Kaguya Ch. 102


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>smart phone chapter
Aww yiss

>making hayasaka talk to prez

is kaguya a soy?

She got too aroused hearing prezs voice directly to her ear.

> no Ishi, no Fuji, no Miko

They're at the end.

aka, fucking hell

Aka loves the memes. It'll only a matter of time until tide pods make an appearance.

Prez x Kaguya was fun but right now? Meh.

Absolute madman

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Fuck off already, that's not Aka.

Boring chapter.

Now that I look closely that Pop team message is actually coming from ishigami

Yeah, and the ones with a lot of emoticons are from Miko.


>Kei once again pretending to be exercising in the living room so she can see her brother freaking out

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Not sure how to explain it, but the linework in this week's chapter seems quite improved somehow.

There's no difference.

>Those faces of sheer horror on Hayakasa
She`s just now realizing that her master entered a whole new dimension of hell and it`s right in her area of expertise so she`s gonna have to deal with it harder than ever before.
Someone please help her.

God Miko is so cute.

You sure that's not just the grain?

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A cute!

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I guess they're in their 30's now huh

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someone save this poor valet

>Kei doing stretches so he would ask her for help.

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What? They were talking about the xperia z ultra, that was released around 2013 I think

>2nd panel

The madman prez is winning!

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>its a hayasaka chapter
>its also a mindgames chapter

Kei becoming his Hayasaka when?

That's it

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>the LINE equivalent of blue tick of death
Too relatable

sooner or later, haysaca's identity is going to be compromised, and he'll find out the truthher cup size

>it's another Kaguya almost lose but get her ass saved by Hayasaka episode
Kaguya need to step her mind game up.

This is peak Fujiwara.

It's great.
Fuji's just goofing around.

Smartphones didn't exist then. My bet is on Fujiwara finding those tacky old things somewhere and thinking that they were the raddest shit and she had to take a picture with them.

There was a calendar at one point that said it's 2016, but that doesn't fit either with Ishigami's Switch. Keeping the year accurate is the one thing Aka doesn't pay much attention to.


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Hayasaka confirmed for blocker of the cock.
Clearly she wants to monopolize it.

>hayasaka is the one having the mindgames breakdowns while kaguya tries to be lovey dovey
I love it

That's not what happened.

My wife Hayasaka is really cute.

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What kind of extortion/blackmail is happening here?

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>Flexible Shirogane imouto.
Consider the possibilities of manhandling her.

Fuji looks so cute with those glasses.

>Hey shinomiya, have you heard of "blue ticks"?
>When you read a message, the sender gets notified
>so they know exactly when you read their message
>On that note, the last 3 messages I sent you all got blue ticked immediately...
>what exactly is happening here?
>if you have someone's chat screen open, I guess the message would get blue ticked immediately wouldn't it
>but it's not like you could have been staring at my chat screen aaaaaall this time now could you

It's an attempt to blackmail a confession out of kaguya.

He's explaining how everything went according to keikaku in clinching the needed evidence of how Kaguya lied about not having seen the message before. Since it was obvious she had been staring at the chat screen all day, the only logical conclusion is that Kaguya must like Shirogane.

>No one responds to the post in an hour.
>End up posting a response 8 seconds after someone else.

Fuck me.

Kaguya is by far worst girl, bakaguya is her only saving grace.

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Using Kaguya's thirst and digital incompetence in such a masterful way. That was low. Incredibly low. Early Kaguya tier low.
I thought President was above this, but I'm so glad he wasn't.

He's probably above going out of his way to exploit it, but Kaguya initiated this. It's just like everything she did for him on his birthday- he wasn't going to use it against Kaguya, but then she had to go and use it to convince Fujiwara he was in love. I'm usually one to defend Kaguya, but this time she absolutely did this to herself.

It's just so rare for him to actually try and corner her. The last time he was this close to actually checkmate her is when he pretended to be asleep and she almost confesses.

Bakasaka when?

Still waiting for her love interest, Aka.

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Huh, Shirogane is actually in touch with Haysaca, wonder if Hayasaka has a different phone for her personas.

Holy shit president isn't holding back at all.

Install Gentoo


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Poor Miko. Kaguya had better call her soon.
Also, break next week.

So their online personalities are basically:
>Shirogane: straight-faced chad
>Kaguya: completely technologically illiterate
>Fujiwara: instagram freak
>Miko: cancerous emoji-spamming attention seeker
>Ishi: meme-spouting kid in the corner

>heavily implied they chat all night
Oh no Kaguya is a cuck

What about Hayasaka?

This is why Ishigami is /ourguy/ while Miko is a dumb broad.

Kaguya reads his messages instantly but doesnt reply, putting it off by saying she can answer later and say "sorry I just read your message now"
Her maid realizes she doesnt have a clue about smartphone and "message read" confirmations and agonizes whether to explain it to kaguya - she hasnt replied for 2 hours already.
She arrives at the solution of not telling Kaguya just as the other student council members start messaging her.
Since the other girl (Cant read her name kanji) asks for kaguyas telephone number she thinks she should reply immediately.
But the servant tells her if she's gonna reply to a message, she should reply to Shirogane first, because it's LINE manners.
Receiving Kaguya's reply Shirogane understands that Kaguya doesnt know about the read confirmation system and calls her to fuck with her.
The servant girl takes over and lies that Kaguya hadnt read the messages, but some house servant is checking all messages on arrival.
This makes shirogane panic, thinking some house servant saw how he talks while chatting and uses emoji.
End of the chapter: All other SC members are upset since kaguya did read their messages but doesnt reply.

Is Hayasaka imitating Kaguya's voice? Or just talking as Haysaca here?

talking as hayasaka.

>no kaguya next week

its mentioned they're twitter friends too right? i wonder how that works out

She has an observation account. She probably only see his tweets but doesn't talk to him. Since that was before Hayasaka tried to NTR Kaguya.

This is cute.

>manly hands
Aka truly understands it.

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Fuji house visit fucking when

> all other SC members are upset since kaguya did read their messages but doesnt reply.
Kaguya is the worst friend ever.

I hate this chapter


Sure you do, and the last one, and the one before that. Besides you want to perform disgusting acts on Kaguya and unironically believe Nisekoi was better.

See . She only didn't reply (at least to Miko) because Hayasaka told her it'd be rude to do that before finishing her mind game.

She's just overly excited to finally have friends to chat with.

Will Fujiwara's family notice that Kaguya and Prez like each other?

god i need to see moeha

its been forever

Yes, but unless Fujidad actually tries to hook Shirogane and Chika up, he won't say anything. Fuji nee would probably advice Kaguya to slut it up to grab him, and Moeha would tease the hell out of both.

Dead thread for a dead shitty series.
Kishuku gakou no Juliet is better

How are hayasaka and haysaca written in Japanese?

Bc is Shit

>unless Fujidad actually tries to hook Shirogane and Chika up
He won't let her have a boyfriend, and considering how strict his other rules are I doubt he'd make an exception even for him.
Is she exclusively lesbian, or will she want to corrupt Prez too?