Tomie thread

Tomie ,with a big swollen pregnant belly, wearing nothing but her expensive soft maternity nightgown. Siting of a comfortable chair in her large masion , her hands gently stroke her own swollen belly, feeling her baby moving inside of her.
She's like always, beautiful as ever, only this time her breasts are larger than normal and are fill with milk.
She's still a teenager, but soon going to be also a mother too.
Many thought came to her mind, as she's as selfish as always, she had thought about get rid of the child
many times in the past 8 month,
but she eventually decided not to.
Because this makes her the "true" Tomie, she thought, non of those faker and copy had ever did this and achieve motherhood in the past,
giving birth to a actual child , not just another fake Tomie.
So, she decided to have the child,
and science she made her decision, it's been months as she experience these new found sensation.
There is no men going to raise this child with her, she knows, because any men near her will eventually went crazy and wanted to kill her.
Tomie has to become a single teen mom to raise her child by herself.
She has to be very careful, she knows, these other faker may picked up her thought and came to steal her child......

Sup Forums, Try to write your own continuation of this story what happened next or
what her thought are when she's pageant with a big swollen belly as a teen mom, at bed about to giving birth and breast feeding her baby the first time ?

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Soundtrack gife, naked Tomie

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Which one will you married and have children with

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Draw by same artist

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Can he stand the urge to kill Tomie or will he use a curse to cut her appart?

It's not like Ito hasn't done mother related horror stories before, this one and The Bully are good example

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She is so perfect

someone kill me

If Tomie existed irl and you had to fight fellow Sup Forumsnon's for her, how good do you think your chances are?

Tomie: I ask for so little. Just fear me, love me, do as I say and I will be your slave.

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Tomie is cute when she dodge

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Official fanservice art of Tomie

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The only one who beat and escape the head balloon is Tomie

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None, but given how Tomie works, I probably wouldn't have choice but to attempt marry whichever one of them gets close enough. Gotta hand it to Ito, Tomie is probably the creepiest succubus I've seen in fiction.

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>The only one who beat and escape the head balloon is Tomie
Well of course. She can't actually be killed by hanging, so it's not like the head ballons are capable of harming her.

Tomie is very cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I love Tomie before she become popular.

But she had been always popular , what do you mean before she become popular ?

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I've been waiting for the Tomie OVAs. Are they out yet or did she show up in the TV series?

tomie is cute, but i love emilia

Who the fuck is this bitch? She doesn't compare to Tomie

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>but i love emilia
Go back to Re:Zero , Subaru

The ova will be out after the tv series is over.