Why is "gay" yuri not a thing anymore?

Why is "gay" yuri not a thing anymore?
I mean, girls acting like gay dykes and not just cute blobs implying it

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It's not yuri anymore if it's gay.

Because the japs are dumb faggots.

No one wants to see ugly dykes. Not even other ugly dykes.

Literally one of the popular animes this season is about to gay dykes.

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>episode one
>she is kissing a guy and raping her sister

That is just a whore

Asians are still weird about homosexuality.
Japan kinda has an LGBT community that campaigns for rights, but it doesn't really get anything done, and no one really pays attention to it.
It's just not as readily accepted as it is in the states. So homosexuality to them is still an offbeat subculture thing, separate from their cultural idea of "normal", and openly gay characters are almost all comedic caricatures instead of just normal people as a result.

Also, the reason for subtext and yuribait is so people who aren't watching the show for shipping, or homophobic CGDCT fans will still enjoy the series, and contribute to ratings and sales. LGBT focus is still too small of a niche to be a reliable moneymaker.

All that said, Citrus is probably the gayest thing airing right now, and it's not even that good. I always thought it was too heavy with contrived drama to be enjoyable.
Kase-san OVA is coming later this year. That story is MUCH better than Citrus. Worth watching.

>posts the straightest """""""yuri""""""" ever made

>not liking cute blobs acting gay

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Name ONE(1) Marimite girl who isn't Sei and Shiori and Rosa Canina who is gay.

Because waifufags

Marimite was no yuri, it was a shojo-ai

Well gay and lesbian politicians are kicking Abe-sama ass all over the place. Also many cities have legalize gay marriage including Kyoto and Fukuoka this year even before all of this the citizens support gay marraige for the whole country. It's seems Japan is slowly succumbing to change their country and help benefit for the future.

>Japan kinda has an LGBT community that campaigns for rights

Japan LGBT has done more they taken over Tokyo and other prefectures.

Because only super butch dykes "act gay." Lesbians don't have to identify as much as dudes because it's more acceptable. /thread

Because the people who watch that shit want the girls to be "sexual" but at the same time unsullied by the touch of a man, while maintaining the delusion that they have a "chance" with the girls. Thus you have yuri where the girls are temporarily gay but celibate untill they find the one man they will ever be with in their entire life: The Viewer

Butch dykes are cute don't hate them

Marimite isn't even a real yuri manga for the most part if we go for current standards, it was part of the extint class S subgenre.

That may be your personal fetish but that kind of yuri is dead.

>it was part of the extint class S subgenre.

you mean extinct class S

>marimite died
>yuru camp born


Nobody likes angry lesbian.

there's literally nothing gay about yuru camp

>there's literally nothing gay about yuru camp
Oh user you are about to get a rude awakening

>Asians are still weird about homosexuality.
that doesn't change anime or manga user

does it get gay later in the manga?

>gay yuri
the fuck?

Stop wanting gayshit and 3DPD shit to stain pure yuri.

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>youtube screen shot
>one of the lowest selling anime this season
>threads are almost nothing but pure shitposting

Yes it does.

>one of the lowest selling anime this season
Funny, the manga is selling great and we will have a S2 very soon.

If you have to exclude THREE (3) names in order to make your point, doesn't it prove the other user's point instead? There are legitimate lesbians in Marimite, and at least one legitimate lesbian relationship.

Once they find a way to make them real I will teach them the ways of my cock.

Legalizing gay marriage is directly detrimental to Japan atm. Why on earth do you need to marry in the first place? Civil marriage/partnerships not good enough for you?

>threads are almost nothing but pure shitposting

>i missed them

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to encourage hets to get married

Yes, so marriage shouldn't be a thing for gays to begin with. Marriage exists solely to facilitate reproduction and child rearing. Marriage exists to force a union and create a balanced environment where a child can be raised.

>legalizing gay marriage
>a government union that provided no offspring
>help benefit for the future
>for the country who's biggest problem is not enough children and too long lifespans
Are you fucking high?

>>it was part of the extint class S subgenre.
>you mean extinct class S
Explain for non-d/u/mbasses

I guess anime folks have never seen a real lesbian. So we only get sweet fluff.


Gay is a common synonym for homosexual

whatanime dot ga

Imagine being this deluded.

>Marriage exists solely to facilitate reproduction and child rearing
No. Marriage, as a governmental institution, exists for tax benefits, credit benefit, hospital visiting and decision rights, shared property, inheritance rights, etc. Those are the benefits the gays are after.

cute blobs are still gay dykes no matter what. you can be a cute girl and still marry your girl.

and they should have them already since it would help their birth rates and everything else.

They want to have the right to have a PMSing bitch who can take half of all your shit despite never having worked for it?
And all those benefits exist PRECISELY because children born between that couple are expected to come into the picture. So basically, they want the cake, but they don't want to bake it.

This. Even ugly dykes want cute waifus.

I don't like how the anime made Yumi so tame where in the novels she was a massive dyke for Sachiko to near unhealthy levels.

I'm fine with gay marriage in Japan as long it benefits their family and helping to reproduce the nation.

No, those benefits exist don't solely for the children. They still apply when the couple decides not to have children or can't have children. It would be just as easy to tie those benefits to children, but we don't do it, with good reason.

There are a lot of economic and practical benefits for society to marriage outside of children. Married couples can get better credit rates because they share the responsibility, thus they can afford to spend more on housing and life in general. Marriage helps settle ownership and inheritance disputes easily. One important benefit of marriage is having a person who you trust make decisions for you when you are unable to (say you had an accident, or died), and your parents don't always have your best interest in mind, particularly when it comes to gay children. How would you feel if your wife's parents barred you from visiting her, or chose to take her off life support without consulting you first?

These are the main reasons marriage exist. Children are only one of the many concerns that marriage deals with.

Well divorce exists so that's not important.
What are Japan's divorce laws?

>How would you feel if your wife's parents barred you from visiting her, or chose to take her off life support without consulting you first?
Well if they were ashamed at their daughter for being gay they probably put her their in the first place. You can refuse all you want, that assassin ain't getting paid til the job's done.

Divorce is not at all related to this conversation.

Divorce is when you chose to end a marriage because you no longer want to share your life with that person, for whatever reason, but that does not change the fact that when you were married, you had access to all those benefits and responsibilities.

>Well if they were ashamed at their daughter for being gay they probably put her their in the first place.

If I had daughter or son who's gay, I wouldn't be mad or upset a little but it takes time to understand it for me because they are grown to make their own decisions. The nips won't be surprised at all and wouldn't support the kids married lives.

Gays don't have children, at least not those who are their own. Partnerships still factor in shared responsibility. As for children from previous marriage and/or parents having a final say. I think that's appropriate. These are people who have known the person all their life, while a partner could be just a fling gone too far.

An example:
Gay person has children from previous marriage. Also living parents and large family.
Gay person decides to marry after knowing someone for a week. A month later the gay person is in an accident and suffers injuries that will never improve, permanently crippling them. In addition life support is required to sustain continued function, although there is a very small chance that a very dangerous surgery could allow the injured to live without life support. But still would never be able to live on their own again.
Family opts to turn off life support.
Married partner opts to sustain it.
Who should have the right?

>being reasonable about social shit on a Taiwanese prolapse fetishist forum

It's obvious the gay person makes the decision since loving that partner. He/She won't do it for the money but he'll do anything to save his/her lover suffering.

>Who should have the right?
Whoever has the right as per the local law. If it says that the married partner decides, then he decides. Maybe shouldn't have married after a week, but what are you gonna do?

The family could try taking it to court, maybe they'd even win on grounds that the marriage was only after a week.

>Who should have the right?
>Complicated situations that shouldn't exist if not for gays
Gays shouldn't have rights.

The End.

>Straights shouldn't have rights.

Nips are cold hearted realists. None of that good samaritan bullshit. If you see someone getting mugged at gunpoint you walk the fuck away, you don't try to play the hero. That's their mentality.
Likewise if their child turns out to be gay they're more likely to give you the cold shoulder. Not because they don't understand, but simply because it's stupid and unproductive in their eyes. Parents want grandchildren, they don't want to see their linage end because of some edgy kid who drinks lighterfluid and dresses like Gackt.

>These are people who have known the person all their life, while a partner could be just a fling gone too far.
Just as easily, parents could be abusive or just plain assholes. Shitty people become parents all the time.

Maybe they want to turn off life support because they want to get that sweet new condo the dude bought recently.

>girls acting like gay dykes
If I wanted to see that I would be on tumblr, not on Sup Forums

The children, maybe. But then again, if your own children hate you so much that they'd kill you to get your shit then you were a shit parent.

and you know what the kids won't even care about them either, simple as that.

>girls acting like gay dykes

i wouldnt call those creaturas "girls".
only ugly skanks are actual lesbians
yuri is about girls experimenting

Ideally, the person themselves would decide that at the time of marriage.

The parents too. You seem to think that the parents always have their child's best interest in mind and can never be assholes. This is simply not true.

If they didn't care they wouldn't be throwing a hissyfit about gay rights though.
And if your family sucks that much you can legally disown them. It's considered an absolute shit move, but it's possible to exclude your family pertaining to all matters of your social and private life. Even removing them as your "next of kin".

Parents are less likely to act out of greed than children.

Must be nice, living in that fantasy world of yours.

Nip families are not hostile as you really think user.

>yuri is about girls experimenting

Yuri is something more than girls experimenting girls user. There's a reason girls can love girls and marry them.

Did not know that this existed. Thank you so much!

That is textbook projection in this post.

Context, you fool.

*loving purely under the grace of God

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Daily reminder that God approves of yuri.

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How gay?

Because dykes are just homo bitches and whores pretending to be the man and nobody got time for that.

This so hard. In real life, dykes go after straight girls, because straight girls actually care about looking pretty.

Sachiko had a fiance which she had been in love with for a long time. I wonder if this show was yuri at all as there was only one canon couple for few episodes which eventually drifted apart and that's it for Yuri part.

This is the stupidest shit I've ever read in my life.

t. dyke

anonymity really lets your inner demons and evil-self come out unbarred.

Divorce only proves that marriage is nothing but an economic contract between people, and has nothing to do with love, trust, or child situation.

Can we not bring up 3DPD? On a website saturated with Sup Forums and /lgbt/, bringing this stuff up is asking for shitposting. The legalization of gay marriage and the Japanese LGBT community has little effect on the yuri genre anyways. Most of the audience and creators are male purityfags or really awkward straight girls, and they’re especially not trying to make political statements (Ikuhara aside).

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>On a website saturated with Sup Forums and /lgbt/,
Who do you think's bringing it up? You can tel because 90% of what's being said is functionally retarded.