Tsuredure Children

woop woop rip internet, so this will be slower than usual

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Ready for more pain!

>Dry couple
This gon be good

[Title is Dry]

“My birthday...”

“Ohhh, is it”
“Good for you”

“You have”
“A present?”

“No I don’t”

You forgot the image.

sigh i hate being reduced to phones

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“My bad”

“I see...”
“Want something?”


“For coffee”

“So what do you want?”


Will she get mad?

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Toda looks really gorgeous there

They kiss.

“No... well...”
“I got something in mind...”

“But if you don’t want to, tell me”
“So what?”
“Nothing expensive though, okay?”

“I want”
“A kiss...”

“Well we’ve been dating for nearly a year now”
“Maybe now’s the right time...”

“You’re not interested in that kinda stuff, right?”

“Then just...”
“Give me anything, I guess...”

“I don’t hate it though”

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>stoic couple
Fuck yeah I'm ready.

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good lord what is wrong with her face?

OP please don't die

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oh shi-

“You don’t hate it?”
“Any kinda kiss is okay, right?”

“Y... yeah...”
“You mean like cheek kisses?”
“Sure, but I mean anything was okay to begin...”

“Indirect kiss”

“Don’t like it?”

“I do, but...”
“I do, but...”

“Taking it ba-“

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Are you dead OP?

What's the next step of his master plan?

Best couple.

Looked like something out of a CLAMP manga.


Indirect kissu.

Bump, stay with us OP

“Here I go then”
“Go right on ahead”

A year of dating for this...
The 500 yen was so much better...

My heart’s pounding...

“You can drink it all”
“Mmghh...” [mouth in straw]

I guess that means
I’m not getting an indirect kiss from Toda
Could this be
Her way of casually avoiding me?

Maybe Toda’s
Just not ready for it yet...

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“Happy Birthday”

“So you didn’t hate it?”
“I told you I didn’t”

“So now”
“I’m looking forward to my birthday”

“When is it again?”
“So what do you...”
“A bag please”

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Fuck, that grin in the left second 2nd panel. Ny heart can't take this.

Thanks, OP
Glad to see this couple is still drama free.


>She finally smiled
Thank you for struggling through shit internet for us Tl-user. You've made me a very happy man.

truly best couple

This could have been the end of their story and it would still be satisfying.
Anyway thanks user for the effort.


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it is the end of their story

Sweet. Much thanks.

the fuck is going on with his art?

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Basically every chapter you've seen recently including this one is their conclusive end.

It's just placing emphasize on her lips because of the kiss she just gave him.

Right and some couples got worse treatment with new story.
We may not get another stoic couple story anymore and I would still not mind that this is the last one, not like I am not expecting more.

I thought she was licking her finger.

What does that mean? Is the author moving the story along or is the manga axed or what?

The manga is about to end, the announcement was a while ago.

Best girl wants to fuck.

Send me all your Tsurezure reaction images. I must expand my collection.

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Assorted garbage.


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ez best couple in the series

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>This could have been the end of their story
It is.

I love these cute retards

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Oh my

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what? so the fox mask girl and guitarist don't make it? laaaaame

What a nice surge of sweet emotions, mmmhhhh MUCH SAVORY. Thousand gratitudes for this one OP

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this is kino. thanks for this

DSL coming out of hiding after not needing to make the same expression in every panel.

>stoic couple
>doesn't show much emotion
>but is the best couple in tsurezure

How do they do it, does this apply irl?

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Erika deserved it for being a complete retard.


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>Takano/Sugawara never ever

It'll be in the volume's extra

That was fucking adorable, thank you Waka for not ruining this couple.

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can you imagine these autists as parents it'd be amazing

Just imagine what the sex would be like


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Some of the pairs had a same named chapter to bookend their story, so it kind of suggest that.

nah some of the chapters since the announcement have too awkward of a cliffhanger to safely claim as conclusive. for all we know there could be another chapter squeezed in there to properly finish them off

>properly finish them off
By splitting them all apart, of course.

Insert that Motoyama image.

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How cute

>those swirly eyes
Jesus christ

She was retarded but still it pissed me off how he agreed to dating some random girl right after he said he only wants her as a woman. Like he did it just to annoy her.

No. That story hasn't ended yet.

Sounds like it ended, she was a coward and a guy agreed to date other girl.

Like I said. That story has not ended because the author tweets out if a certain couples story is the final chapter for it. Just like this recent chapter for this couple.

There are only 5 couples right now that have had their final chapters as per the author.


Kaga/Nanase had last chapter? My memory is shit can you remind me how it ended?

Kaga confessed to liking Nanase. They sent a picture to their Club President with them posing together and wished her good luck on her test.

It's a bit sudden in my opinion. Though I suppose there's not much you can do in the remaining...~16 chapters?

Ok found the chapter.
Yeah it was sudden. But I think it's better sudden than left unfinished.

my boy chapter when?

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Very soon friend. The question is, will he succeed?

Half a year ago I'd said "of course!", a month ago I'd said "of course not", now I don't know what to think.

A crush confirmation can already tell that he is succeed at this point.

I don't remember a crush confirmation. Last time we saw Alice she was crying over Takase. I don't know if she'll rebound that quickly.

Well, there was literally nothing left in their relationship. The love triangle broke down once Kaga got turned down by the prez. I'm actually glad that Kaga wasn't oblivious of Nanase's feelings, advances this whole time. It gives a nice flavor to their story.

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I don't know why TLTL didn't post the type-scan. I guess I'll do it.

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The art style really changed in the last burst of chapters, didn't it?

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Much thanks.

Do you think Suna has an oral fixation?

No I mean getting crush confirmation will be the minimal requirement for completion in the upcoming chapter based on their distance.

Ah, I see. Yeah I can see it ending with her realizing she has feelings for him, and him resolving to wait for her to sort them out.
He certainly does now.