How's ryuuou no oshigoto?

how's ryuuou no oshigoto?
moeshit or something good that looks like moe?

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Ginko a shit.
Also fuck you.

Is this Sup Forums?

There's a faggot or two that really really hates one of the characters and makes a point of saying it in every thread like an autist
It's as if he has nothing better to do

It is a good and entertaining show, not uguu moemoe like Lucky Star or anything like that. You don't need to know shogi to enjoy it. If nothing else, watch it for Ginko aka best girl.

And that faggot got the first post. Time to abandon thread early.

what did he mean by this?

Its like ro-kyu-bu but with shogi

Show starts as something fun, a gang of lolis playing shogi, but as the show goes on, one of the lolis, the blue one in the front of your picture is murdered and the rest simply disappeared without explanation. Also, the white-haired loli tried to have sex with MC but he rejected her only to get killed right after the rejection for having shit taste.

dude i wish

>the white-haired loli
Who's that?

might check it out then, does it have much of a plot?

Ginko a shit.

Hello repairman? We got a broken tape recorder in here. Please come fix

He's referring to the one on the left.

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>best anything

Here we go again.

She doesn't look like a loli. Is she aged up there or something?

There isn't a real plot. It's based around playing Shogi and getting better at it and aiming to be a pro player. It's a character driven story that way.

>gets a new IP just to samefag
Here we go indeed.

ginko a best

No, and I'm sure the guy who called her in the first place was mocking her lovers

JC lolis are best.

It's like he does it on purpose

>muh conspiracy theories

Yeah, that means Ginko is not a best.

What? I'm not OP but I wanted to know if this show was picking up.

Look again.

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That looks like a petite teenager, not a loli.

>ctrl+F "boogeyman"
>0 results
C'mon you're slacking

She looks more like a loli there, I guess the other picture was just off model.

I'm sorry to say, you must be blind.

Look a little harder.

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Didn't you get told in the other thread? Stop being stupid.

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Mai nigga.

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Seems like you're new to these threads.
The thing is there's one user obsessed with a certain individual, but as you can see, there's more than one person that doesn't like a certain character. But the user obsessed with that certain individual has the theory that it's impossible not to like that one character, so there can be only one hating her, thus every post stating hate towards that character are made by the same person, who has access to at least 50 IPs

What part of LOLIta COMplex, do you not understand, fucking autist?

>comparing 9 year old JS to 14 year old JC
Reminder don't be fooled by this troll.

This analysis was brought to you by the person mentioned in it

Thanks for confirming the girl on the right is a loli too. Ginkofag's stupidity knows no limits.

>this is not a loli

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>THK and LRD this early in the thread

Yeah, that's an old hag

You're only proving his point

Let's not kid ourselves here

Ginko a tree

/cgl/ says its a ゴスロリ. That's good enough for me. :^)

Best girl and JC loli. She looks best dressed in goth loli meido outfit.

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Char a best

>it's time for "that"

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Red Ai is the true best girl. Blue Ai and Ginko are second behind her desu.

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Ginko is dead last. Even is better.

so do the characters actually develop or is it like lucky star but about Shogi and with lolis

They do develop. Drama and conflict are very little, but it's there to give development some substance when there's a need.

alright, ill watch when it finishes airing
usually not into the whole loli thing but this seems interesting enough

it was always a sorta fun dumb show but the last couple episodes have been legitimately good. of course they've also made these threads sperg out

Watch it, blue loli gets rekt almost in every episode, like the slut she is