Still the best acting I've seen in anime so far

Still the best acting I've seen in anime so far.

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I really want to cum on her cute face.

dumb voicefags

was a nice scene though

Indeed goddammit!

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Reminds me of the wife scene in the movie network. Basically, a wife finds out his husband has been cheating on her, she blows up on him and it's the only scene in the movie where she is on screen for more than 20 seconds, the scene is less than five minutes long, the character never reappears in the entire film. The actress won the best supporting Oscar.




>good acting
>literally just a female naturally acting like a female
What's the big deal?

>best acting
Not even close. That belongs to Jun Fukuyama in his role of Lelouch.

>worst girl sperging like a dumb normalfag
>good best acting ever
This is what Hatokofags actually believe.

Be in denied all you want. But she deserve respect for her effort.

For what?

>but muh one take
I always see you shill her memetic scene every month. Give it a rest, nobody really cares

>implying it takes effort
Have you ever had a gf before?

that's not aho mom

you mean agitated women never misspell a word or stumble through a sentence?

There's literally nothing else worth seeing in that whole show, right?

Hatoko a best.
Tomoyo a shit.

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The real tragedy of this Oscar is that throughout the film the most obvious supporting actress role is Laureen Hobbs played by Marlene Warfield as a militant communist revolutionary who is well aware that her sect is fringe to the point of lunacy but maintains her position to pressure a leftist social shift. During the film she becomes everything she protests against, a legalistic, capitalist, self-interested Diva. In her contract negotiation scene she commanded the screen so soundly that she gave Faye Dunaway a run for her money.

Let's not forget the canon winner of the Andou bowl

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There are plenty, but that got the gold medal.

Why would she even care about this retarded sperg anyway?

The loli.


>the loli wins
did this actually happen? has this ever happened?

Is this the greatest BTFOing a generic harem MC has ever received?

Essentially. LN ended with a foreshadowed omnibus ending for all the girls.

I got hard when this scene happen.

>LN ended with a foreshadowed omnibus ending for all the girls.
I really dislike these kinds of endings.

Reminder that she did nothing wrong.

Damn, is the rest of the movie this good? i'll watch it if it is

You should watch it just for the historical film context of "I'm as mad as hell and I'm not going to take this anymore!"

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I was impressed by MAO pulling off so many distinct personalities in episode 7 of flip flappers

Network is a vital movie for anyone who gives half a shit about anything. One of the few films I've gone out of my watch to watch multiple times.

I'd type more but this is Sup Forums after all.

Explain more, please.

Read somewhere that the everyone in attendance gave Hayami Saori for that since she nailed it so well on the first take. Great VA.

gave Hayami Saori a standing ovation*
I need to sleep.

You'll be disappointed. It's an open-end common route that doesn't delve into any branching point at the end. The foreshadowing are different what ifs for each girl that are implied and not shown.

>forced acting

I really hope you read your posts before you pressed enter.
This is what that scene is supposed to capture.

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Does that include Kuki and Mirei?

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Normalfags wouldn't care in the first place, the girl actually does care as evidenced by the fact that she remembers all the nonsense he said. But the MC is an autistic shitstain so he simply assumes she doesn't care.

No, Mirei was barely a character in the novels, Triggerfags are the ones who cared about her enough to bring her back into things and Kuki was literally a one chapter character. It's not even a settled conclusion it's just
"And the not-adventures continue" ending, the most boring kind of ending. Remember that conversation big boobs had with blue hair at the end of the anime? It's like that, they all adore him but his dumbass doesn't know it, he only feels it for the tomato girl, they're practically a couple already but of course they really aren't.

It was surprising when it happened and the voice acting is good but looking back it is pretty dumb

Nah this is still the king

Heh, imagine, actually believe, that people think, before they post something.

Almost Wagnerian.

The scene is a bit overrated, but:

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What would you bet on with Kaede?

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Literally the best thing she's ever done.

>forced overacting

Welp, that's disappointing.

Notice how nobody ever gives praise to acting in dubs. It's because they're all shit.

too bad she's the worst girl

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>Cutting volume 5 into 5 minutes and fill the rest of the episode with more shitty harem antics
It is like Trigger never concern about what the fans truly want.

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you have to go back

I've watched this scene countless of times and for the first time, it made me cry.

Wagner was known for his slow builds and dramatic crescendos.

I dropped it after that scene. That show turned into a melodramatic pile of shit.