Boku no Hero Academia

Say it all with me. Monoma is the traitor.

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That’s a funny way to spell Aoyama

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Say it all with me. You're my sunshine.

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Momo is the traitor

Is Monoma going to sabotage 1Bs play ?

Nothings gonna happen right now because Hori forgot this was a battle shounen.

Not true that's too interesting for her. Momo only exists to be Todoroki's onahole.


It’s probably the invisible girl desu.
She seems like the type of slut to betray her friends for some good dick.
Hell, I’d mind break the bitch myself if I were to go into that world.

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ive returned
This sun will never burn out

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What the hell are you looking at wimp

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Which do you think will get the biggest reaction from anime-onlys, Baku vs Deku or All Might vs AfO?

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>Thank you for your concern Deku-kun but I can do this, for us. I'll make sure to milk every last drop sperm out of Bakugo and into my womb so we can raise a genetically superior child together Deku-kun!

I have memorized majority of the posts at this point.

Some shipping moment > AM vs AFO > Baku vs Deku

Especially since the anime power levels are super exaggerated compared to manga canon, AM vs AFO will be positively ridiculous.

Friendly reminder that Jirou__ will win the Dekubowl.

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Is La brava a child?
Is Gentle a pedophile?

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a man in love with a pony can't be the traitor

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>NTRs are here

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And you've returned with sweet dubs as well. Nice.

I don't think it'll be an endgame ship but I want to see the huge tidal wave of cute fan content pairing Deku+Mei after anime reaches the next Mei scene. That's what I'm waiting for.

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ochako looks like someone told kachan he can do better than her

He was a good friend.

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Excellent. Exams next thursday

>Ochako gets cucked while cucking someone

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It would unironically be the best outcome

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Can't wait for more Mirio suffering!

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When will shit ever happen in this manga? I swear you'd think mha was high school musical at this point.

>Deku known as a hero who likes a villain
[midget][rape][hero on villain][size difference][stomach bulge]

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this is the only sol arc we ever had in this manga and deku is about to fight gentle and la brapa stop whining

Who the fuck cares about those Nickelodeon rejects?

*blocks your path*

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More like

i do since they are not the same edge villains like the VA


Post your cutest Dekus.

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Everyday until canon.

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Kendou is the traitor.

>Local hero in training, rated the #1 most-liked-hero-by-villains following a series of incidents and acknowledgment by Hero Killer Stain...

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Reminder Eri is a main character now.

How dare you post those kinds of horrible pics without me.

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No post cute Bakugo and Bakuships

How many more years will it take for a traitor reveal?

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Reminder that the SoL arc is only 2 chapters shy from being 10 chapters (1 tank)

the cucks who hate Mirio weren't counting on the cute loli

Kill me now

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3 more. It'll be revealed that Hori forgot about the traitor plotline.

I doubt Hori forgot. So many people have been discussing who the traitor might be he must be aware of that.

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My dude

I had actually hoped that the traitor's identity would be revealed before the anime reaches the part where it is revealed there is a traitor in the first place so we could spoil it for anime onlys.

They're totally made for each other! Toga can even help them kiss!
Why did a drawfag draw this, I want to know

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he saved his wife.

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Do the nips discuss it this much too or is it just western autism only?

Because he could.

it's a meme

If only Gurofag could return...

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This is Gigantomachia all over again, user.

Why is Deku suffering the cutest?

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Diakko is more cute

I legit forgot about that guy for a moment. Him showing up in the forest and Kurogiri getting captured seem so random.

Because when your boy gets hurt you get to hold him afterwards.

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That’s a good thing because I want to see a maximum comfy cover

I just wanted to find a match for my boy

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>10/10 design
>only existed to make Shiggy look cool
>will never appear again

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Because he was made for it. All Might too.

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He’s like the slowly appearing villain, he went all the way back to Stain’s arc after all

Theres a toga himiko thread in anime/cute

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We couldn't have hoped for a better outcome.

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Reminder that Yakuza DIDNDU NUFFING WRONG.

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and her popularity is only going to increase next season,

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After reading the first chapter of that new kaiju jump series, I immediately thought of this pic.

I have a fetish for large eyes and La Brava makes me ROCK HARD!

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How does one make Todoroki go beserk?

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Shut up boss

Take away his Soba.

Im looking forward to it

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I want to fuck his sunshine

No soba.
Compliment Endeavor.

The only good Chisaki is a dead one.

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Make Endeavour fuck his crush.


Considering no pairings are canon this wouldnt affect him.

That looks like a quality Onahole to me.

>Deku get ready to fight a mob of villains
>"Oh hey man, guys look isnt that Deku, oh hey hes the one that actually likes villians even though hes a hero"
>"Oh man that is Deku, I heard on the news he had a part in the Yakuza take down. Those guys were a thorn in our side, for a hero youre alright kid!"

Make Dabi kill Endeavor

I'm not talking about anyone specific.

Tell him he looks like his dad

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fucking adorable

>specially since the anime power levels are super exaggerated compared to manga canon

Neither was I

Good riddance too.

Hurt Momo.