Ranma is the cutest Takahashi girl, anyone who disagrees has to fight me

Ranma is the cutest Takahashi girl, anyone who disagrees has to fight me.

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Does this look like a guy to you?

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Yes. Have you not watched any anime at all?

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Yes, it's just I've stopped giving a shit.

I wonder how many guys became trans because of Ranma
I also wonder how many guys are now into trannies/trap because of Ranma

Ranma never got me into traps, but I do like genderbender stuff because of it.

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Hard to argue with that. Guys make the cutest girls.

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>This is a guy

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I want to fuck that guy

From what I remember Ranma can't stay in that girl form for very long and needs water to change, so by default Ranma is a guy

anta baka?

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Urusei Yatsura is just garbage that wears out its welcome way too early on and doesn't evolve

>doesn't evolve
I think that's a lot of Takahashi Rumiko's series' problem. Like if you don't enjoy the characters she presents, then you're really not going to enjoy the series. Gag mangas don't necessarily NEED to evolve characters, but if you don't care for the gimmicks, then you won't care for the series. I personally think Ryoga/Roronoa Zoro's gimmick of getting lost all the time is hilarious but if you don't like that, then that's pretty much it.

>this guy can get pregnant

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I don't know what I was doing saying Zoro is as one note as Ryoga. I mean he's not necessarily incredibly deep but I think he has a bit more going on than Ryoga. But I will say Rumiko's problem even extends to an action series like Inuyasha where nothing fucking changes forever.

>Start Inuyasha
>Oh shit fuck yes I want to change the world I'm so down for this adventure
>Cool first few episodes
>Ok maybe it's slow
>Fucking nothing happens but the same shit over and over again

>I made a shield
>Haha I broke it with my power up!
>I made another shield
Are you fucking with me?

>Gee I wonder if Inuyasha will be a dickhead this episode

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I agree, even her male form is cute.

Akane, Shampoo, Ukyo, Kasumi, Lum, Sakura, Ran, Shinobu, Other Sakura are all cuter.

> and doesn't evolve

Confirmed for not actually reading Urusei Yatsura.

It's Rumiko Takakashi's first professional work and evolves a TON over the course of its run as she experiments and figures out what works.

Episode gave me so many boners.

t. retard

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>I personally think Ryoga/Roronoa Zoro's gimmick of getting lost all the time is hilarious but if you don't like that, then that's pretty much it.

What? Ryoga has more going for him than just that one gimmick. His sense of direction is just one joke.

First off, he's probably the most nobly intended of the major male characters. He'll generally try and do the right thing, even if it's about things he doesn't like.

But, of course, these noble intentions are in conflict with Ryoga's more base desires. His crush on Akane, his anger at Ranma, his desire to win. So Ryoga will try and do the right thing but when the possibility for more base pleasures presents itself he'll regularly give in

As Ranma 1/2 goes on he "gives in" less and less and becomes a more noble, respectable person.

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ryoga is that you?

Ryoga has a girlfriend

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Ranma is the only true trap

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This is a better one.

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Ranma only loves one person and it isn't Ryoga.

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Ranma and Ryoga are super cute together, it's amazing.

Ryoga and Ranma are literally disgusted by the idea of being together, as Rumiko Takahashi showed in the hilarious Koi Rod arc.

You think that will stop anyone?

Soun is pretty handsome.

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Kyoko is cutest Takahashi girl.

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Is this show worth watching or are these threads your average nostalgia when you were 8-years old

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Akane is the cutest faggots.

Why couldn't Ramna be a girl with hot water?
If you want to keep Ranma a girl, she could never take a hot shower, so she'd stink.
While thats kinky and I bet she'd smell sexy, you'd reach a critical level at some point.
Imagine, nine months of no showers.


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Can someone explain again how Ranma can get pregnant and whether or not she would be able to keep the baby if she transformed back during her pregnancy?

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He should probably lose the porno stache though. He'd probably be a beautiful mother fucker.

It's spring of drowned, barren girl. It's about as good as any other answer you're going to get.

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>You will never get Girl Ranma pregnant and father powerful children with him
Why live?

Indeed ranma is the cutest, but Ukyo is the best.

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that would be Sango you pleb

I cannot disagree.
Ranma is my waifu.

I want to protect his laugh

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Read the manga.

I started the show for the first time earlier this month
Been unable to watch anything else, I love it

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>you will never fuck ranma while drunk
> she'll never kick your ass for it
> you'll never find find her crying cause she can't change back
> you'll never take responsibility and protect her as she goes through terms
> you will never find out your having triplets
> you will never watch your new wife embrace her feminity
> you will never see her ones athletic body thicken and become motherly
> you will never raise a family of little red headed monsters with your wife ranma

Her cuteness is proportionate to her hair.

>not posting an image of him looking in a mirror
You know it's true.

Hinako, pls. Look, some candy!

>not using warm soapy sponges in an icy tub
And that's why she's not the mother of your kids.

I'm torn between my love for both of them.

t. Kuno

So how does this work? Will your kids be extremely masculinized, like how the Musk people have animalistic traits? Or would it take several generations of inbreeding?

so is the curse incurable?

More like Miroku.
Last curse applied takes priority, but only for full immersions. First time exposure seems to require no more than a single drop(but more is required for drastic changes). Subsequent triggering appears to require at least 100ml or so(roughly the contents of a water pistol)

They'd all be the purest most concentrated form of men. And inbred after 1 generation

Doesn't he just need to get in the man spring to get cured. But somehow they never get around to it because, Rumiko Takahashi.

What would happen if the Kunos transformed into each other?

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Worst haircut, best singing voice.

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Why couldn't Takahashi make the female and the male one different characters holy shit.

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She also had the best dub voice.

That's correct as well, femranma is second at least.

Akane with long hair was the cutest Takahashi girl. Also the one that lived the shortest. RIP and thanks for turning her into a dyke.

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She could have been a good love interest. How did Takahashi managed to make every other girl better than her?

Self-insert and she wouldn't put up with Shampoo after what happened with Lum/Ataru/Shinobu.

I always wondered why ranma just didn't stay in girl form permanently, I used to wish that I had the same power but it was permanent as a kid.

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Ranma is not gay like a certain someone.

>she wouldn't put up with Shampoo after what happened with Lum/Ataru/Shinobu.

People keep saying this but this is blatantly not true if you actually read Urusei Yatsura.

Shinobu isn't a love interest. She's a character who's central joke early on is that she's an unreasonable harpy who gets mad at Ataru, her boyfriend, every chapter for bad reasons.

Ranma and Akane, by contrast, have the more classical "bicker because they like each other" type romantic comedy relationship.

She didn't.

Akane is better than Shampoo, Ukyo, and her sisters.

And here I thought Ryoga turned into a pig.

Ukyo > Shampoo > Akane

>Akane is better than Shampoo, Ukyo, and her sisters.
There are not enough cackling anime reaction images to respond. Akane is just better than Gosunkugi, Genma and Soun, Happosai, and the Kunos(just barely above Kodachi).

>There are not enough cackling anime reaction images to respond.

Fitting as if you actually read the manga you see why I'm right.

Ranma doujins are literally the best

I'm not gay but if I had the option to choose to be a girl like ranma did I'd be a girl 101%

I'd rather throw my cat in the water.

Wasn't Lum supposed to be a one time character for a single chapter or two? Shinobu was mean't to be the love interest at first design, but Lum's popularity changed that, just as it almost happened in Ranma 1/2 with Akane/Ranma/Shampoo.

>Shinobu was mean't to be the love interest at first design,

Yup. She was already "with" Ataru, and then broke up with him.

>but Lum's popularity changed that

Yes, it ultimately changed UY to the point where it gained a romance subplot.

>, just as it almost happened in Ranma 1/2 with Akane/Ranma/Shampoo.

No it did not.

Actually READ Ranma 1/2. When does Ranma ever show any semblance of romantic interest in Shampoo? When does Ranma just, I dunno, spend time with Shampoo? When does Ranma BOND with Shampoo?

Never. Shampoo's an antagonist to A) Make Ranma and Akane's relationship more difficult, and B) Fit in more wacky plots.

Ataru spent time with Lum, bonded with Lum, showed he seriously cared about Lum pretty early on.

Like, around 50 chapters in Ataru has a nervous breakdown when he thinks Lum's left her.

Ranma never does that for Shampoo, he does it for Akane.