Head pats must be better than sex

Head pats must be better than sex.

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I wish I could get headpatted.

I wish I were fucking dead.

>missing this one

Poor Tomoko.


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running finger through hair>headpats

this sets my >TFW into overdrive

I would rather have that kind of innocent physical contact than anything sexual.

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>pat head

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What's it like having your head patted? I've never had my head patted before.

Nah, but it's more safe at least.


Head pats during sex while holding hands are the best.

Even as a child?
How sad.

only my waife chino stands over all these whores over there.

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I got headpatted in VR, as Cardcaptor Sakura and it gave me a warm, fuzzy feeling I'd never felt. Can't imagine how great real headpatting must be.

I wonder if all the lolis I headpatted in VR felt the same. I hope it made them happy, if only a little.

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>Cheek rub

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>tomoko petting herself

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>there are anons on this board who have never been headpatted by a loved one

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