Made in Abyss

Chapter never

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I wanna bury my face in Nana-chan's crotch.

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...and cry for the latest chapter?

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No, just huff.

And grope the bunny butt.

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Hands off bun's buns.

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Holy shit that face makes my dick diamonds

Bitch, I'll bury my face in those buns!

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this anime really messed with my view of other anime. Everything else seems like shitty flash projects.

Go on Newgrounds and see that anime is usually better. Granted Waterlollies still holds up to this day as being a good flash animation

Feed a bun

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Srajo the Inscrutable appearing when? I want to see what the deal with this mysterious plague doctor with a coffin on his back is.

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holy shit its been a while since ive watched water lollies. anywho, yeah, i prolly was exaggerating a tad. Im trying to watch Sora Yori rn and its real tough.

I'll feed her in exchange for body contact and emotional reassurance.

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Any idea what his WW is supposed to look like?

Combo abalone shell and beetle?

Here's the gif you ordered sir.

As for the whistle, I thought it was supposed to be something like an egg.

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It fits his character much more to never turn up though.

Say, do you think Bondrewd would trade Mitty for Faputa if Belafu offered? Now obviously Belafu would never offer the very embodiment of value but hypothetically speaking, would he?


I suppose, but I want muh plague doctor.

Sounds like a good time.

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dont think so. Mitty isnt valued by many. Faputa is.

The fun never ends

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Anyone have any idea what they meant by Nanachi being a narehate made 'the old way' like Faputa? Since I highly doubt Faputa got on a funtime elevator to become the moth she is now. Does that just mean without the village goo?

Would you?

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they are talking about the altar, it used to be some kind of ritual place to create blessed furries

It's shaped like a bird. Dead bird. And thing on his back looks like a small coffin.
What if Srajo is crazy enough to carry his dead kid to the bottom?

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Unless she makes lunch.

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He's a White Whistle, of course he's crazy enough.

he'd surely be interested in our zombie loli then

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I never noticed that she had braided her twin tails of destruction.

i find the lack of eyebrows disturbing

>ah sweet child, what a wonderful air of death hangs around you, you must have died before to have such a thick miasma upon your tender body. Tell me, what it like to be a corpse?

I'm ready for the potato x srajo necrophilia doujins

What do you think the back of her ears smell like?

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Hey guys I just thought of something, let's say you have someone go down to the 6th layer with the curse repelling vessel right? Well what if they got in the vessel and were pulled up to the 5th layer and died before turning into a blob, what would happen? Would they come back still a person, or would they just be a mindless husk?

Is it necrophilia if it's a zombie?

That has great value in the village after all

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I'm going to do the same to her belly.

Loli porn is illegal in my state, will buying a physical copy of Made in Abyss put me in legal jeopardy?

I will marry Riko!!

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Like he sun, I thinks that’s supposed to be Nanachi official smell according to Tsukushi, if you ask Reg then is likely he will say it smells good

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There's no porn though? Honestly if you have stuff saved you're already fucked so why not just get a physical copy

Has the bun already met Wakuna and Srajo? She was disappointed to hear they weren't around to save them but why would she expect help from those weirdos if she's never even met them

She probably heard Bondrewd complaining about those two being assholes for not helping him and hoped that maybe, just maybe they were good guys. It's not like there were many options for the bun.

what's the song that plays when Riko and Reg are running from the ape things?

You never stood a chance, Natt my boy.

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I wish to bury my face and smell Nanachi's bunny cunny all night long!

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Well, at least Riko won't worry about seeing the horrors of the Abyss anymore

Do. Not.

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looking forward to it

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Is there anything Reg will never smell?

Riko's eyes,legs, or innards

Imagine cumming inside Nanachi or Faputa

So fluffy
Now imagine cumming in Mitty

Mitty(Rug), Mitty(Human), or Mitty(Blessed)?

Don’t hurt Mitty please

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Mitty(Human) while going up the elevator with a Bondrewd backpack so you finish in Mitty(Rug) partially

Akihito ran out of ideas and fucked the development of nanachi as a mature character?

And Nanachi is watching in the other elevator right?

Just finished watching this show
Need more MiA
How can I get my fix?


You can’t have the elevator without Nanachi

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read the manga or wait for season two

read za mango

The manga is your only choice, is likely we won’t see anything about the sequel until the next year

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How do we allow people to be this unable to think?

9 days boys

Sodesu, watashi wa Fluffzen.

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Come to think of it, what does Reg's metal headband do?

Is there a Nanachi plush yet?

No official merch to my knowledge. At least I'll be getting the figure soon.


It's being made.

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Why is this scaring me?

because it's half finished

it makes him looks super cute

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Stop leqding my son. He's a good boy.

but i didn't lewd him user, i was only admiring him
also your son isn't a good boy, he's a slut! SLUUUT!!

Reg is always super cute, especially when he's in a maid outfit.

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I just want more Faputa, but not as a crazy moth. Antagonist with being NTR'd ending only.


Holy shit that song is like from a videogame. MiA: The Game when??

Pitch it to Yoko Taro and tell him there is plenty of suffering in it.

Nah, if anything I would let From Software and the development team from Capcom that makes Monster Hunter games to handle it in a collaboration.

Yeah sounds like a cross between binding of isaac and hlm

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they are talking about the method of one taking the curse so that the other can have the blessing. The narahate in the village were made differently since they are just "vessels" created by the village itself.
We speculated in a thread before that the creation of the village was similar to the Nanachi and Mitty ritual. The theory went something like this. Faputa and her mother were forced to take the burden of the 6th layer. Faputa took the blessing and gained immersurable value since her mother valued her the most, while she took the curse and turned into the narahate village itself, that's why it's called "mother" 10% of the time and that's why it's so organic and vaguely resemble a human face. This ritual was the crime that made Veko resent the other sages, since faputa and her mom were probably forced into it.

I guess is some sort of fuse that connect both sides of his "brain" hemispheres

remnant of his dog past

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I really want a movement engine like breath of the wild to run Made in abyss. Just imagine....

I always figured it's just how he keeps his helmet on straight.
What does he need the helmet to do, exactly? I assume it's just a power source.

Charge indicator add-on and aesthetic accessory
He's the world biggest (and cutest) Barbie Doll (male)

I will marry Veko

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what's his next step?

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Why is Maruruk so lewd?

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She’d be great at naming the kids.

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What killed the hype?
>Fifth layer and the curse of shonenshit battle tropes
>Sixth layer and the curse of retcons and character assination