Reminder that Momonga was transported to the Middle East

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someone make an Ainz edit of this

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Anyone else thinks Demiurge looked way too happy when scolding Shalltear last episode? Is he a sadist that likes to see his fellow NPC's suffer?

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But without the sandniqqers only the aryan dream.

Well that explains the lizard men.

Iran literally means Land of the Aryans.

Wouldn’t that be Aryannistan?

Evileye could beat even Cocytus.

How is Nazarick going to handle her? She already took bug girl out and Demi is too scared to 1v1 her.

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And Touch Me.

Overlord is an underrated game

This doesn't bode well to the tomb.

He wasn't recedes an OP item for reporting the bug, he probably didn't even report it actually. He got the armor when he won the tourneys on all 9 worlds

You as your last MMO character gets transported to new world
How fucked are you

The Persian gulf is indeed identical, but the mountain ranges are very different, and the Holy Kingdom (where Egypt would be) is on a peninsula.

Also the seas are freshwater.

Phone posting is true suffering. Also, 651 posts last thread. Wonder how long that'll keep up.

Is Momonga technically a Tomb King?

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Jircniv can only submit. Willingly or not. There is no possibility of betrayal. Ainz Ooal Gown knows everything. Whatever Jircniv tries to do. Whatever Jircniv is thinking about. He will know. He already knows.

>Ainz conquers the Republic
>lets Kyouhukou govern it

Super fucked, I don't exist.

>-500 karma
>Arch Devil
>Prince of Darkness
>Runs a human/humanoid livestock farm with cross-breeding and medical experiments
>Regularly flays creatures alive, then has them healed and flays them again

He's a sadist.

Now now, don't get carried away. She might beat Cocytus with preparation, bug spray and flight if spray could penetrate defense and because he is a retarded npc. But against a player, best player at that and asspull armor and shield? No chance.

Did Entome got so BTFO in the LNs too? I didn't remember that fight going like that.
I also thought Demiurge made Evileye feel more despair before Momon showed up.

Didn't Shalltear comment he's a pervert who crawls up her skirt and touche's her butt and breasts?

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Ainz ultimate trump card, a racial ability all overlords have, which lets them imbue themselves into other skeletons and learn everything they and their body know. Ainz IS jircniv

Shit's lit

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>335 Warlock

Guess I'll be throwing Nova Bombs the whole day

>level 90 diablo 2 frenzy barbarian equipped with fury phaseblade and doombringer longsword
bretty good
faster than everyone, would lose to floor guardians and above but could take out battle maids and basically anyone else

>performs experiments to further Nazaricks strength
>gathers resources through hard labor on his farm
>min maxed
Demi a good boy, he dindu nuffin, he just going to church of the SB

Fine I think, I can probably beat ZZ.

Yes, but only whenever she knows peroroncino can hear, because she knows that was actually peroroncino using a magic item to place himself in kyouhukous body

Man, rewatching episode 12 and 13 makes it apparent just how strong ainz really is. Even if you somehow survive all his skills and a full mp pool, he can just change classes and rape you with other overpowered stuff. As an animeonlyfag is there a single person in the overlord universe who could stand up to ainz yet?

He can also summons all kinds of grunts and summons, just couldn't versus shalltear. it wasn't even his full power. pretty crazy to think about.

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You dont need to.

>Prioritized cute clothes and accessories instead of min maxing
Oh boy, I'm gonna get fucked good and hard.

Momon the hero to the rescue

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what's the deal with Nazarick cucks wasting perfectly fine meat

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Go be shalltears sex slave, it'll be fun

Also let's not forget the arsenal of Exotic weaponry. Guess I would easily dominate this shit, specially because Guardians are literally zombies that can't be killed even if atomized.

Inner monologe botched up user, just how they like it in badhouse.

Why did they say their names before dying?

...aaaaaaaaaand I'm a faggoty ass angel. On the plus side I'm nigh unkillable, can fly and can respawn provided I got an Obelisk.

I'd risk getting literally assblasted a lot more if I didn't grow out of the fuckboy armor in time.

Anyone can with right WCI.


Climb with World Savior after changing races and becoming an archangel.

This, Ainz is a necromancer who specializes in instant death spells. Give him to much time and you won't be able to beat his endless gank, bum rush him and you die because you weren't prepared for him.

Momonga is very versatil, its just that.

Anyone else think's its good Kyouhukou molests Shalltear? She's always bothering everyone else, she deserves it

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They have a habit of doing that

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They were introducing themselves. It was all supposed to be a show before Sebas went full autism becuase the lich stole one of Ainz's chunni titles and he murdered them all in 5 seconds.

Yes. EE's spell is pretty much a magical Raid and EE has a higher level than Entoma (I think).

I hope they do a good Ainz reaction when EE tell him they almost killed Entoma.

>Level 110 shaman
Prepare the world to get fucked, I am the storm.

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No lmao.

Didn't thet get to show their abilities in the LN? Or at least I remember an infodump about what they could do.

Evil eye is cute, she wont die

>Demiurge is a sadist
Is he going to pervert Mare for fun?

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No, shalltear should be the one raping everyone else. That is the true justice that the Paladins in vol 12 were looking for.

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Mare is stronger than Demi

What's your Race faggot


>Quads quads wasted
Why every get you fuckers get you waste it into shit?

Yeah, their self introductions was that because they all did something which showed off their specialty and they said their full names an "titles".

Well, if Destiny doesn't count, then that would be my Ragnarok 175/60 Rune Knight is the deal. Guess I'm fucked for real.

Orc, there are no other kinds of shaman.

Pervert as in mess with his mind or teach him bad things, like Lupusregina does.

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Your fucked, orcs have a lifespan.

Would still fug, she has a cute personality.

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Luckily shaman can reincarnate for free upon death.

He's a good player but his build is nothing exceptional. Anyone can counter instant death spells, that shit is more basic than time stop

>Shalltear was given a wide selection of clothing by Peroroncino, all of which catering to one fetish or another.

I want to be Peroroncino's sex slave.

Is so-bin physically incapable of drawing an ugly girl?

Resurrection magic can't alter life spans

What they should've done here is to slow the fuck down and fit their introductions in slowmo Sebas attacks. Hell. probably all that scene would be better off to be completely in slowmo stretched to a minute.

Ainz carries WCI, and anyone who holds a WCI is protected against other WCI's, so no.

Well then, for the first time, there will be peace in the middle east.

Flying around space in a Tengu strategic cruiser, so I'm fucked insofar as I can't really interact with the people on the ground and get anything out of it besides fertilizer


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True. But, it does help vs instant death problems. First thing for a plucky shaman of max level to do would be to find some means of immortality. There's gotta be at least one way.

By peroroncino is a man who wouldnt play his H-games because his sister was in them, how much fun could peroroncino be compared to "shall tear your asshole wipe open"?

>selection of clothing by Peroroncino
Does Albedo also have some sexy clothes for when a SB wants to do her? What about the other girls?

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>anyone who holds a WCI is protected against other WCI's
Are you sure about that?

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Yeah, become a cyborg or whatever Aureole Omega had done to her to make her immortal and super stronk. Strange how we never got any more info on that.

I actually liked the fact that Sebas killed them all instantly. It made the entire thing more hilarious when they thought they could beat him.

>first Nazarick to job on NW

Absolutely shameful display. Why is she not punished for this?

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Too bad the NWers don't have the skills or items to counter him.

wasn't she like only lvl 40? I don't think its expected of her to be very strong.

Albedo gets to borrow her sexy clothes from Ainz.

Lvl49 or something like that

Evileye is 50, Entoma is 51, they are on pair but since Evileye has learned magic that directly counters Entoma's main class, she wins.

NW entities have no levels you speedreading cucklord.

yeah i thought it was great
if you're not a fan of curb stomp fights overlord is not for you lel

War boss Enri's gobs beg to differ.

Because Iranians are Persians and Persians are Aryan. They aren't Arabic, they desend from Indo-European peoples.

It just a number, they don't literally have a level, sure, but you can still estimate their Yggdrasil LvL.

>Albedo: Ainz-sama I'm going to have sex with some one in my room, please lend me some cute clothes
Sounds wrong

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NW doesn't work on YGGDRASIL rules, it's been fucking mentioned again and again and again and again.

Any retard that tries to apply game rules to actual living breathing entities that never existed in YGGRDASIL is retarded. Early chapters/episodes even have Ainz checking if FG's can grow outside their predefined limits.

He's a lot of things.

Sounds hot.