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Too many women

>every single MC is female

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First one has girls only cast
The cat eared girl has a male MC too it seems


This is an American website. Use American terminology.

Japan is geting Alternative first and Progressive second.

When for each? I never watched FLCL dubbed, so I'm waiting for the subs regardless of when.

Having the pillows soundtrack is already very nice.
Puts me in a good mood already.

>FLCL Progressive is the one with all females

what did they mean by this?

>Use American terminology.
Sí señor!

7th and 28th of september respectively so dub is gonna be released first

The main character is the girl with the cat ears.

It's a movie in Japan.


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In America on Toonami, the dub versions air this June and then September

In Japan, they are airing both in theater with one being 9/7/18 and the other 9/28/18

Wrong. Alternative is all-girls, Progressive has a mixed cast.

I have a really bad feeling that Haruko and the pillows will be the only reason to watch this show.

Also as usual, fpbp

The girls are the one with the NO channel.

I mean, ALTERNATIVE the one with the female cast look promising. I'm getting the original vibe of the original, Kana is probably a genderbent version of Naoto.

Now, PROGRESSIVE the one with female car ears look so schlocky and souless, why are they using Hidomi as promotional material when Kana exists? I may watch the fuck out of ALTERNATIVE.

Basically, ALTERNATIVE is the Diebuster and PROGRESSIVE is the Rebuild.


Dub version

Wait, theres 2 Flcl ?

Every show with only one gender main cast is shit by default and is made to pander tbqh

Because they have different directors. Alternative is by a mix of the people behind Punchline and FlipFlappers. It's more lighthearted in general. Progressive is by Production IG and the team behind PsychoPass. It's edgier.


FemMC with headphone might be a dyke lusting for Haruko. I have a bad feeling FemMC gonna be addicted to her.

Nah. FemMC with headphones is going to end up with the kid with glasses. The one who will lust after Karuko is the Alternative MC.

This honestly, the OST is gonna save it.

>Too many women
It's never enough, never enough.

I'd say it's worth watching for the OST if anything, hopefully the movie versions get released outside of Japan as well.

Do people have both mixed up? PROGRESSIVE looks more interesting than ALTERNATIVE, the former feels more like a sequel especially with Pillows doing the intro.

>FemMC with headphones is going to end up with the kid with glasses.

I have doubts, FemMC might lust for the boy but she'll lusts for Haruko. I smell an NTR brewing here.

Both have The Pillows doing the music.

>Kana is probably a genderbent version of Naoto.
Not in the slightest judging from the trailer, she's clearly the genki one.

I wonder if they'll answer why Haruko returned to Earth? or what happened to her Rickenbacker 4001 she left with Naota? And where did the human-type robot 'Canti' go?

Yuri one will sell. Hetero one will flop.

Remaster of some old cult anime? Why should I care?

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it's supposed to be like alternative rock and progressive rock

I like how all the atmosphere and personality of the original is absent, really liking that part.

It's a sequel, not a remaster.

>also releasing the dub earlier for the (progressive) western fans
(they) are at work

>Implying you're not gonna eat this up like you ate up the Eva Rebuilds, get of your high horse, fun things are fun, faggot.

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>Yuri one will sell.
Oh /u/

FLCL? More like CLCL

this trailer is so much better
hit all my nostalgia cords right

>movie versions
say what now

Well ok I guess. Sure. Because you said so.

You can't just recreate something like FLCL.
This is gonna fail and only Netflix tier anime fans will like it.
No way it's gonna live up to the uniqueness that was FLCL.

Diebuster 2.0

Because Diebuster had its own charm

Come on, we already have the perfect original one. I have an open mind that this will still be as fun and crazy as the first one but in its own way, I'm giving this one a chance at least.

FLCL:Alternative Cast-
Mayumi Shintani
Karen Miyama
Yuri Yoshida
Riho Iida
Mutsumi Tamura
Katsuyuki Konishi
Takuma Nagatsuka
Ryouta Suzuki
Miki Itou
Katsuji Mori
Kaya Matsutani
Yutaka Aoyama

FLCL:Progressive Cast-

Megumi Hayashibara
Miyuki Sawashiro
Inori Minase
Jun Fukuyama
Tomo Muranaka
Masatomo Nakazawa
Tomoyo Kurosawa
Kikuko Inoue
Koji Ohkura
Takayuki Sugou
Jin Urayama
Reiko Suzuki

Hey man you took you're time to reply which means you care someone, I for one am curious how bad they fuck this up.

There's going to be a huge dropoff in the ratings between episodes one and two.

How much of the original staff is involved? I'm guessing next to none from the look and feel.

Since this is a project started by Toonami, it'll air on TV for America, Japan is gonna get movie versions later in September.

That's why the PVs in the OP say gekijouban

It's mostly going to have lots of young animators and directors.

So prog implies lesbianism can happen? I always knew it

the dub isn't that bad tbqh

Did I hear Nonon in there?

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you're kidding me

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Tsurumaki is supervising which doesn't mean much really.

Nope, but it's not necessarily a bad thing since those youngsters are up-and-coming talent. They might bring something interesting to the table.

Going to treat both differently from the original. It may achieve what the original did but by the look of it they have their own charm.

>FLCL 2 and 3 will air dubbed on Adult Swim's Toonami and simulcasted with subs on Adult Swim's streaming platform, DeMarco said.

You mean you heard Haruko, she voices Nonon too.

Tsurumaki Kazuya Is managing, one of the main animators and Sadamoto Yoshiyuki made the character designs.

*It may NOT achieve

>Project started by Toonami
[hope slowly dissapearing]

>mfw this trailer causes me to pickup bad habits again

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How are you only finding out about this now? This is old news as fuck user.

so did the original

Yeah or fuck it up entirely.

My biggest fear is they'll try to just redo FLCL with a girl instead of doing something new. I'm willing to be wrong.

Best girl confirmed

PROGRESSIVE seems pretty boring.
main girl seems like she'll be mostly no fun allowed

i was avoiding it until now because i had a feeling this is the kind of shit id find

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Half expecting them to remake the ED with the vespa in the same places.

trailer looked awful.

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Maybe they'll use the car this time since it seems it's gonna be give the same focus the vespa had in the original.

For the original ED they used stop motion because the vespa was broken.

>Did I hear Nonon in there?
This is what Sup Forums has become.

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Both will be yuri

FemMC is gonna bust a nut for Haruko


I assume the pun user was making was kurikuri because japs call the clitoris kuri


>not done by trigger with gainax OAV budget
What's the point, it's just gonna look half assed

At last I truly see.

glasses guy is so obviously a love interest though.

>FLCL is getting TWO sequels
>I'm unironically hyped for both
What fucking world am I living in? Nobody told me it was okay to dream again.

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So fucking hyped.

You're going to come down and hit the concrete when this comes out, user mark my words

Don't do this to me. Let me think I'm flying, even if I've got to hit the ground someday.

take your misogyny back to Sup Forums

Who is the closest western band to The Pillows and why is it Tally Hall?

hope is the first step on the road to disappointment

just think of it as if the pillows were getting an animated music movie, that way you'll be happy if it turns out to be good


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I expect lesbians

Literally who?

Oasis is the better choice.

Possibly but he'll get cucked hard. When Haruko lezzes on the girl.


So since this is coming out dubbed first, does that mean we can't talk about it here until September?

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>FLCL is bad because it narrowly focuses on male sexuality which is a tired thing in fiction
>the new FLCL is more interesting for even daring to approach the underexplored realm of female sexuality.
Ah ANN staff, never change

>another anime ruined by liberal SJWs

huh i though Sup Forums said japan is safe?