How do we fix Megumin?

How do we fix Megumin?

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Remove vagina, add penis

Make her older. At least 18.

Remove Megumeme completely


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add tits and childbearing hips


you don't

I say make her younger. Around 8.

Explode her

you dont belong here

Why fix what isn't broken?

She's perfectly fine. Just use your imagination.

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stop beating around the bush and dick her already

This, I wish she would explode in my ass (male)

She has to be at least 17 yo.

Polishing a turd doesn't fix anything.
Just remove her completely to atleast make the anime watchable.

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make her less of a meme

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Wow this is perfection.

Explain the use of basic fire spells to beef up the explosions to stop being useless. Or get her to invest in cushioned clothing so she doesnt hurt herself when she collapse.

Make her a necromancer.

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I see you are a man of culture...

make her pregnant with triplets

always laugh at australian power

I have one idea.

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1: Darken skin
2: Eyepatch
3: Make her scottish

But will she drink?

>Darken skin
>Make her scottish
pick one

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Green eyes.

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Make her 25.


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Give her big boobs.

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So she swaps eyes with Kazuma? That's actually sickeningly loveydovey sweet.

Man it's only March and I'm already longing for the Tor/a/dora Christmas stream.

hot :D

Who is Ivan?


Some Russian with contacts in the Russian DoD, and utilized Sup Forumss autism to find and bomb ISIS for the Russians.

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Ravioli Ravioli do not lewd the wizard loli!

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Which one of them does anal?

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Make her canonically 18+ so canadians can read doujins starring her

Both, but one with do it without marriage, whereas the other will require a ring. I know which one I'd prefer.

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That's actually pretty cool. Good on them.

so megumeme makes you put on a cock ring before anal?
what a slut

If that's the case then I'd literally just flip a coin. Nothing else really matters and they are both pleasant.

Smugger, you say?

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That looks like another girl in megumin's clothes.

You don't say?

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Works for me. How much funding do you need?


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>you will never receive onara koki from megumin as she shouts explosion

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Whoops, accidentally spilled my memes all over her.

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Trying to wipe it off but it's just making things worse.

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Oh no, it's spreading to others now.

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Get in the bath you two, we need to wash this off.

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Did you lost your towards Facebook and ended up here? You gotta go to plebbook now

There we go, all clean.

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For one, actually make her look her age instead of a 10 year old

That could easily pass as a younger looking 15 though.

Does this actually lead to sex or is this the usual blue-balling of light novels?

Why am I even asking

Is Megumin the most lusted after waifu in the past decade? I can't even remember the last time a female character got this much attention for purely sexual reasons.

She’s perfect just the way she is (*'ω'*)

There's nothing to fix

With 3rd and 4th and 5th seasons. Also more doujins.