Well, it's March 21st over in Japan, so the ReLIFE OVA should be released.

Might as well have one more thread about the series before Sup Forums never has a reason to post about it ever again.

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I suspended watching this series after 3 episodes because I forgot it existed. Should I pick it back up and binge watch on my birthday (March 21st)?

Depending on what the OVA covers, I'd say read it for the ending.

Start with the manga after episode 12, which starts somewhere at chap 108.

There was thread already where two of the OVAs are already online, you can probably find them in the archive

I see the dead thread.
Nobody was posting in it, and here I thought I might have missed an entire thread.

Oh, here was another dead thread.
Looks like 14 and 15 covered the cultural festival.

Considering that the series only ended this month, there's probably no way that the OVAs will be animating the end of the series, huh?

Though I did say to read the series over watching it, I've never actually seen the OVA. How does it compare to the source?

>dead thread
Well, that's what happens with finished series. It's a nice binge for anyone new that happens upon this thread and wants some stupidly cute love shit to read.

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>Well, that's what happens with finished series.

I thought there was still one last bonus chapter coming out.

First I've heard of that.

Covers on Hishiro figuring out if Kaizaki was a ReLIFE subject
Cultural festival, with some significant changes

Yeah, I don't think the OVA will cover their reunion at the end sadly.

If you're talking about the bonus chapter for the tankobon, it'll be a really long time before we got the last one.

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Will OVA cover the rest of the source material?

Probably not. The source material just finished this month.

>a really long time
How long?

Shame, I really liked the anime series. One of the few recent good romance with genuine personality and no overly stereotyped characters.
I guess it did get so much popularity since its a webmanga with straight couples and no loli/shota or homo stuff...

Did not, i meant

We didn't get enough main couple being cute shenanigans. Greatest fault of the series desu

Latest tankobon was released on February last year, and it only covered until chapter 111. So, I have no idea.

I guess there might be a possibility that the author was working with the anime staff to have the final chapters covered by the anime in advance.

At least we'll get the subs soon.

"Straightforward ball"? What the hell kind of translation is that. I know the elevens call it a straight but the english equivalent is a fastball. Fucking bush league man

If only you were there to translate it the manga for us

Pfeh, I have more important things to do, like reading impregnation doujins

Huh, I heard the OVA might actually skip to the ending.

>Orange Range for ED
I wasn't ready

Yeah, they skip the Ohga/Kariu chapters.

This series sucked. Predictable and a snoozefest. Glad I dropped it early on.

For people who want streams

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I want to fuck cake hishiron.

OVAs are out on CR, so subs soon.

>ReLife is still over

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Just need somebody to make a doujin series called ProLIFE, about how Abe is funding a special followup program to get former ReLIFE subjects making babies.

Age play with ProLIFE pills, but instead of removing memories, the side effect is increased fertility.

>final episode is titled Life
Huh, maybe they'll have the ending animated after all.

So, we didn't get labcoat Hishiro, but I guess ending it during their reunion is good enough.

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Its up on nyaa

>hourglass Hishiron
I fucking need this


Is she mugging MC?

Old habits die hard.

>hints on the phone strap throughout the episode
>yet fireworks is the trigger for their memory return
Ok then.

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>yet fireworks is the trigger for their memory return
Eh. I'll see how the OVA does it later, but the phone straps are the trigger in the source.

I mean that's how they did it in the OVA, both of them randomly talk about firework, and then their memory returns.

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It got axed.

Please don’t tell mean lies user

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You might be a genius

For some reason I remember nothing about this. I watched the whole season in one setting. Then read the web novel up till what was translated, the next day. Then totally forgot about it. I don't even remember the plot, which is to show you how fucking moronic binge watching really is. Releasing the whole season at once Netflix-style was retarded.

Is An's VA different? I watched the first episode and her voice seemed really off to me.

>de-age to have sex
>re-age and give a c-section birth to a fully formed adult ready to reproduce

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To be fair it was never really that memorable.

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You can tell it's official subs.

>a few-years dated pop culture reference in subs
That's always a good idea.

Hishiron needs to be stopped

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You know way too much about my plan.

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I smiled like a retard

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Anne is best grill.

>dat moonwalk
>dat handholding

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Abe-sama is that you?

Please don't die, I can't watch it for the next 4 hours ;_;

it sounds like the guy on the piano have learnt a few new notes since the TV airing

Kazaki-San is a lucky guy getting a eternal cutie that's socially awkward.

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I want to kiss that mole.

>4 episodes
I'm not ready.

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>they removed the part after their reunion

>4 episodes
>HS only uploaded 2

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Just watch N40. HS is just ripping CR anyway.

I would have watched it hours ago but compare this or this to HS's beautiful font.
It really bothers me how other rippers do not care about that stuff.

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The 720p use different font.

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Oh boy, they were coming out today? Time to consume ReLIFE stuff for the last time today.

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they didn't show the part where Kaizaki said he wanted to fuck JK Hishiron

I finished it just now, forgot these ovas were coming out. Today is a good day.

Ep 2 was pretty great and the ending was satisfying enough.

Could you refresh my memory? Cuz I'm not sure what you're referring to.

i need every hishiron face immediately

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>add glasses to an already 10/10 girl
Yeah, kill all the old people watching this anime with heart attacks. That would be great.

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She's a treasure


So I only watched the anime but have the main couple fucked yet?

Several times a day.

Just watched the first episode was alright, why did relife get these and not a season 2?

Because the manga only spans one high-school year

They could've easily covered another 12 episodes instead of the 4 we got.

Big difference in cost friend.

What a copout are you joking me

forgot file

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I'm pretty sure I've already heard the ending theme in the 14th episode.
Was it really that famous?

I could have sworn that there was an imgur album filled with Hishiro faces from the manga somewhere, but I just can't find it. Maybe it just never existed.


I missed Rena.

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>date is a slideshow
Even though this anime came out 2 years ago this is the best they could do. The staff probably was busy.

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>this is the end
fuck im gonna watch this tommorow
an end to a really good series both anime and manga
likeable characters, well executed premise and for the first time im happy with a power of love ending.

maybe you just forgot about it

>28 y.o myself

where is my ReLIFE ? ;_;

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do you really wanna be a teen again
there is a whole generational gap, that sounds awful

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Does Kaizaki get pissy at this scene in the manga? I seem to remember he does, but I can't dig through the manga while watching.

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Rena Drama: Part II doesn't deserve any episodes.

Not remotely a copout, them finally getting together is what changed the series from an 8/10 to a 10/10. The original anime felt like such a cocktease with that fireworks ending.