I've never seen it.

I don't know what to watch, what not to watch, or in what order.

Someone tell me please.

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watch the fucking show maybe? are you retarded?

I had the impression there were prequel series, sequel series that didn't share continuity, movies, OVAs, and a bunch of crap surrounding it.

Is it literally just the show 'Neon Genesis Evangelion'?

Neon Genesis Evangelion (TV 26 episodes, 1995)
and then
The End of Evangelion (Movie, 1997)

well first you start by watching Ideon

Thank you.

Watch Ideon first.

Try and watch the directors cut of 21-24.

Optionally, you can stop the show after ep. 24, watch EoE, then watch the last 2 eps.

"Petit Eva" is a very important part of the experience you should watch it asap

Watch Gunbuster first

Chronological order.
That's always the right answer why are you even asking?
It's a 95 tv anime with a movie ending released in 97.
Then over a decade later they made 3 movies based on the story.
What's so hard to get about this, it isn't fucking Gundam with dozens of entries and different time lines.

Watch the original 26 episode anime.
Then watch the Death and Rebirth movie.
Then watch End of Evangelion.
Then the Rebuild series.

why you aint telling this man to watch Death and Rebirth, it gives context to End of Evangelion.

just don't go in expecting action and le epic mecha fights or you'll be hugely disappointed. This is more of a psychological teenage drama than anything else.

If you're going to watch it I would say watch the original 26 episodes and then End of Evangelion. Don't watch rebuild. But honestly, I wouldn't recommend the series to anyone I know personally.

chronological order
download everthing in 1080p and get the directors cut episodes for nge

Death and Rebirth is skippable; it's a clip show of the TV show, and the first third of End of Evangelion.

You watch RahXephon instead and forget Evangelion exists
actually i just want to forget about evangelion because im afraid watching it will make me see rahxephon as a ripoff, which i know is retarded

There's no reason to not watch it. If you're only watching it for the 1/3 of EoE, then skip till that starts. I've talked to a good number of people who skipped Death and Rebirth and were totally lost on what was happening in EoE. Not the uber symbolic 3rd impact shit, just context as to why tsundere got turned into a sandwich.

Check em

you better dont


dubs thread?

Evangelion ist not a fucking Gundam to be confused over the order. Wathc the show. Watch the movie. Watch Rebuilds if you really want. That simple.

More likely OP is so beta he can't even decide to watch the AOAT without somebody holding his hand the whole way.

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read the manga, it has an ENDING then stop

You’ve seen it

I watched the rebuilds before watching the show, don't do that

>Friends rave about the show
>Download it
>Can never get past the third episode
>Friends rave about the show
>Download it
>Can never get past the third episode
>Friends rav

wait, there's scenes not in NGE or EoE in Death/Rebirth?

I sort of did this once or twice, not the third episode but about halfway through. Then I just sat down and watched it all plus EoE and it's one of my favorite things ever.

Nobody new watches Eva and if they claim they’re new they’re lying. When you start asking questions you find out the people who claim this is the best anime ever stopped watching anime a long time ago.

The only new scenes I recall are the pilots playing instruments together. It's downright pointless. Not sure what user is talking about with that sandwich. I don't know much Eva memespeak, so I might just be retarded.

A few to frame the clips. They aren't really important, it's straight impossible for them to be literal. and some redone scenes from the series. And it was where some big details first appeared before they were added to the director's cut episodes, Death's original purpose was retconning in stuff like the seeds of life plot and Adam in Gendo's palm before the real movie.

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Order i got from a friend after asking this exact question

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Well here is a list of how to watch it:
1) turn on your computer
2)choose an internet browser or google
3)type watch evangellion
4)press play
5)waste your life


>"Petit Eva"
top kek

What exactly does 'new' mean in this instance? I just started watching Eva the other day since I see a lot about it on twitter lately.

>I use Twitter

That for sure will make everybody believe you’re a young newcomer. That’s actually pretty genius.

Episodes 1-26
End of Envangelion
That's it.
Rebuilds are optional.

I think Eva is the best anime there is, but I still watch seasonal stuff.

Watch all of it and lurk for 2 years before posting.


>Rebuilds are optional.
They're not. They're good shit, senpai

There is the show
Then there is a movie sequel "The end of Eva"
And then there also is a crappy remake that will ruin the show for you (worse than the new Star Wars movies)

There also is a manga adaptation that is entirely optional.
It starts as a neat addition with good minor details but halfway into it it goes to fucking shit.

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Why are you so bitter and gay, user? The remakes have touching moments and are generally alright. This wouldn't be a problem for you if you stopped overthinking an anime with a fucking author's self insert for a protagonist. It's really not that deep.


I actually consider this a good option.

The entire 2 last episodes are literally a surrealistic mindfuck sequence they make no sense whatsoever until you watch the movie which shows the same events but for real rather than showing characters tripping on shrooms about it.

DnR is literally a EOE teaser montage made out of reused NGE and EOE content.
The only reason to bother with DnR is that one reworked and refined shot of Ayanai Rei's smile.

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>The remakes have touching moments and are generally alright

No they dont.
The way they butchered the original characters to insert fanservice instead of personality is deplorable, not touching.

And yes they are literally worse than Dysney's Star Wars.

Awful taste, and brainlet.

>How do I watch anime

Fuck off.

No it doesn’t, fucking faggot.

I'm sure you two would love to go an autistic tangent about how your beloved focal points of obsession had been corrupted, but please - simply realize how mentally ill you are instead.

Also retarded.

>good things got replaced with bad things
>the entire remake of a good series is a bunch of bad movies
>Somehow it is wrong to complain when good things go bad
Open your mouth my man
And put some shit in it

I can already imagine the whole list of these weird issues you'd compile for me, all extremely petty and insignificant, and I'd just go "Why can't you enjoy both?" and the answer would be clear - you're simply suffering from a mental illness and can't overcome your illness no matter how hard you try.

Enjoy what?
Rebuild is just one giant bad thing that consists out of many small bad things.
>Rebuild 1 - simply an inferior copy of original
Well gee I guess they just cant fit the entire series into the movies too bad design got worse and the scenes got cut the whole pacing is just rabid fast but at least its in HD.
>Rebuild 2
Literal non-canon stupid shit. Some abomination Eva, another abomination Mari, Ugly abomination Angel gets blown up by Not-Asuka. Her EVA got FAT AND UGLY, she also got stupid, And rei got stupid. Shinji got smart though which is a surprise.
Then they have some fanservice and Aska gets obviously NOT killed.
Litarally everything about it was shit but I guess I enjoyed gloating at asukafags misery.
>Rebuild 3
I dont even want to talk about it, you know it yourself.
It wasnt even released in 1080p.
They made it some 1800*720 21:9 bullshit lol.



Anywhere to watch rebuild 3 online lads? Also what's the best torrenting site for anime


Implying the emo shit in evangelion is personality,

Watch the show. Then, watch The End Of Evangelion.
At first the series finale won't make much sense to you, but there's a reason it is like that and it made sense for what was going on in 1995 in Japan.
Cool off, watch a couple other animes, then you can watch the Rebuilds.

Try videos on vk.com they have everything