Hajime no Ippo

Chapter 1215: imgur.com/a/TKA7v

Now that Ippo is a second, how fucked are the other boxers?

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now its time for aoki "brocco man" masaru the man to shine

time until someone gets creeded on ippo's watch then he and his robot buddy do training montage to win one for the gipper?

Man people overblow that one gag in 4 way too fucking much.

They'll be very fucked in the head
His boxers that is

What the fuck i stopped following it when he had that leaf memory chapter, i thought it was wrapping it all up for a time skip epoligue.

Is this cocksucker really back in the gym?

I can't wait for Ippo to die of a TBI

i stopped reading this.

Is his career really over? Is this no longer a manga about a boxer?

He retired from boxing and now works as a second, but all of this just seems like a setup for him to return to the ring.

lmao just remembered ippo has never done weight loss in his life

please god tell me that girl of his got the fuck away from this dude. I remember seeing her raging out that someone came to put him back in the boxing world, if she just shut up and let this happen she deserves the crap relationship she's gonna get and even now, Ippo still hasn't so much as kissed her

Kumi is going to snap at some point and kill like half the cast with an over-under, leaving the readers with a sudden, shocking ending and a harrowing portrait of the private lives led by the men and women associated with full-contact combat sports.

Did mangastream drop this?.Can't really blame them

Wtf is that? I didn't put that there

You new nigga?

No, unless you count everyone who isn't here since the beginning new. First time I saw that though

Did niggerstream stopped the scanlataion?

Is there any possibility we get another serious Kimura fight? Only thing that could redeem the manga at this point.

Something tells me that Kimura is going to get fucked over again for the umpteenth time

There comes a point where you stop holding onto hope becauce it just ends up biting you in the ass. Morikawa is going to dick Kimura around until retirement. We'll never get a good bout from him like his fight with Mashiba ever again.

What a waste

I really hope Kimura or Aoki wins the belt and the other loses badly.
But both the fights better be serious and great.

This is sad.
I guarantee they'll be meme matches.

Given the current state of ippo it's safe to assume they'll be one panel fights involving a gag where kimura draws again.

Where's the other chapters? The last one I read was 1204.