Post ugly women in anime

Post ugly women in anime.

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This is alot harder than it seems. The anime style is too nice.

That being said. 2000s character designs tend to be boring as fuck.

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For a pretty girl like Darkness? sure I'll post an uggo like pic related.

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We got the whole set!

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destroy this whole thread

She is the least ugly, only Wiz is a close second.


>Found the Aquafags

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not this

y'all've forgotten how to shitpost properly, this thread's an embarrassment.

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who is this?
some anime director?

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I think he created some mlp website

>Callin' Lalatina ugly
Are you fuckin' retarded Megumemetard?

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this is an english board user

calling dockness ugly is going too far op .. personally she's not my type but i am sure there are many who would find her rugged big boned large breasted frame and chiseled looks quite handsome

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God, those tits are fucking disgusting

Fucking cover yourself, whore.

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You're right
You're wrong

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yes this.

Chris Chan before getting fat and sex change surgery.

How can you honestly say a blonde haired busty onee-san who will literally do anything sexual you tell her to is unattractive? user I pronounce you faggot

Fucking delete this, fag

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darkness is canon beautiful tho

So is Aqua. Don't recall anything about Megumin though, they focused a lot on the fact she looked very young 12-ish in the novel description.

Literally who?

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Only correct answer


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White Fox fucked up Kurisu's cute design in the anime.

Shit taste right there.

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>tfw still 10x better than corny whore Aqua and le redditor goddess Megumin

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