WEG i guess

WEG i guess

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LWA deserved better

The fanbase itself ruined it.


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School rumble was a fucking waste of plot

Nile river is created by the tears of Yakumofag.

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Shame the autistic janis won't let me make another one of those threads

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I didn't even know a staff member was posting in the threads until the last two episodes because I was avoiding them like the plague. Terrible, terrible fanbase.

If you think DBS & Fate threads are worst, think again. LWA threads are the worst of them all.

I'm still waiting for the new anime by user

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>What i got
>not fucking inception

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you've got to be an idiot or just trying to be one to think this wasn't edgy bullshit the moment the first episode aired

Are you talking about that everything from episode 6 onward being Takuni's dream?


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this but reversed

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The one time truck-kun didn't get his victim.

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What anime is that? pic is to low quality to read the title

>show made for American audience
>expects a japanese magical girl show
Are people retarded?


>Sup Forums Anime.
Remember neo yokio ? thats what happed with TV LWA.

Pic in case anyone's not up to date

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The legend of legendary Heroes.

Is this what Killing Bites is?

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DenYuuDen is better

posting a classic

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How much of a spineless weak-willed bitch do you have to be to actually be affected by "bad fanbases"? Not a day goes by on this shithole website without some whiny autist vomiting the same tired complaints like:
>the fanbase ruined it!
>it's a good show, but I hate the fanbase!
>you can't talk about it anymore because of the fanbase!

The amount of faggots braying about this shit VASTLY outnumber any "cancerous fans". Oh no, new people are going to start saying stupid and uniformed things on the Internet? Well what a fucking change from the daily grind here, right? Do any of these obnoxious fans affect your real life? Do they follow you and harass you personally? Of course not, you're just whimpering about icky icky bad people getting into your cool kids club, and don't fucking try to regurgitate your bullshit "points" about how that totally isn't true, and you have a totally legit reason for having the mental capacity of a fucking toddler.

Of course, nothing anyone will say to you faggots will ever make a difference, so post your fucking MS Paint comic about how girls ruined Magic the Gathering and go one with your sad fucking life.

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Good, they had a better and interesting development.

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2/10 copypasta, try again.

LWA isn't yuri or anything like American animation. Did you actually watch it?

You sound like you were really hurt by what he said

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Not even a bit. Im just giving him (You) as a thanks for bumping the thread.

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this is basically anime.

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look there's an anime thing in this so it counts.

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>implying ZotE is not anime as fuck
git gud.

Go back to Sup Forums

Not OP, but that show really attracts crossboarders & tumblrinas.
Also the show is shit, OVA & The 2013 manga was way better.

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go back to Sup Forums.

Was Parasyte a comedy monster of the week show?

Oh, God. I wish I could have seen your face.

>Any WEG that includes an anime of which you are reminded.

Are we doing this?

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What the fuck are you insinuating, faggot?

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Just kidding user

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Isn't this shit basically just Kengan Ashura

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You should add Sup Forums too there because it has a video game

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More like
>we're destroying Earth and aliens will annihilate us if we don't stop
Read the manga, it's better and keeps to the time period.