Is the Dirty Pair worth watching?

Is the Dirty Pair worth watching?

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>is _____ worth watching

just watch it and judge for yourself

Watch the Project Eden OVA first (available on nyaa), then the TV series if you're still interested.

Project Eden, The Affair on Nolandia and Flight 005 Conspiracy are all excellent. The TV series and ova series are good too. The light novels are fun as well.


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Hell fucking yes. Its one of the pinnacle anime in terms of gorgeous 80s sci fi aesthetic.

It isnt a pure goofball action show either. There is something surprisingly profound in seeing the consumerist, hedonistic utopias of the DP universe being revealed for the fragile constructs they truly are via Kei and Yuris insane collateral damage antics.

Surprisingly relevant today.

To be fair, it's not the pair that has all that much destructive power. They're just pulling the trigger on whatever doomsday device of the week is.

Or in other words, take the pair and put them in a fantasy isekai or something, they're much less likely to cause the planet under them to explode.

If you like 80s action and floofyness, yes. The OVA series and the movies are really great, and you should also watch Crusher Joe and Cobra.

Dirty Pair in fantasy would be great, but that basically gets you Ruin Explorers, doesn't it?

Yeah its more how weak the meticulously arranged foundations of a hyper advanced interstellar society is.

Absolutely loved the art direction of Ruin Explorers. Even their annoying rival sorceress archetype was a qt.

Only in their universe.

Nah. All the sexy parts have been webm'd to death and it has nothing else of value.

>but that basically gets you Ruin Explorers, doesn't it?

Im not seeing the problem.

>Even their annoying rival sorceress archetype was a qt.

Rasha best girl. But man what I wouldn't give for more Ruin Explorers

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A lot of great manga and anime have been left behind. With all of those classic anime always getting reboots, I don't see why Dirty Pair or Crusher Joe can't. Dirty Pair already had that modern touchup in the 90s, and could have easily been made every decade since as sort of a benchmark for what each style and tone were like at the time.

I haven't seen the new Devilman, but we've had something D-man related like that every now and then.

Yeah wouldnt have minded seeing it get Slayers big.

I can totally imagine our own world becoming that vulnerable as more shit gets automated.

The other extreme is Blame or Shoujou Shuumatsu Ryouko

Because I don't want to see Kei and Yuri in a contemporary art style. Flash didn't go over all that well. Reboot culture should be shunned in anime like it is in the movie industry as the soulless cash grab that it is.

Communist retard

It doesn't have to get SUPER big but even if we just got one or two small OVA adventures about the gang getting into new adventures I would be really happy. It's only 4 episodes but in those 4 episodes they managed to get a lot of mileage out of the characters. It's my go to DnD anime. Nice and short. Not quite as irreverent as Slayers but not quite as serious as Lodoss/ Got that nice sweet spot.

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post webms/gifs from this series that are just as lewd