Shameful Afaps

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Look at those lips.

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Lord save us

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Fapping to any drawn naked japanese girls is shameful

what the literal fuck?

hey faggot, you made that thread on /d/ about somatosensory homunculus? seems so freak

Look, I know that Asuka's never returning your feelings is upsetting and all, but this is going too far, Manjoume.

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I had my mouth full of saliva when i was scrolling through the catalog and when i saw this thread i spat all of it on my computer screen

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You have extended my life by 3 years from all this laughter.

At least fap to a hot card

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End yourself.
You are a man of culture.
Good choice.

Monsters are all incapable of consent, you jerk.

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I know it is shameful. You think I'm proud of my actions? My heart sinks at the climax and the guilt washes over me

Oh I do.
>tfw she never got any attention despite being an OG card

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i thought i was the only one

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>Fapping to THAT
What in blue fucking blazes is happening within your mind OP?

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every time I don't fap to my waifu

I still don't get how these guys relate to Kojima.

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I fucking hated these cards as a kid. Trashed them whenever I got some in packs.


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But I’m not ashamed of this


I regret nothing.

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You know that scream Yvonne did in Yvonne in the Yukon?

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Have some self respect, neither you or ojama yellow deserves that.

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Could be worse, like Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth or something

fapped to this

The fist part was shit though. The attic scene in the second episode was what made my dick diamonds.

>wall eyes
>forward head posture
>hair/helm barely hiding fivehead
>saggy tits accentuated by that weird shoulder armor

Truly the most shameful of faps. At least find something well-drawn.

You should masturbate to Brandish Maidens like everybody else does.

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> no Lala
Shameful indeed.


What the fuck, Manjoume, stop posting.

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Its shameful if youre a dude

I'm not judging, because people are weird and I certainly have my own peculiarities as well, but still, hove you not considered that something might be a little off with you? At least you acknowledge this being shameful.
This is some floor-tiles tier deviance.