on the /h/ sadpanda general

one of the devs browses it and usually knows all that shit

Which chapter is this? Last one i remember ended with some lesbian trying to protect the purity of her crush (some glasses girl), then she saw MC fucking a maid and the lesbian thought the glasses girl would break into crying... only for her to enter the room of the MC.

That was Ch. 4. You've missed 4.5 (Former captain) 5 (glasses girl you mentioned) and 6 (OP, best girl), which are all translated. Ch. 7 just came out in ExE, features gyaru girl and her fellow gyaru (mostly the second one)

Well, where i can find those chaoters? They aren't in nhentai or sadpanda.

I got tricked

they were just uploaded on sad panda

>TWO new chapters of Distance deliciousness after I checked for more only last night
Oh god. There's not enough time left in the day.

I'm liking ch. 5, unironically

Why is she "best girl"?

How do you think Shiori's going to fall on that cock?

>Lacrosse Harem series
>Didn't get a harem ending
What the hell Japan.

Ah, but it's not over yet

What? user, is not over.

And even before that, the supplemental chapters to the original run she seemed harem ending-y, they just drifted apart after the older girls graduated. And not even that far, considering he's gotten back with all of them again by this point in 2 years later

Only about two of them had any real romantic interest in him, and the team captain is the only one still pursuing him. I think the real question is how she didn't win offscreen with dedication like this.

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Tan lax is best lax

I guess it all stopped when the original coach came back.

Whoa baby I liked 7 better.

Gyarus are best new girls. But Akagi still a best. Dose abs, man. WEW.

I appreciate an artist who can do a good kiss, and Distance usually delivers

best body, best tsundere

I'm fucked with the "2 years later" chapters, didn't learn it had a sequel till very late and the order is all fucked up

Chapter 7 is the lesbian girl getting fucked, she dresses up and we find out she was the gyaru friend

they're pretty good

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How, theyre all numbered

I demand a rematch with the megane dominatrix

I'm pretty sure it's just the gyaru friend, the lesbian is working a booth

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We literally see her getting all gyarud up in the previous pages user

Sorry my bad, went for a 2nd look and saw my mistake
Youre right
Wonder when the lesbian gonna get the sensei dick

I think I prefer her without the makeup, honestly

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Is that a retcon? In chapter 3 we see the gyaru friend and the lesbian running with the team. They are different people there.

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Oh nevermind you caught the mistake here

She got fucked last chapter
btw she's Aya's sister

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I know, i meant sensei actually fucking her

oh my

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And her chapter turned out to be pretty disappointing.

She's not, team captain is best. Watching her lose to the D was the most satisfying though.

I wish Distance did not abandon the prototype of his lacrosse girls series featuring a male landlord taking over a female dorm and the first woman he fucks is his cousin, then a virgin office lady cake next, etc. The male and girls in his landlord series that got on pernament hiatus are pretty much prototype character designs for his lacrosse characters. It makes me wonder why distance left the work unfinished.

I remember that one, it was pretty nice.

Cake Aya is so good

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A married woman can't be a cake. It's like all those "NEET" students.

First time Distance fan. Here are the links for the entire story so far:

A question as a late Distance fan: what's the chronological order given the After School side stories and that extra eighth chapter of the original series?

>not linking ex

We're an inclusive fanbase. Some people can't get through the sad panda so linking the normal site is much better.

Those people have no place there.

>want to like DISTANCE
>remember that he used to be obsessed with cheesy smelling vaginas
>Can't fap to yeast infections

feels, batman.

why now?

>pepperoni nipples
Yeah no thank you

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Most likely due to Wani shit. How did you miss that entire shitstorm that turned Fakku into the ultra jews they are today?

this is a good series. conflicted about season 2 girls. wish he would do more with them but the .5 chapters help.

worst girl is dom girl.

great series the girls really are great designs.

probably his best work and suprised he did the other series continuation too.

>continued the farther daughter one/ offscreen the mom milf.

shame SHAME

Talking about that story, wasn't Miyuki already pregnant during last chapter, lactating and all?
Why she was impregnated now when there are no signs this is her second pregnancy as there is no baby in sight during the chapter?
Also, somehow I believe her mother is the gearing milf that coached the girls before the MC arrived and got pregnant by him.

dunno but distance is really knocking it out of the park with these 2 series.

that would be a funny tie in.

>hey im cheating on you
>im nakadashing our daughter.
most likely a coincidence in character archtypes

It's a reboot I think.
Reminder that Miyuki mom was supposed to have small breasts.


holy shit maybe they included the mom so they can have more hijnks with more distance girls.

the formula is perfect.

that cheeky smile

which chapter are you referring to?
in ch 0 she's breastfeeding her kid who is almost a year old

think user is saying the old coach from lacrosse is the mom in an au in the father daughter one.

Father/daughter incest is fucking gross

I think the girl on the cover of Triple H also looks like Aya

sameface same archtype thing probably.

shes a big girl

shame she cut her beautiful wild hair.