[Subaru : Damn, okay! (Drink the tea in one-gulp) See? I drank it all. Now can you recognize me as the participant of this tea party?]

[Echidna : Drinking my body fluid that passionately, my body feels hot...]

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Enough of this

Every thread until Rem wakes up.

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Caught a translation error in something I've been working on. Seems to be a word that even the official translations got wrong.

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Echidna won the Subaru bowl

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So how bad will the shitstorm be when Subaru gets his memories back?


I don't think that'd be much of a shit storm at all.

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>suddenly remembering all the times you died and how brutal they were as well as the deaths of others all at once
I'm pretty sure that would fuck him up

As much as it might fuck him up, it's not like he'd feel it all happening again. It's just memories. He'd be exactly as fucked up as before he lost them.

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A present for the catfag, wherever he may be. Merry early Christmas.

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>haven't seen the catfag in a while
it might be a blessing, but i kinda feel empty

i haven't seen fucking discount user and its fucking terrible

he's also missing from reddit

It may be that the one user from before actually did kill him.

Well, that's too bad.

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Nah, not really. Nothing of value was lost.

My cat got cancer and died yesterday. What am I supposed to do without a substitute?

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Get a new cat, fap to cat girls. Plenty of options. If you actually want that faggot back, you've deluded yourself.

Nah. Personally, I've just never minded the guy much, and it's odd to see him gone.

When do you think Echidna will appear again? Next arc?

She's in Arc 6. And 5. An Echidna, at least.

As someone who enjoyed the anime and the characters, is reading the WN/LN worth it? Does Emilia's history ever get revealed? Who Satella is? How Subaru world jumped?

>is reading the WN/LN worth it?
>Does Emilia's history ever get revealed?
>Who Satella is?
not yet but it's been hinted a little
>How Subaru world jumped?
nothing about that yet.

>not yet but it's been hinted a little
spoil me nigga

apparently the sage who sealed satella 400 years ago, flugel, was from earth.
satella talks about spending time with subaru when subaru has never met her, andthe witches of sin say they don't blame satella for what happened. there's also the witch of envy, which seems to be a different personality from satella herself i might've missed something but that's all i remember that hints at who satella is.

god I want to drink echidna’s urine

i thought it was pussy juice.

so who would that hint at user?

they're just new things we know about her, my personal theory is that flugel was her lover from 400 years ago and she's been isekai-ing people from earth trying to get him back.

there are also people who say she might be future emilia who got sent to the past samurai jack style after getting the envy witch gene.

That is the most popular theory as of now

Makes sense


Is Emilia a slut?

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purest elf in town

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That website

>page 9
Re:Zero succs, Konosuba is way better

What are they doing?

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He's a LOGHfag now.

>Uploaded: 9/2/2013

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fuck off and subaru only likes Rem body fluids

Ram running over to cut a bitch.

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Oh look, Emilia is in the picture! Why the hell does she have to ruin everything?

Well, Priscilla got her own.

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God damn I want to tame this woman