Chiaki j konaka was asked what studio was suppose to produce Despera

chiaki j konaka

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It's coming

Literally the least interesting part of that whole twitter thread. Good job user.

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IT'S HAPPENING! Although part of me is scared, cause if it ever does come out it may not live up to the hype. In our minds unreleased it is perfect

Never (ever)

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It was the best part.

Why can't he tell us? I'm going to invade his Twitter account right now!

Give the man some peace

I thought all hope was gone.

They still are.
We dont know how was the meeting

IG x Bones (Netflix original)
You heard it here first.

Also he said the brand new director isn't Hiroshi Hamasaki...why bother watching it?

I told you all to never lose hope but you never believed me Sup Forums

Pretty absurd. But i'd be good

Would still watch

Sumimasen, user-sama!

>Scenario Experiments Lain: Paperback, 335 pages. By "chiaki j. konaka"
Is there a PDF version of this?




I want his book on Babymetal